Springfield Heights 101: Increasing Storage (Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills, Trophies)

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Springfield Heights hit our games last week, and what an interesting set of days it has been for many of us!  Some of you are in your games all the time and breezing through, while others are only able to get in so often and it’s taking a bit more time.  Then there are those of you, like me, who spend a couple hours a day in their games (usually at night when watching tv) earning that currency…and progressing at a decent pace.  And still there are some of you who are just stuck, and don’t know what the heck to do.

So let’s talk about those of you who are stuck.  The most common question I’ve seen in the comments over the last few days is…”It says I need more storage for _____ how do I get more storage?!” Now we’ve answered this question a number of times in various posts, but since we’re still seeing it popup many times daily I think a direct post just about storage is in order.

So let’s take a look at just what happens when you need more storage…and how to solve the problem…

2015-07-27 15.23.17

As we’ve talked about in many posts, the key to unlocking more storage is to unlock more characters that can perform jobs there.  After the initial 1-3 characters that have tasks there, each additional character you unlock will increase the storage value for you (up to 200).  So the bottom line is in order to unlock more storage you need to unlock more characters.

So how do you unlock more characters?  Well, the key to it all is Real Estate Points.  You need to continuously work to increase your Real Estate Point value in order to unlock more characters and in turn unlock more storage.  So you’ll need to buy items, build Condo’s, Mansions, etc in order to increase your Real Estate Points.  We’ve got a full breakdown on just how to maximize your Real Estate Points here.  So if you’re lost when it comes to earning more Real Estate Points, check out that post.  It will explain it all too you.

Now here’s a quick guide (with pictures) to increase your Storage.  Note: This works for ALL of the buildings.  The same rules apply for each building (Coffee Shop, Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, LA Body Works, Pharm-er John’s & the Springfield Heights Theater), so just because we’re using one example below (the Coffee Shop) doesn’t mean this doesn’t apply for all other areas.  So use these methods if you’re looking to increase storage for Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills and Trophies….

First thing you’ll see is the game tell you, you need more storage.  Unlock more storage to do _____.  It’ll be shown in one of two ways:

2015-07-27 15.23.17


2015-07-27 15.25.00

If you hit “Do It” (on the first option) it’ll just take you to the task list for that item.  So then how do you get more storage?  Well, what you need to do is look at that task list.  See where the next character to unlock is.

In this case our next character unlock is Mr. Burns, who requires 700,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.  Then there’s Lisa, who requires 1,000,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.  And Grampa will require you to reach 2,250,000 Real Estate Points to Unlock.

2015-07-27 15.53.53

So FIRST what you’ll need to do is earn Real Estate Points to unlock those characters.  

How do you earn those Real Estate Points?  You buy stuff in the store.  You build Condos, Mansions, Valet Parking etc and upgrade them.  Again more information about upgrading and maximizing Real Estate Points can be found here.

So now you’ve increase your Real Estate Points to the required amount, in our example Mr. Burns at 700,000 Real Estate Points.  You’ll see that the character goes from being Locked to having an option to unlock:

2015-07-27 16.09.24

BUT you’ll notice your storage is not yet increased.  That’s because you need to finish the process of unlocking the character.  At this point you’ll need resources to unlock the character, each character will require a different combination of resources (ico_heights_furniture_lg ico_heights_coffee_lg ico_heights_smartdevice_lg ico_heights_yogamat_lg ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg ico_heights_goldawards_lg) to fully unlock and become a character that can have a task at that location.  And once fully unlocked you’ll get the Storage Benefits for that character.

So in our case it’s Mr. Burns.  He’ll increase your storage by 10 BUT he’ll require 5 ico_heights_furniture_lg for you to fully unlock him.

2015-07-27 16.09.24

Once you’ve earned the 5 ico_heights_furniture_lg, you can hit the unlock button and your storage will increase:

2015-07-27 16.17.41

Now you repeat this process for each character listed and you’ll increase your storage up to 200.

Again you follow these steps above for ALL of the buildings that earn you resources (Coffee Shop, Springfield Heights Institute of Technology, LA Body Works, Pharm-Er John’s & Springfield Heights Theater).  The steps are the same, just the Real Estate Points required are different.

