Carl’s Caverns..Now What?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So many of you have been asking…”what do I do once I’ve earned all the prizes?” (i.e. Carl’s Dad Cavern)  “Should I keep grinding for currency?  Is there a point to collecting?  Will there be bonuts?”

Well EA’s provided a solution for us….just in the last day or so (because I promise you I checked last week, and this stuff wasn’t there lol)…

indicator_townplaza_pickaxes indicator_townplaza_cowboyhats indicator_townplaza_sixshooters indicator_townplaza_goldcoins

Once you’ve unlocked Carl’s Dad Caverns you’ll unlock the ability to craft additional Rocks and Wild West Decorations.  Here’s what you can craft with your currency:

2016-05-24 16.51.03 2016-05-24 16.51.07 2016-05-24 16.51.12 2016-05-24 16.51.30

So if there’s something you’ve had your eye on, or rocks that you want more of (who am I to prevent you from having a rockin’ good time)…continue to earn those currencies (Pickaxes, Hats, Guns and Gold Coins).  Then you can rock on till your heart’s content!

So is there a point to earning TNTico_wildwest_tnt_md?  Not really.  Once you’ve unlocked the final prize there really is NO reason to continue earning TNT ico_wildwest_tnt_md.  Just like the Acts before, there are no bonuts for continuing to collect TNT ico_wildwest_tnt_md after you’ve unlocked all of the prizes.  So don’t stress about collecting TNT after you’ve gotten Carl’s Dad Caverns…there really is no point to it.

As far as doing trade ins at the General Store….

ico_mhub_generalstoreJust like Acts 1 and 2 before…Yes.  Continue doing Trade Ins.  Do the smallest Trade Ins available (after getting the Caverns) so that you can continue to earn the General Store Prizes…and then no more.  Remember Day 14 awards 3 free donuts.

So to sum up…
-You can craft/buy more rocks and various other Wild West Decorations for currency: ico_wildwest_pickaxe_md ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_md ico_wildwest_sixshooter ico_wildwest_goldcoin_md.  So if you want stuff…continue to tap those bandits, and do tasks at Town Plaza.
There are NO BONUTS for collecting TNT.  So don’t stress about collecting it after you’ve unlocked Carl’s Dad Caverns.
-You should continue to do trade-ins at the General Store after you’ve unlocked Carl’s Dad Caverns…but only the smallest one.  This way you can continue to unlock the General Store Prizes.

Beyond that, just have fun.  Finish up those questlines you’ve been putting off.  Decorate your Springfield.  Focus on the Level 60 questline.  Enjoy the downtime before the next “big thing”.

And yes I’ll breakdown the last 2 prizes…as well as the remaining premium should I buys….just figured this is more important info for those who are about to unlock the Caverns and trying to figure out what to do next.

Thoughts on the “crafting” element that was added?  Anything you’ve had your eye on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

137 responses to “Carl’s Caverns..Now What?

  1. Hopefully they will do Flaming Moe’s as a mini quest, I want to get Hugh Jass as a character.

  2. In the General Store, at the end of the list of daily prizes (AFTER the 3 donuts on day 14) it says “Coming Soon: Something Hot”, and it’s listed as being available one day after the event is scheduled to end. Is this something I should hang onto some picks/hats/guns/coins for? or do they mean that the next event is starting already?

    • No idea what exactly will happen…I wouldn’t stress too much about it though. Spend what you want to spend…I think it’s just a teaser for what’s coming..

      • Thanks. I suppose that another dozen of each type of rock pillar might come in useful someday. It’s better than wasting a few thousand of each resource.

  3. If there are no bonuts for this what is the reward for the quest I have now to collect 2500 more tnt?

    • More TNT

    • It’s just an empty goal that leads to nothing that EA’s giving you there. Skip trying to earn any TNT once you have the cavern (other than to do your daily trades). The currency may still be worth pursuing because they can be used to “purchase” certain event items in the store. But how hard you want to work at that is up to you, depending on how much, and how many, of those items you want to buy.

  4. Has anyone else had a glitch with the cactus patches? I wanted a couple more & they won’t go on the dirt…just grass! Grrrr!

    • GodlessSquash

      It’s not a glitch. Cactus patches cannot be placed on the new dirt terrain. I hope EA will change that at some point, along with those buildings that cannot be placed on pavement.

