Turkey Time Is (almost) Over, Is Santa Coming?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder to you all…it looks like the Thanksgiving update is set to end tomorrow (12/2/14)..the official end time that we see is 0800GMT (3am EST).    Could this mean Christmas will be arriving to TSTO?  Who knows what EA has up their sleeves, but what we can tell you is once the Thanksgiving event is over…it’s over.  That means all of those limited-time decorations, buildings and characters that you haven’t purchased, will *poof* disappear!


So just what items will be disappearing tomorrow? Let’s take a look…

Here are the items associated with Thanksgiving that should be disappearing tomorrow….

pigglysupersmorg_menuPiggly’s Super Smorg- 140 Donuts.  Earns $135, 15xp/4hrs.  Comes with Jacqueline Bouvier (FINALLY)

cagedtomturkey_menuCaged Tom Turkey- 100 Donuts.  Earns 3% bonus on all cash and xp.

heimlichmachine_menuHeimlich Machine- 60 Donuts.  Earns 2.5% bonus on all cash and xp.

rustytheclownparadeballoon_menuRusty the Clown Balloon- $5,400

Tapped_Out_Blinky_BalloonBlinky Balloon- $16,500

Tapped_Out_Santa's_Little_Helper_BalloonSanta’s Little Helper Balloon- $30,000

Snowball 2 BalloonSnowball II Balloon- 15 Donuts.  Earns 0.50% bonus on all cash and xp.

thegrumpleparadeballoon_menuThe Grumple Balloon- 25 Donuts.  Earns 2% bonus on all cash and xp

stampyparadeballoon_menuStampy Balloon- 40 Donuts.  Earns 2% bonus on all cash and xp.

caesarspowwowcasino_menuCaesar’s Pow-Wow Casino- 150 Donuts.  Earns $200, 22xp/ 8hrs.  Comes with Tribal Chief.

caesarspowwowcasinosign_menuCaesar’s Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign- 40 Donuts.  Earns 2% bonus on all cash and xp.

cornucopia_menu Cornucopia- Earns 0.50% bonus on all cash and xp.  15 Donuts

So be sure to make your final purchases before tomorrow morning…otherwise you might be out of luck!  Unsure of what to get?  Check out our Thanksgiving Event page for a full list of all the premium items and the Should I Buys for each.

So now that we’re putting Turkeys in our rear-view mirror, let’s look forward to the next event.  As TSTO history has taught us…the next event should be Christmas.  Do we know for sure when it’s going to hit?  Nope, only EA knows that.  It could hit tomorrow, it could hit Thursday or it could hit next week.  Only EA knows for sure when it will hit, BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare ourselves for when it does hit.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you’re ready for the event once it hits:

-Make sure your characters aren’t on 24 hour tasks, in particularly Homer and Lisa (since they tend to be the ones to kick off events like this).  So over the next few days try to avoid long tasks for them.  Keep them short to 4-8hrs.  Make sure they’re on tasks that you can cancel by storing if need be.

-Check the app store. Major events like Halloween and Christmas tend to be app store updates, where you’ll have to download the newest update direct from the store.

-Do you have enough in game cash and donuts?  Remember, Christmas will be another event just like Halloween.  I’m sure there will be a bunch of limited-time content for game cash and donuts and you’ll want to get your hands on everything!

-Check your friends and neighbors.  Usually events like Christmas and Halloween tend to be social events, where you’ll need as many friends as you can to collect extra “currency” to help purchase new items.  Check out our Add Neighboreenos Page to find thousands of other Tappers looking for friends, and be sure to add your name too!  You’ll also want to make sure your current neighboreeno list is “cleaned up”.  Meaning you’ll want to get rid of the “dead weight” and inactive neighbors, they won’t be much help if they aren’t playing!  Unsure if someone is worth deleting?  Check out this post about determining if your friend should stay or go.

So my friends…are YOU ready for Christmas?  Did you enjoy Thanksgiving?  Are you ready for it to be over?  What do you hope EA brings to TSTO for Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

76 responses to “Turkey Time Is (almost) Over, Is Santa Coming?

  1. I really hope EA holds off because i just blew up my town and still haven’t decided on a good layout.

  2. Just got the update to remove Thanksgiving & went to send Krusty on a 16 hour task at the new Stomach Staple Center. The task has been replaced with the 16 hour Clampitheatre! Is this permanent? If so, I’ll have yet another unused building in my town a la The Abandoned Building and many others. Maybe they’ll fix it with the Xmas update.

