Springfield Heights 101: Increasing Storage (Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills, Trophies)

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Springfield Heights hit our games last week, and what an interesting set of days it has been for many of us!  Some of you are in your games all the time and breezing through, while others are only able to get in so often and it’s taking a bit more time.  Then there are those of you, like me, who spend a couple hours a day in their games (usually at night when watching tv) earning that currency…and progressing at a decent pace.  And still there are some of you who are just stuck, and don’t know what the heck to do.

So let’s talk about those of you who are stuck.  The most common question I’ve seen in the comments over the last few days is…”It says I need more storage for _____ how do I get more storage?!” Now we’ve answered this question a number of times in various posts, but since we’re still seeing it popup many times daily I think a direct post just about storage is in order.

So let’s take a look at just what happens when you need more storage…and how to solve the problem…

2015-07-27 15.23.17

As we’ve talked about in many posts, the key to unlocking more storage is to unlock more characters that can perform jobs there.  After the initial 1-3 characters that have tasks there, each additional character you unlock will increase the storage value for you (up to 200).  So the bottom line is in order to unlock more storage you need to unlock more characters.

So how do you unlock more characters?  Well, the key to it all is Real Estate Points.  You need to continuously work to increase your Real Estate Point value in order to unlock more characters and in turn unlock more storage.  So you’ll need to buy items, build Condo’s, Mansions, etc in order to increase your Real Estate Points.  We’ve got a full breakdown on just how to maximize your Real Estate Points here.  So if you’re lost when it comes to earning more Real Estate Points, check out that post.  It will explain it all too you.

Now here’s a quick guide (with pictures) to increase your Storage.  Note: This works for ALL of the buildings.  The same rules apply for each building (Coffee Shop, Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, LA Body Works, Pharm-er John’s & the Springfield Heights Theater), so just because we’re using one example below (the Coffee Shop) doesn’t mean this doesn’t apply for all other areas.  So use these methods if you’re looking to increase storage for Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills and Trophies….

First thing you’ll see is the game tell you, you need more storage.  Unlock more storage to do _____.  It’ll be shown in one of two ways:

2015-07-27 15.23.17


2015-07-27 15.25.00

If you hit “Do It” (on the first option) it’ll just take you to the task list for that item.  So then how do you get more storage?  Well, what you need to do is look at that task list.  See where the next character to unlock is.

In this case our next character unlock is Mr. Burns, who requires 700,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.  Then there’s Lisa, who requires 1,000,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.  And Grampa will require you to reach 2,250,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.

2015-07-27 15.53.53

So FIRST what you’ll need to do is earn Real Estate Points to unlock those characters.  

How do you earn those Real Estate Points?  You buy stuff in the store.  You build Condos, Mansions, Valet Parking etc and upgrade them.  Again more information about upgrading and maximizing Real Estate Points can be found here.

So now you’ve increase your Real Estate Points to the required amount, in our example Mr. Burns at 700,000 Real Estate Points.  You’ll see that the character goes from being Locked to having an option to unlock:

2015-07-27 16.09.24

BUT you’ll notice your storage is not yet increased.  That’s because you need to finish the process of unlocking the character.  At this point you’ll need resources to unlock the character, each character will require a different combination of resources (ico_heights_furniture_lg ico_heights_coffee_lg ico_heights_smartdevice_lg ico_heights_yogamat_lg ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg ico_heights_goldawards_lg) to fully unlock and become a character that can have a task at that location.  And once fully unlocked you’ll get the Storage Benefits for that character.

So in our case it’s Mr. Burns.  He’ll increase your storage by 10 BUT he’ll require 5 ico_heights_furniture_lg for you to fully unlock him.

2015-07-27 16.09.24

Once you’ve earned the 5 ico_heights_furniture_lg, you can hit the unlock button and your storage will increase:

2015-07-27 16.17.41

Now you repeat this process for each character listed and you’ll increase your storage up to 200.

Again you follow these steps above for ALL of the buildings that earn you resources (Coffee Shop, Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, LA Body Works, Pharm-Er John’s & Springfield Heights Theater).  The steps are the same, just the Real Estate Points required are different.

So to sum it all up…the KEY to making this update work and unlocking everything available (land, tasks etc) is REAL ESTATE POINTS.   Keep earning them, even if you think you don’t need them.  Real Estate Points make this update go round…so earn them early and often otherwise you’ll get stuck. 

What are your thoughts on storage?  Have you figured it out yet, or were you one of the ones that kept getting stuck on this?  Thoughts about Springfield Heights?  How far have you gotten in the expansion?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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130 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Increasing Storage (Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills, Trophies)

  1. Janice busbey

    This has been really helpful. Maybe now I can get those quest done & move on. Thank you so much. I have ask for help several times & finally someone that knows what’s up. Thank you so much.

  2. Help! I have five characters unlocked with the coffee shop in Springfield Heights and it only goes up one coffee cup at a time when it should be five and it’s frustrating!