      • Why did the cactus need to be on dirt, when it comes with its own dirt? Doesn’t it cover whatever it’s on anyway?

      • There are two types of cactus patches. One has a sand colored background and can be places on grass. It’s a returning item from an earlier event. The other cactus patch is from this event, has a black (transparent?) background in its image in the store, and can only be placed on dirt.

  5. I’m really dissappointed we didn’t get any Free cactus patches AT ALL… No bonus % and still asking 15-20 donuts for them is really annoying, I don’t have enough donuts to buy enough of them.

  6. I honestly thought EA would build another area if you will, and make it “future” Simpsons when all the characters are older. Anyway I was hoping they would continue on with the game. I will miss playing TSTO.

  7. Why not buy the rocks that are almost the opposite and turn them sideways. Ehhh? Sometimes I’m pretty crafty for a cripple!

  8. Since we’re at the “now what stage” it should be okay to go over end of questlines. When I got that forgotten treasure patch, that was super neat. I had totally forgotten about that little dirt tile from the teaser. But, then Homer went and found treasure there…. now it’s very gaudy and can’t be placed in the places I was thinking. Looks like there’s no facade changing on this one. 🙁

    • We can always hope they’ll update it to be switchable.

    • I didn’t know what to do with it either, but then i tried it on the beach, it fits in there, beaches have holes dug in them by people looking for treasures, seashells and sand dollars etc. Just hope none of my characters fall in that hole, looks deep.. Lol

      • Cool. So, I guess Old Springfield is going to the beach. lol

      • Great idea!

      • So, I used your idea for inspiration and moved the cave down to the shore (which is where I have most of my tourist attractions anyway) and put the hole next to the cave (as if it was pretending to be part of the same excavation project as a kind of “marketing” decoration to bring people into the cave). It seemed to me that the cave never really belonged as part of the Wild West area anyway, since it’s from a decade later (according to the sign), and the vegetation isn’t particularly desert-ish.

      • Good idea. I am a perfectionist. The cave didn’t seem to fit there. The vegetation is for a higher elevation and the color of the cave is totally different from the rocks.

    • I have mine sort of ‘buried’ in a bunch of rocks. It’s less obvious when there’s tallish rocks covering parts of it, though you can definitely still see it. I think it looks pretty cool though.

    • I placed my treasure in the middle of a rock and cactus patch natural area. It looks pretty good.

    • What treasure patch, and what dirt tile? I got Carl’s Dad Caverns with 5-6 days remaining, and /thought/ I’d finished everything, but this doesn’t sound familiar…

      • The actual main questline. I think it is something with Gummy Joe, then it picks up again with Homer and you go to the store and place the patch. Check that you’ve finished all your questlines.

        • I have no current questlines, save for the now-constant one for Duff Gardens.

          • I have the treasure patch & it came from a Questline, it was a few days ago so it’s hard for me to remember but I think the task was “make Homer dig for gold.” As far as the dirt tile is concerned… No clue. I’ll let you know if I see something but it’s not sounding familiar. I’ve finished the event, same as you. Not sure why it’s not triggering for you. Not sure what a dirt tile is either.

  9. I have verified, with the help of others, that crafting is unlocked (visible) as soon as you play the Act 3 Finale. You don’t need to finish any questlines or to get the final prize (the caverns).

    There’s also a couple new items that become craftable after you win them at the daily store exchange at the General Store in the upcoming days.

    Just, FYI…..

  10. I just unlocked the Caverns today, and am looking forward to clearing Homer’s 8 tasks for various questlines…

  11. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, but I logged in Sunday or Monday and saw 2 of the event-currency items in the store. A few hours later I logged back in and they were all in the store, and I hadn’t unlocked the caves until this morning.

  12. Has there been any hints from EA as to what event is next?

    • There’s a line you might consider a hint at the end of all the Wild West Stuff but it’s so vague, I prefer not to comment on it. Keep an eye on the TSTO Facebook page and they drop hints sometimes that are much more juicy.

  13. Has there been a SIB for Sneeds? thx…

  14. Kelly Crantford

    If there are no bonuts, why does it say “you’ve got all of these prizes. Keep collecting event currency for more donuts?” Are they just referring to the daily tasks?

  15. I’m sorry but that is super misleading. After all the prize tracks it says to continue getting the event currency for donuts.. They only mean for the 14th day’s prize, correct?