  3. Winter is coming…
    If you go to place down rivers from the inventory, the little picture is ice with snow around it…

  4. EA knows if you been naughty or nice oh I mean Santa Claus. 🙂

  5. How can I get the cornucopia, its not in my build menu and have completed all thanksgiving questline?

  6. Christmas, please hold off until Thursday! Having just moved a week and a half ago I’m still not ready to tap with my usual fury. I just need two more days to tie up loose ends at the old place PLUS we STILL don’t have cable or internet hooked up here which means no wifi! (also no fios where I live now wah) 👎 Otherwise, I’m with a bunch of other tappers wanting community prizes again and Santa Homer. Mr Plow and the Plow King would be nice too and Ps. Santa, all I really want for Christmas is the YETI!! please please pretty please with sugar on top bring me the Yeti. 🐱

  7. i sure wish we get some community prizes this time around

  8. about the: ‘Check out this post about determining if your friend should stay or go.’ post. In these days I’m not visiting my friends because I’m waiting for the holiday update. It would be sad to wait 24h to visit your friends for the holiday taps. Or is that the wrong way of thinking?

    • Not necessarily. It’s a smart way to play and I think a lot of your neighbors will be doing the same. It helps give everyone a head start once the event hits.

    • Remember, there is always at least one 24 hr quest to complete before you actually get to start collecting whatever it is you have to collect. So you would be okay.

  9. I enjoyed this year’s Thanksgiving update. So pumped for Christmas!!

  10. Level 25 newbie here and I have a question. The way I’ve been playing is to save cash until I can buy whatever building or piece of land I need for the various quests I have. I want to be ready for the Christmas event- should I be saving now? Will there be limited time offers? I want to keep my town progressing but also don’t want to miss out on any of the Christmas goodies.

    • (if it’s like the past) There will be limited time Christmas stuff to purchase (both cash and premium)…BUT usually the holiday themed stuff isn’t too expensive. So i’d just try and save until it hits and see what everything costs (usually it’s between 5-10k)

  11. Well…
    No Update yet! I really hope the Community prizes will come back! They were so cool! Do you hope they come back again? I think they are doing the Christmas event like the Halloween event with all these bags and other prizes! I also think we have to tap this time elves! What do you think we have to do? The waiting game just started!

    • I didn’t mind the Community Prizes. It was a nice extra bonus.

      As far as what they’ll do..it’s hard to say. Last year we got Gift Cards and Gift Bags. This year I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to collect cookies or candy. Or quiet honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Aliens showed up again lol

  12. This WEEK:
    December 2 – Thanksgiving ends
    December 4 – Christmas Event 2014 begins
    December 7 – Last Simpsons episode of 2014 and Christmas Special

    Xmas will release 12/4/14.
    Thanksgiving ends 12/2/14
    The Simpsons last episode of 2014 (Xmas Special) 12/7/14

  13. Marc from Nova Scotia

    Lisa has a new 24 hr quest: Blog about amphibian rights. Doesn’t sound very Christmasy, but I’m intrigued. Anybody know what this is about?

  14. Huh…anyone else notice that the “place river” icon now looks wintery? The border looks like snow is on the ground. Doesn’t place a winter-looking body of water when you use it.

    I was sort of hoping we’d have a small break. I have a few 24-hr jobs for quests that I’ve been holding off on since Halloween. They are for Bart, Patty, and Selma. And that day+ quest for Bart and Grandpa (thanks to Mrs. Bouvier’s quest line). Would it be safe to kick them off, or should I hang onto them through Christmas?

    • I think you’ll be ok with that quest, since Bart’s a higher level character. He may not be required for it. Usually characters released through level 5/6 are involved in the holiday at first.

      As far as the River…I think that’s EA’s way of saying…”it’s coming & soon”. But the water won’t trigger until it actually hits.

  15. Kinda annoying that a lot of the leftovers quest got lost for me, even after the “fix”. The only people who ate thanksgiving dinner was Flanders and Lisa, several times.. So Hugo never got to eat with the family. Hopefully he gets a Xmas present!

  16. Well fellow Tappers,
    For me? Thanksgiving 2014 wasn’t an improvement over 2013 (I am grateful for the free Building that generates $, along with the free Decor that offers more $ & XP %).

    I put up all the Xmas lights on the main street homes, except Chief Wiggum’s (I don’t remember why that house never unlocked this feature, I hope that’s offered this year), those ‘other homes’ (Mansions) and buildings (Businesses, Schools, etc). Maybe 2014 will allow Tappers to unlock the ability to have Xmas Lights / Decor on those Buildings not available back in December 2013. 🙂

    Noobs – last year Tappers unlocked each house’s ability to have Xmas Lights & Decor during quests (I have no idea how EA plans to handle this for those who did not start tapping after December 2013, it would be silly to deny noobs this feature – so let them earn it via questing).

    Let’s all look forward to snow filled Springfield fun (and Hail to the Plow King).

    • Actually the decorated houses are from Christmas 2012, they just returned last year. By this time last year I already had my houses all decorated, and when Christmas event finally hit, the task “decorate houses” was automatically done.

    • What a noob didn’t get his X-Mas lights till last year.