So to sum it all up…the KEY to making this update work and unlocking everything available (land, tasks etc) is REAL ESTATE POINTS.   Keep earning them, even if you think you don’t need them.  Real Estate Points make this update go round…so earn them early and often otherwise you’ll get stuck. 

What are your thoughts on storage?  Have you figured it out yet, or were you one of the ones that kept getting stuck on this?  Thoughts about Springfield Heights?  How far have you gotten in the expansion?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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130 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Increasing Storage (Coffee, Smart Devices, Yoga Mats, Pills, Trophies)

  1. I decided to concentrate on 1 type of building at a time now so I am currently trying to only upgrade my condos for now to save on resources while keeping 1 at each level.
    I love the idea of the slider again like the radioactive man statue because I’m not a fan of lots of duplicate buildings so I won’t be upgrading them all and at least half of them will probably end up in storage anyway.
    As a player from all the way back in 2012 I’m loving this change of pace for a while but I couldn’t keep up with it for future events though 🙂

  2. For the first time ever, I am #1 at something in the friends’ leaderboard. I credit this to being within WiFi almost all weekend and grinding like crazy.

  3. Make sure to have piece of roadway in the new area.

  4. astroturfnaut

    There inventory has problems with storing real estate.

    I’ve had lots of buildings disappear when stored in inventory. It’s not the worst things because rebuilding them is an easy way to earn more points.

    I’ve also had real estate appear/reappear/duplicate in the inventory. I currently have 13 valet parkings placed in my town.

  5. I finished the Springfield Heights storyline, but my real estate value has plateaued at about $60 M. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t upgrade my buildings any more, because I need more coffee!! Crafting trophies and pills is costing too much in other supplies. So, I’m giving my celebs & kooks a break and sending them back on money missions for now. This is too much grinding. It would be REALLY cool, if visiting friends paid off a bit. Maybe collect coffees and yoga mats in friends’ towns… that would be nice!

    • Focus on one thing at a time. For me I focus on what costs coffee and smart devices, upgrade those first. I get my coffee up to 200, while still creating smart devices, and then start to upgrade..while continuing to get my coffee up. If you focus small and work your way up, it adds up quickly. I’m over 100 million with just a couple hrs a night spent in my game, usually why we’re watching TV.

      • I think I need to focus on getting my coffee up to 200. I had the storage for some time, but I had never reached the limit. Coffee is the weakest part of the supply chain for me, I’m constantly running out or getting back to the single digits. As I said, the storage is already at 200, and all the characters that can work it, are working it. I just need to get my inventory up.

    • I need more coffee!
      I’ve just passed $400M and I only spent 2 donuts to speed a building up, in the beginning when I was wide eyed and eager.
      Alissa is right about coffee and smart devices. Keep them working 24/7 to get ahead because the higher currencies eat up the smaller ones like crazy…plus upgrading buildings often requires coffee (mostly in the beginning). I do it while watching TV too.
      There is no magic shop to sell you coffee! It’s hard work and I originally thought this expansion will derail hackers….but it appears one or two are crazy enough to spend their unlimited donut pile.
      So budding baristas, make that coffee go go go !

    • I also leave premium Bumblebee Man working alone when I’m low on pills and I do the same for Jasper when low on coffee.
      Premiums earn twice as much so I like to keep them working, as they dont use more resources than others.
      I got to 50 gold statues in a day just sending bumblebee man alone on tasks to earn 2 statues every 20 mins.

    • I’ve got Bumblebee Man and one other celebrity working on trophies so I’m making 9 an hour while only using 6 tasks an hour. Have around 170 now and only occasionally need them. This has allowed me to actually build up pills.

    • I’m trying to max out my single use items – sofas, coffee, yoga mats. then i move on to the items that use up 2 items – phones, pills, Last night i had the single use items maxed out and was able to actually craft phones and pills for a while before running out of the items needed to craft them – make sense?
      I figure once i get the phones and pills maxed – i’m set to do the upper things – but i’m not moving on to the theatre part until i can get some buildings and stuff maxed out.
      I mean i want to earn some money in springfield too – i’m not done building there yet either!
      anyway – tht’s the strategy i’m going with TODAY – we’ll see how that goes.
      I’ve kept my kindle by my side and just tapped and tasked while i’m doing other things.