    Huge bummer dude. I was hoping to get the Maggie skin. I only need like 5 donuts. B-onuts would have help alot.

    I’ve even farmed out 40 donuts. And now I’m stuck at I’m 104 and can’t even find a daily challenge that awards donuts?!

    Kinda think of a line from Rush:

    ‘..Thought I’d be singing, but I’m tired. Out of breath..’

    Except the journey I felt was not as fulfilling as climbing to Fountain of Lamneth :p

    Jokes on us EA haha.. Good. Job.

    • All I’m going to say is it has literally said the same message at the conclusion of each act. So it really shouldn’t be a surprise here…

    • What about the 5 weekly donuts from the rail yard? What about the bonus prize for completing a series of daily challenges? Plenty of other ways to earn 5 donuts if that’s really all you need…

    • I’ve found that if you X out of the first offered Daily Challenge (which is event related & I don’t need any more event currency anyway), I usually get something with a donut reward. Some of these pay several donuts for a simple task!

      • Usually? Then you’re just on a luck steak right now. It does happen, of course (more often, I think, once you’ve earned the final prize for the event), but, on average, you should be more likely to get a replacement task that’s for cash or Springfield Heights currency.

        So, enjoy your lucky streak while it lasts! 🙂

        • In that case you can just leave it there until the next day and X it out then. About 50% of the challenges I X out get replaced by one that pays donuts, and if not, usually X’ing them out again the next day will do it.

          • Yes, that happens sometimes for me, too, but not always in the second try, either. It’s not uncommon to go from event currency to cash to Springfield Heights currency or event currency to Springfield Heights currency to cash or even to have event currency come back around. But, yes, I do sometimes get donuts on the first or second try. (It seems to be a little easier to get donuts to come up once I’ve finished the prize track, but that might just be coincidental.)

            This morning I got lucky and got an 8-hour task for Cletus for 3 donuts after the first dismissal. 🙂

  16. Haven’t decided whether to keep our store the cavern…problem is, it needs to be on an edge somewhere (an edge that won’t suddenly become a non-edge when I need more land, and I don’t know whether I want to use up one of my precious last few (one?) bit of mountain-adjacent land (or any land in the north, where my Wild West area is, and where the land is getting VERY expensive. But I might just have to “cave” in (hee hee) and do that…

    • Have you bought all of the available parcels of land? I’m curious to see your Springfield. My town is starting to get full, but I still have 22 parcels of land to buy. I tend to buy new land with each new event, but I never store major buildings and decorations (not yet, anyway).

      • I have all the land and nothing stored. It’s doable and I think my town is pretty alright.

        • I’m sure there will come a time when I need to squeeze things a little closer together. I have a block that is all rocks and cactus (from this event and the Monsarno event), and it looks OK, but I really don’t need so much of it. I might scale this kind of design down as needed.

          There’s still a lot of potential land that could be opened up in SH. I’m sure EA will be throwing another SH update at us before the end of the year. Don’t you think?

          • I would LOVE more land in Springfield Heights…more so than in regular Springfield, where I still have unpurchased land. Most of the Springfield Heights buildings are way too out of scale to move them to regular Springfield and I’d at least like to be able to place the three buildings I have in storage, so I can get their XP multiplying effect. (When I ran the collider recently, I pulled them out and just stuck them anywhere I could manage to find enough room, even if they made no sense there or blocked other stuff, just for those 24 hours.)

          • Weird – I had forgotten that SH buildings paid bonus XP and had them all in storage. I just tried to take some out but it made no difference to my bonus percentage. Do they actually need to be on the map to payout, or am I missing something?

            • It’s a *hidden* XP-only bonus multiplier. Because it only multiplies XP, not cash too, it doesn’t show up in your regular multiplier number, because that multiplier affects both XP and cash.

          • This is for Ray: The bonus is hidden, and it’s an XP bonus only. Sandra can tell you more.

          • @Sillyboy – yes, I forgot that the SH bonus building XP doesn’t show on the conformance meter! I’m now really annoyed that I’ve been playing 150% bonus XP lower than I could have for the last few months, and even worse didn’t have that available during the recent 40k per level glitch when I fired up the XP multiplier! 🙁

      • Oh, no…not at all! I only buy land as I need it. I don’t know how much land I have left to buy (I’d have to check the map), but I’m sure I probably have several strips left on the east side and at least one left to the north.