  17. I smell snow in the air…..and a monorail….

  18. Hi everyone. Just wondered if the Christmas update will hit you guys in the states first and then over here (uk) after?

    • No it’ll be like every other update. It’s via App stores and usually the App stores release it world wide at the same time. However, there may be a difference in Android, iOS and Kindle release times.

  19. you know, i love this game very much, it is the first thing that i run when i use my mobile.
    but the pace of this game after getting to the max level has dropped dramatically! nothing new for a whole lot of time
    i wish they can do like a weekly story update, like in the show where each week something new happens. doesn’t have to be big, only small task for some of the people in town.
    and also, please add voices to all of the characters, it is easy when it comes that the creators of the show are behind this game, means they don’t have to go through copy-rights loopholes.
    and at the end i adore this game, the first game i played when i switched from regular phones to smart ones

    • The last couple level releases were pretty close, well close enough for some to get stumped and have to catch up. Unfortunately when events come about having level updates close to one another falls short on the list of priorities. I don’t see it as a problem when there’s other things going on to keep you entertained.


  21. Interesting post, thanks! I read the post about deciding whether or not to delete neighbors. Back in 2013 Bunny said she deleted neighbors who farmed houses. The game has changed since then, I was wondering, is that still considered a bad thing in players’ minds? I always want to have something available for my neighbors to tap so I don’t mind leaving a bunch of brown houses untapped specifically for my neighbors.

    • Depends on the neighbor I think. Personally I don’t mind house farmers (with small farms) because it gives me something to tap (especially during busy events). But there’s a fine line between people who have a small farm in a corner of their town and those who have nothing but houses in their towns.

    • This is my reasoning behind it…I would drop into a town that was nothing but miles and miles of the same house over n over n over. That to me is not really fun. I know my towns are a mess right now. I blew one up just before Halloween hit and haven’t had a break to reorganize. However I don’t visually like going to a town with wall to wall housing. I can’t see characters if I am locating them for something. Impossible to find event items, like lil alien Rigellians. If Sideshow is on the loose in there, good luck finding him.

      That was my main issue. It is one thing to have a lot of homes, but in a manner to still look like a town vs a House Farm of NOTHING but walls of houses. THOSE are the ones I deleted.

      • Thanks for explains Bunny. I appreciate all the thought that goes into the posts, you all have definitely enhanced my enjoyment of the game!

        I don’t like to swipe and swipe and swipe to get past the walls of houses either to find the characters either! I get it now.

  22. I’m totally pumped, I really enjoyed Halloween then Thanksgiving. Sure did enjoy how Hugo could be apart of the family during Thanksgiving too. Was a nice little tie-over. I hope they bring in another beloved and demanded character like they did with Jacqueline also premium costume for Lisa would be nice also!

  23. Anyone else praying that the grumple & Santa homer come back? I know I am. It’s so strange that we got Jackie Bouvier BEFORE we get Maggie. Even hoping we get the lost itchy n scratchy friends characters: disgruntled goat, uncle ant & ku klux klam. C’mon ea make it happen.

    • I completely want Maggie a solo character too but for me it’d be weird her having her own tasks and being on her own walking around Springfield. I can just see her having a lot of tasks either indoors or joint like how she is with marge. Another would be “shoot Mr. Burns” etc.
      I don’t think it’s strange with got Jacqueline as a solo character before Maggie, because Maggie is already in the game. Making Maggie as a character I think would take a few things to work out for it make sense. Sideshow Bob and Gil being stand-alone characters would make just as much sense, if not more, and they’re still NPC.

  24. I sure would like a Mapple store … Missed the first Christmas

  25. Is there a WDTCF column on the balloons? I’m curious to refresh my memory on why it’s “Rusty the Clown” (with red hair), and not “Krusty the Clown” (with green hair) on that balloon. Did the balloon manufacturer make a mistake or was the balloon a knock-off, cashing in on the ‘success’ of Krusty?

  26. I just got an in game update…could be the seeds being planted!!

  27. I know a lot of people were unhappy with the 60 donut price for the Heimlich machine, but I love, love, love that I can put it on my Squidport as an iconic fun thing to waste your money doing while on a boardwalk just about anywhere. I bought the motel as a remembrance of a motorcycle ride my husband and I took without reservations and ended up in a place in Ft. Lauderdale that made Sleep Eazy look like a Four SEasons…..
    Springfield can have so many parallels for real life! LOL

  28. I hate that in going to miss the Piggly Wiggly throw-off, but I’m kinda doughnut poor at the moment. Finally bought Duff Brewery with Gil’s special pricing.

  29. Hailstones with Sarah Wiggum, playable Gil, Don Brodka… did I mention Hailstones so we can have a proper mall setup?!? 🙂

  30. The Christmas event was released on December 10th last year. So it could still be awhile.

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