  3. In the pharmaceuticals building under doctor Hubert it says I need marges slot, but I don’t have large in the list to be able to unlock her?? Can anyone tell me if this is a glitch?

  4. Does someone know how to put Sea Captain to make coffee? I have it unlocked and ready to “start” but when I hit the button it says “Requirements not met”. Does this hapenned before to anyone? What I have to do?

    • I unlocked sea captain and chalmers tasks in Springfield heights but whenever I go to start their tasks it tells me requirements not met. What requirements do I need in order for them to do their tasks ?

  5. Still doesn’t help. All my storage is full. I don’t have enough relesate to increase. And I can’t upgrade any buildings because they require 30+ pills. Where as my max is 20!
    And then it just goes up from there. So Idk what to do and how to earn reaestate any other way other then that cookie Quan chick or whatever her name is.

  6. Hello, I have managed to increase storage on all buildings except the theater, where my current limit is 10 trophies.
    I only get Brockman as the available character to collect them. The next one able to collect trophies will be Krusty once I get another 9 milion in real estate value. However it doesn’t say that Krusty will also increase the storage, whereas on all the other buildings it clearly specifies that you can increase storage by paying X amount of products.
    Any ideas if by unlocking Krusty it will also increase storage capacity for the theater?

  7. Anyone knows How to extend the storage of johns pharmaceutic? Am stuck at 10, need more to progress. Tanks in advance

  8. How can i increase THE storage of la body works? Dont get iT.

  9. Hi, could anyone please tell me if there is a way I can get more real estate after the Springfield Heights game has finished? I didn’t realise and only collected the basic buildings and expanded those.
    Thanks heaps!!

    • Real estate points? Once you reach 1 billion you won’t need more.

      • Thank you for the quick reply Alissa!! I’m currently on 125.99M, wondering if apart from the Realestate agent’s task is there any way I can increase this now that chapter of the game is done? Thanks heaps!!

        • Oh to upgrade at that point you just have to keep buying the buildings and upgrading them. They’re still in the store…you can have 10 of each of them. (Condo, Valet parking, business center etc)

          • Thank you – I’ve had another look through the buildings and can’t see any of them??? There’s a couple that say will help with Heights under them in small writing? None of the other buildings though? Thank you for your patients.

  10. The problem with this new update imo is that its NOT an event. Like the railyard you had a certain amount of ime to get everything. It made grinding to get it ALL as soon as possible fun. Not like getting the Next level character. ONE character and ONE building. Since there is so much to do and get in SH a sense of urgency tells you to get it all and get it NOW. I dont want the theatre next month I want it now. If you ask me it just seems like another way EA is trying to make you spend your donuts.

  11. I absolutely hate this expansion. It takes forever to earn enough of anything and as soon as I spend what I have saved, I have to start all over again for the next quest. Adding Springfield Heights, and Krustyland (which I know was added quite sometime ago) has made this game seem more like an obligation than fun. Why do we need to focus on 3 separate towns?! Why can’t we just focus on Springfield? I have so many tasks in my task bar it’s getting ridiculous and overwhelming and I play at least 3 or 4 times a day….Ugh, not fun.

  12. coffee… Coffee…. COFFEE!!!! I need more coffee!! Maxed on storage (200) but not able to make enough to satisfy demand, yet get close to filling storage. It is a major limiting factor on everything in SH. Even though SH is not an event, it is still an important part of the game now and it is a major grind. Not fun. We need more ways to make coffee… Coffee…. COFFEE!!!!

  13. Help please. ……. I have been stuck for the last couple of days trying to work out how to get more storage for the pharmaceutical task, i seem to be stuck on 10/10 and need to get more to unlock the theatre but cant work out how.
    Many thanks Jayne

    • You need to increase your real estate value. Did you read the post above? It tells you have to do that.

      • Alissa,, this is the first time i have used this site, so hope you get this reply, thank you for the information.
        Hugs Jayne

  14. To unlock storage for late body works Bart needs to drop tadpoles in the pool. But iv checked barts character and this task is not in his list ? Why ? And cos it isn’t in his list how else am i meant to get more storage ?

  15. Thanks all for your comments and suggestions on strategies – it helps! As Alissa keeps saying – i’m just taking my time on this – not freaking out cause i’m not at a gazillion real estate points – i’ll get there soon enough!

  16. I really wish they would either increase the time / payout of the new currency providers OR allow us to build more of the providers. I know this is not an timed event but really, a 2 minute coffee task that provides minimal return. Unless I have my iPad open all day and keep tapping it would take forever.

    How about a 12 hr task that gives the same drip amount of currency for people who only log in 2-3 times a day? Krustyland had way better currency management and it was only 1. Here I need tons of coffee not just for upgrade alone but to get electronic devices. The small amount we get added to the fact that coffee is needed in other currencies is insane.