      • Hi Sandra. I have some advice on placing the SH buildings. Place them on the periphery of your town next to the mountains (not on the SH side of the mountains). I consider that corner of my town to be off the grid (as it were). I hardly ever have to look at these buildings, because of where they’re located. Also- If you’ve upgraded all of these buildings to level 5, then you you can down size them to the smallest possible configuration (rather than having gaudy sky scrapers blighting the landscape). I hope this makes sense. Frankly- I wish we could store these buildings, and still get the bonus effects.

        • I don’t buy land until I need it, so I don’t really have an absolute top corner. But it’s okay….it’s just three office buildings, which don’t offer as high a percent as most of the others do (except for the condos, but I particularly like my condo area).

          But thanks for the thoughts! 🙂

  17. Hank Scorpios

    On the subject of NOW WHAT:

    Is never getting Duff Gardens just a sad, sad reality for some of us? Remember the days when EA would not only try to solve an issue, they would give you donuts as well for the inconvenience? It seems to me, if there is no workaround, you could always just add it to the store… even with a timer. Now, I’m just a everyday super villain, but if I were selling things for profit, I would try really hard to get those things to the people who were begging to buy it. You don’t need a Salesman like GIL! Just put it in the store and we will buy it. No workaround needed. You don’t need sugar in packets… just sell me sugar and I will put it in my pocket.

    I step down from my SOAPBOX and thank you all for your time and talent!

    Hank Scorpios

    • Here, here sir!

      Remember when EA cared… And there was fun gifts!

      But the romance is gone 🙁


    • Feel blessed Hank,you still have your 145 sweet pink delights. Some of us were duped by that smooth talking Gil.

  18. I love the rocks, and I’ll be stocking up on them, but boy I wish they could be turned in four directions…..

    • So much this!! I love them too, but I’ve taken to kinda hiding some of them behind others so they don’t look quite as repetitive, since they only rotate two different ways.

    • same here. if only they could rotate in all directions. i bought a few more extras since they showed up in the store, in hopes that they will eventually do it. *fingers-crossed*.

    • same here. if only they could rotate in all directions. i bought a few more extras since they showed up in the store, in hopes that they will eventually do it. *fingers-crossed*. //just got an adobe-flash update w/detected virus when i tried to post this comment. ugggh.

  19. You thought? Quit thinking, be a good sheep and do as Yr told

  20. I’ve enjoyed this event, it’s probably one of my favourites, but every stage has been at least 5 days too long – and I even had a week in Barbados during act 1. That’s fine, I suppose, I just wish they did something to help fill the time at the end. Bonuts were great for that.
    I wish I could get some of the old limited time characters and use the time to work through their quest-lines, instead I’ll just keep earning cash, it’s just a bit dull compared to the event – a real anticlimax

  21. I plan on making a grand canyon!
    Off my rocks lol ♡

  22. Any update on the GIl deal for Duff Gardens? One of my fave episodes and want to buy.

  23. Crafting more rocks 😂😂😂

  24. So glad I can now craft additional rocks with all my otherwise useless resources!
    You guys ROCK 😉

  25. Anyone know if the Rolling Rock can be placed on the dirt?

  26. “Once you’ve unlocked Carl’s Dad Caverns you’ll unlock the ability to craft additional Rocks and Wild West Decorations. Here’s what you can craft with your currency:”

    I have not yet unlocked Carl’s Dad Caverns (about a thousand TNT away) and I see those things in the store for wild west currency. In fact they have been there when they released them a few days ago when I was still several prizes behind so I think these are here for everyone no matter where you are in the prize chain. It is not wise to buy these before getting the last prize though, obviously.

    Also, seems weird to call this “crafting” since its in the regular store, but I get it since you use special WW currency and not cash or donuts. I guess in that way its kind of like “crafting” Heights stuff.

  27. Great post! I finished everything last night. I’ve got my town designed and items in place except for the last few small prizes before the donuts. All my quest lines are completed (even from what I got during the event like the Sit and Rotate and Duff Gardens). I’m still sending characters to earn different currency, and I’ll craft/buy what I can and store it right before the event is over. This was a fun event!

  28. Quick question I just noticed there’s a “coming soon” after the day 14 donuts, is there anything in the files, or just a placeholder?

  29. I like that they gave us this option. I made a “mountain range” around the good site, but then was left with a lot of empty space around my Wild West section of town. Now I can fill it in with wagons, barrels, and rocks!

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