  6. I sent out 5 characters to get yoga mats and when I collect them, the counter adds 5. But when I check again, the counter only went up 1 instead of 5. For example: I had 40 yoga mats, collect 5 and the counter goes to 45. I go and collect my other materials and when I go back and check my counter again, it says 41. I just noticed this today but I don’t know how long it has been happening.

  7. I’m at a point where I’ve unlocked all jobs and just keep upgrading my buildings. I have a lack of yoga mats though because I need more land.

  8. I’m struggling to Keep up with my coffee. Everything seems to need that item.

  9. I have PLENTY of storage but my latte and furniture numbers do not go up. My current max is 200 but after every quest my rewards never goes after 17.

  10. I’m enjoying this so far and seem to be using the same strategy as most – focus on unlocking the tasks first to build resources.

    I’m trying to decide if I want to level up all ten condos, tho. I really like how they look at different levels and want to keep two of each. Maybe not the best game strategy, but unless they give us a sliding scale skin like the Radioactive Man Memorial, not sure what my Plan B would be.

    • I did exactly that and they look awesome. I’ll worry about my real estate value later.

      • Hopefully they decide to go the sliding scale route. I like the condos at the first few levels but the upper levels they look ridiculous. Same with the business center and valet parking. I would rather have a bunch of level one and two condos then a bunch of ugly level five ones.

    • I’m keeping 2 at each level. If they did the skin like you said I would level them up all the way.

  11. Is anyone having trouble with the pills not adding up? I keep sending workers out, when they finish I go to collect, & they minus the number of pills, I never get any more pills. I have like 7 pills, my only 2 workers finish & I should have seven, it shows 7, but the next time around I am back to 5, & I am not spending pills!

    • You’re not creating trophies right? (at Springfield Heights Theater) If you’re not, it could be a glitch. I’d contact EA

  12. Here’s my idea for future storage options. Add another character to the list that will expand the storage to infinity (unlimited). This character will be the butler or waiter or what have you that is appropriate for each store.

    I’m mostly saying that it doesn’t make sense to punish us for working to the limit by giving us a limit. “Money” doesn’t have a limit, and neither should SH currency.

    • maybe it’s my love of resource management type board games, but I love this dynamic. I’m constantly checking to see what is getting close to maxing out and what I can upgrade to use up some of that so I don’t have workers standing around.

  13. I’m sending five characters out to collect yoga mats and everytime I go to collect them the counter only adds one yoga mat to my total…this is taking forever to collect yoga mats!!!

    • My stupid mistake … pharmaceuticals eat up yoga mats!! Sorry so stupid!! But I finally caught on 😀

  14. For me, the limiting resource is the yoga mats. I never have enough of those. My one tip is to fill up the chairs to 205, then send everyone there to do a 1 hour job to get them out of the way while I concentrate on other tasks. Keeps me from filling my town with jet skis and golden plants :). Also, anyone else have a glitch in the 5th level for some buildings? I went to neighbor towns for a bit, and when I came back the game said I reached level 5 on (say) the classic mansion. I still was at level 4. Weird.

    • The glitch happened to me on the valet parking and condos. I wasn’t too concerned about it since I knew I’d get to it eventually. 🙂

    • that’s what i’m gonna try today, maxing out chairs, yoga mats and coffee, then go from there.

  15. After this event started, it logged me out, I signed back in, and now I’m Level 1, seemingly losing all my data. I haven’t accepted it as my Springfield and left it be, but what do I do?

    • It happens from time to time. Hard close and restart, see if that helps. If it doesn’t uninstall/reinstall. If that doesn’t work try logging in from another device. If you’re still having issues, contact EA.

  16. I really do love this blog and the interaction with other players. I don’t feel so alone!! I guess because this expansion is frustrating me, and I’m not normally frustrated with this game. I started with the StoneCutters event, and I’ve loved every event since for one reason or another. But this, with unending tasks that gain very little, and a day of play without anything substantial to show for it, makes me want to give it up. Especially since the buildings don’t ever pay out or generate anything. So, why do it?