  17. Two of my business centers disappeared from my inventory. Also I noted tasks to upgrade the buildings would suddenly reflected as done after I returned from friends visit. I am not sure whether I am short changed though as estate points did not decrease.

  18. Just to let everybody know that this update sucks. To get anywhere you have to spend all day playing it. I am trying to update all my condos which are all most done than I look in my inventory and 4 more were added. So now I have 20 condos to finish building. I don’t know about anybody else but I don’t want 20 condos out or in storage and of course you can’t sell any of them either. So to whoever at EA games this update is not fun at all!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s probably the issue. You’re looking at it as an Update. Like an Event. It’s not. It’s here to stay forever. You can take all the time you want to keep progressing in it. There’s no time limit. Additions just like Squidport and Krustyland. More for “here and there in between time events”. No need to try and finish it in one week. You’ll be bored if you do.

      Just play it here and there when you got time. You don’t HAVE to put all 10 of each Building out at once. If you only want one… only get one for now. You don’t need to play this like an event. Take your time… enjoy the slow pace.

  19. Ok so twice I’ve gone in and pills were ready to be collected and I swear I didn’t send anyone out on that task. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just going Cookoo?

    • I’m having the same problem!! The Pills are a pain to collect for my last 2 pieces of Land! Keeps disappearing and I’m keeping close tabs on it also knowing other jobs using items!! A bit discouraging, cause I almost have enuf for a property and the numbers dissapear!!😁

  20. I have to say I’m not enjoying this expansion very much. It feels like work instead of play. The storage limits are extremely annoying. The upgraded buildings get too tall and become ugly, especially when you have to stack them right next to each other due to limited land (and the slow as heck process of unlocking storage to unlock land). I kind of wish this expansion was hidden away like Krustyland so I could just forget about it.

    Has anyone fully upgraded a condo or other building yet? Do you start getting tax money when it reaches that level?

    • Nope. The buildings you upgrade in Springfield heights do not earn income. There was a conversation between cookie and homer earlier in the update where Homer asked why the new buildings don’t earn tax. And Cookie replies because the rich don’t pay taxes…that was meant to explain it all…

  21. My numbers of Coffee, furniture, etc keep decreasing if I go offline for 10 minutes. Even when I am not spending the,

  22. Reading the comments I am under the impression that I am pretty much the only one who is not really enjoying this update …

    I started off full of enthusiasm in order to unlock everything … but I quickly realized that my beloved Tapped Out game had just turned into another one of those boring farming games … farm A in order to get B. Use B in order to get C and so on …

    I really really like this game, was used to logging in pretty much every hour before the update, whereas now I just have to remind myself to log in once a day to go visit my neighbours …

    Of course, I could choose to ignore the expansion, but it still bothers me. Maybe if the tasks were longer, if we had the option of sending characters to, let’s say, produce 40 coffees in an hour or two, I would reconsider, but right now I am really disappointed. The update does not make me feel like logging in more, which was the case with the limited events … I guess activity in my town will pick up again once the halloween update is out 🙂

    • You are not alone. I agree completely.

      • And you are not alone. Sinkings comment of starting off with enthusiasm but then… rings true. Somehow this makes the game loose charm. Do I really want 10 business centers? Etc… I still tap because I love the game, but somehow losing focus of improving Springfield and just collecting points to improve what? 9 buildings I don`t want?

    • I totally agree! 30 seconds? 2 minutes? I don’t have time to babysit the game. It’s getting to be like Family Guy, and I hated that one so much I deleted it from my iPad. You’re not alone!

      • Funny you should mention Family Guy, that’s exactly what I did … played for maybe a day or two and then deleted it from my iPad … please, please, please EA, don’t let Tapped Out become another boring farming game!

      • And you are not alone. I tried that game TWICE and couldn`t get past two days before deleting it TWICE… EA, don`t go there, find your own way that stays true to what you have/had…

    • I hate this update because we basically have to sit on top of the game all day in order to get anything done. These 30 second, 2 minute, 8 minute, etc. tasks are really stupid. No one has time for that. EA should just let us have tasks that are 4, 6, and 8 hours hours long, and just payout higher SH currency. Right now, this game is all grinding and absolutely no enjoyment. I think I’m done playing for a while.

      • That’s probably the issue. You’re looking at it as an Update. Like an Event. It’s not. It’s here to stay forever. You can take all the time you want to keep progressing in it. There’s no time limit. Additions just like Squidport and Krustyland. More for “here and there in between time events”. No need to try and finish it in one week. You’ll be bored if you do.

        Just play it here and there when you got time. 😉

  23. @Peter you did use Doughnuts how else did you get the premium characters? Disco Stu costs 180 alone.

  24. …just popping in ninja style for a quick peek! ; )

  25. Lol I started quest but hard tapped for ever 30 secs I wish they increase the time. I play most my time on ps4. Some of my Friends all ready finished quest lol they muss spent 6 hours doing 30 sec thing? Lol

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