  17. Hey guy i need help.. My town lags a lot. It skips and the characters and buildings flash. After this update it was good for one day but today its sucky again. 😢

  18. Great article (thank you for publishing it) 🙂

  19. I’m enjoying the expansion…and I did hurry some things along early on through donut spending. In particular, I did buy both of the premium buildings which boost one’s Real Estate total, plus I already had the Banana Republic.

    I have most of the land purchased (three more blocks that need pills to buy, plus a bunch of ocean blocks yet) and over the weekend boosted one each of all the upgradable buildings to Level 5. Basically, nearly always it’s been the coffee which held me up, because it feeds into two different items — gadgets and pills — whereas typically the others only feed into one crafting item. Plus you need lots of coffee for the building upgrades. I find myself wishing the coffee timer was shorter or I could send about double the number of Springfielders to go earn it.

    If I have one complaint, it’s that the buildings serve no function or purpose other than as decorations. Although pretty, I honestly can’t see wanting to have ten each of them once fully upgraded. I think eventually I’ll settle on having just one of each, maybe two, then use the rest of Springfield Heights as general expansion space, since it looks like I can move anything from the main town up there. (I’m thinking about doing an “Up”-style layout, with Cletus’ farm in the middle of a bunch of luxury highrises.)

    On the plus side, it’s been interesting checking out my neighboreenos’ Springfield Heights to see how far along they’ve gone and also how they’re designing their Classic and Modern mansions, since the various pieces let you put them together in a number of different ways.

    • A “batteries not included” High-rise next to small dilapidated bulding layout type thing…. *fuzzy memories*

  20. I’m stuckon 10/10 mats. So I simply unlock the next character even though it doesn’t say it will increase storage?

    • As you can see from the screenshots above if you’re still in need of Real Estate Points it won’t tell you it increases storage, only that you need more Real Estate points. But all locked characters increase storage. So just keep plugging away at the Real Estate Points…

  21. The single most frustrating part of this update is that tasks require other earnings. So pills need coffee and yoga mats, etc. To stay sane, I’m attacking the game in this order:
    1) Unlock all characters (requires you to update buildings to get to 64MM)
    2) Unlock all land item by item. Chairs->Coffee->Devices->Mats->Pills-> Trophies. When I’m finished I’ll have full stacks of all of them. Yoga mats and Devices can be earned together.
    3) Finally, upgrade the heck out of everything to earn prizes.

  22. Did you notice…if you visit a friend who had unlocked certain building upgrades you get credit for it.
    I click on my highest valued friend and when I returned to my SH all my tasks were completed

    • This just happened to me. I was thoroughly confused. I’m glad I’m not the only one. So, we got paid because of someone else’s work? That’s a cool glitch I guess.

      • It’s cool and it’s not. The glitch upgraded my building for me. I’m, like others, trying to control what I upgrade and keep some of my buildings at level 1 and such. I just hope this doesn’t happen to all of my buildings or I won’t have one from each level.

        I believe the glitch requires you go to a town with that same building that has upgraded and go straight back to your Springfield (skipping the neighbor menus). The glitch should be able to be avoided by going to the menu before heading back to town. I haven’t tested it thoroughly, though.

        • Did it actually upgrade the building or just clear the task from your list? Mine cleared the task but I still have everything at the levels I’ve earned.

  23. I am currently at 416 millions (no donuts used!!) – I just wonder if levelling all buildings up will give enough points for the last prize, or if it will require loads of palms and stuff. Most of my buildings is on lvl 4, some (Deluxe condos) all on lvl 5. So far only 21 Jet Skis and few dozens of gold palms

    • It will. If you level them all up, and buy 10 of each, it’s just over 1 billion points…1,917,600,000 to be exact…

      • Thanks, got all 10 of each kind. The highest levels pay the most. My strategy was: First upgrade all the factories to max capacity and max workers. Keep working with all of them to get all the new available land. Close down Theater and Pharmaceutical, thay drain the other resources (phones, mats and coffee) – left only premium characters working (slow increase of higher resources for rest of land buying/storing for higher levels), so that not much of the main resources (coffee, phones, mats) was drained. Kept doing this for about 3 days – heavy harvesting of chairs, coffee, mats and mobiles, building all 10 of all kinds of houses, levelling all the deluxe condos to lvl 5, when acquired enough mats levelling also other buildings up to lvl 3-4 (where they start requiring medical pills and statues). Once in a while I level one to the higher level when pills and Oscars accumulate). Today I have sent full company of workers to Pharmaceutical factory – I nearly do not need coffees anymore, but Institute of technology and Pharmaceutical factory spend them all in the process – I started needing pills for higher levelling. So far only Bumblebee man works in the theatre, as not many statues have been needed so far. I keep people working in coffee shop, LA Body Works and furniture shop, as I need these materials for further crafting.

  24. I’m really enjoying the expansion of SH. I love all the new land and how I can place items/buildings in Springfield and SH. Right now I’m trying to get all the land and then I think I’ll upgrade all of the different buildings. I’m torn though, because I want to keep some of the buildings at their lower level. I wonder if as they expand SH and add new buildings I can get more real estate points then? I’m not really in any rush to try and complete it all.

    With that said, lol, I have almost all the land minus the land you purchase with the award currency. I guess I have the same complaint as most about the duration and coffee, but that’s not enough to take away the love I have for this game. It’s like the game that keeps on giving lol.

    I just started playing this game in like May last year, and I still am playing catch up with Squidport and Krusty Land and still have to purchase more land in Springfield. I can only imagine somoene who just started today. They have a lot to look forward to.

    Thanks for all you do.

  25. Just thought I should add, for those that may not realize, if “max” of something is say, 200, take all of the characters that are able to do the job, and get it to 199. Wait for all of their respective jobs to be done, and then they can all be re-sent, to put you over the 200 mark.

  26. Whenever I start Otto on the furniture store 30-second task, or Grandpa at the coffee shop task, invariable they wander around for 20 seconds to sometimes a couple of minutes before they walk back to the building and start their tasks. Sometimes they wander back through the tunnel to original Springfield before it kicks in that they’re supposed to be working. (Otto’s a stoner and Grandpa’s senile, so what should I expect?) Anyone else running into this?

    • It happens if you send a character on a task before the animation from completing the previous task is finished. Those two just have a longer animation than the others. If you wait a couple of seconds before sending them (so send the others first) they’ll go right back in.

      This has actually been around for as far back as I can remember, but until Springfield Heights it wasn’t common to send a character on a task the instant they finished the previous one (much less on a task that is so short in duration) so it wasn’t as common.

    • I get exactly the same thing. The only way I’ve found to get grandpa or otto to go straight to the task is to tap them first then go to the building to start coffee or chair task.

    • This happens to me as well. I play on an iPhone 5 but played on a 4s for over two years. It seems to happen when I send a lot of characters to tasks at the same time. I think the game falls behind and uses this aimless roaming to catch up. I work my premium and limited characters to the bone, but leave my regular characters free during the day in case a new level/event/etc. pops up. At night I send everyone to tasks which sends many of my characters racing back and forth around town. It used to bother me, but now I find it hilarious. Note that this is just my opinion based on experience, so if it is bothering you, you should talk to EA.

      • Just watch until they complete their happy dance (Otto stops waving his arms, Abe shakes his head awake) before you send everyone back to work. The wait is only about 1 second as opposed to sometimes as much as 15 seconds wandering if they are still dancing when they get assigned.

  27. I’m working on unlocking all my land first. Right now I have to go back every 8 minutes for yoga mats. It’s a little annoying to go back so often or leave the app runn (draining my battery) but im so excited for all this land! I hope they unlock more soon!

  28. Isn’t it about time for level 56? We don’t have enough to do, preferably something that requires Homer a lot.
    Just a thought, have you ever considered moving the comment box below the comments. As people scroll by they might see many people have already posted the same thing?

  29. I have a weird glitch on iPhone 4. I’ve progressed in my game and have unlocked all buildings and characters. However, my tunnel to Springfield Heights has not cleared and I cannot unlock the water besides the mountains. Anyone else have this glitch/problem?

  30. I cannot say this often enough. I do appreciate so much all the work you are doing for keeping us informed. It’s amazing. Thank you tons from the bottom of my heart

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