SPOILER ALERT!! Next Event Info

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some exciting news…

We’ve been working behind the scenes for the last couple of weeks to get on track with a new program EA has launched in conjunction with bloggers and TSTO community leaders (ie ourselves, the forums etc).  With this program, EA plans to give those community leaders a sneak peek at event content and info so that we can share some of the details with you!

We’re thrilled to be working with EA anyway we can to bring you guys as much info as possible!

We’re all under NDA, so please bear with us as we can’t share EVERYTHING we know until EA tells us we can (which is usually how we operate anyway).  But they have given us the green light to release some basic info about the next event.

So no more guessing, we now know WHEN the next event will start and WHAT the next event will cover!  Pretty exciting stuff huh? 

So I know there are a bunch of you who like to remain spoiler free (and this, to me, will not violate our spoiler-free policy as this is information provided to us directly from EA.  They’re giving us the go-ahead to share…) I’ll post the WHAT below the fold. However, I will say the next event will start (as we predicted earlier this week) on Wednesday, May 30th.

So be prepared on Wednesday, May 30th for the event launch

Now on with the spoilers…


While we can’t give away too much of the what with this event, we can tell you the next event will be focused around…..


We can also tell you that it will have an auto start prompt, so no worries about keeping anyone free to get the event going. (but we don’t know who will be needed for tasks, so don’t put any of the major characters on long tasks that day…)

There are loads of ideas to choose from for this event just from the episode alone…

And that’s pretty much all I can tell you for now. But based on what I can’t tell you…some awesome stuff coming.  BE PUMPED!  I know I am.  

So be ready, Wednesday, May 30th for a summer vacation trip of a lifetime to Itchy and Scratchy Land!  We’ll be ready for it, will you?

Thoughts about the next event?  Pumped for what might be coming? What do you think we’ll see?  Will you be ready? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


132 responses to “SPOILER ALERT!! Next Event Info

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANT TO NUKE MY KRUSTYLAND!!!!!!! If I don’t do the event, will the nuking just go away!!!?????? I LOVE MY KRUSTYLAND!! Just wish it had more decoration options!!!
    Worse… I only just started building my Tooth Chipper in my mini town. It says it will be done in 4 days & 19 hours, but my event says my Krusty Land will be nuked in 4 days & 4 hours!!!!?? 15 hours before the ride is complete. Does that mean I will lose it?

    Also, just 3 weeks ago I started revamping my main town’s KL. Spreading things out more, etc. Mostly because I am getting frustrated with how crowded my Springfield is & frustrating it is to landscape & design since it’s so crowded with so little land tiles available. *SIGH* This was the one thing I was hoping WOULDN’T happen while anticipating the new event. 😞😞😞😣😣😣😖😖😖😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Whether you play the event or not Krustyland will be nuked on Monday… for everyone

      • 😿😭
        Thank you for the confirmation Alissa. We might not always like the answer, but we always appreciate your time , effort, help, advice, and the way you care about your addicts family. 💞💕 😻

  2. Look I’m all for new stuff new fun land new whatever but I DO NOT WANT MY KRUSTY LAND DESTROYED!!!!!!!!!!I love my krusty land and worked very hard on it it’s awesome. ..how can I stop it?

  3. We are all hoping this is a Krustyland event! Itchy and Stratchy and Poochy already are in KL. Developers keep dropping the ball on recent games (esp EA games). So I hope they listen and made it KL and not regular Springfield or its own expansion….

  4. Do we know what time it will start? I have a super busy day tomorrow 🙁
    Also annoyed that I cashed in all my KL tickets the day before you guys posted this and i’m now wondering if i’m going to need them!!!

    • It’ll depend on when it hits app stores. My guess is the plan is for 2pm ET but with the last few updates they’ve been hitting at 6pm ET. So we’ll have to wait and see.
      Of course that being said…the last event hit app stores the day before the event launch. So that’s a possibility too….

  5. Congratulations! You have worked so hard on this site you deserve a pairing. Always providing such great ideas and info. I’m very excited for you guys x

  6. Ever since Itchy & Scratchy Bot showed up on the Town Census “waiting for something to do,” I wondwred if that might be a hidden message.

  7. Maybe Krusty’s plane will be used to transport us to Itchy and Scratchy’s new land?

  8. Matt Leonardelli

    This looks like it will be a blast. I would like to see something added to the sea … maybe like a cruise ship and tasks in it. That would be awesome too!

  9. coreyblake1990

    I’m just hoping we get a worthy pride this year!!

  10. I wouldn’t mind if we have to play the event in krustyland. Probably most of the stuff we will get from itchy and scratchy won’t fit in the normal springfield anyway. And i have A LOT of free land there. But i don’t believe they will use KL

  11. I’ve gotta imagine its a whole new land to go to. Not a part of Krustyland at all. We will probably earn an Itchy and Scratchy bus in the first prize and that will take us to the beginnings of this wonderful new event! Can’t wait!!

  12. Oh I hope we can put this in Krustyland even if it’s after the event my Krustyland will look awesome

  13. Sabrtriviachamp

    So, EA is doing Itchy and Scratchy Land… oh yeah, nothing could possib-lie to wrong here…..

    …. possib-LEE. Well, that’s the first glitch out of the way.

  14. For anyone trying to hoard some Krustyland tickets bfore the event (no idea if they’ll be useful or not)….

    There are some items you can move into Krustyland to boost your bonus %. The ones I know of are:

    Itchy & Scratchy Billboard 1%
    Octoberfest Gate 2%
    Barbarian Statue (Homer) 2%
    Valentine’s Pond 0.75%

    There are probably others These re just the ones I know about.

  15. They should do a Westworld parody
    (The movie, not the sjw tv show)

  16. Wait so will this event take place in the krusty land ? i havent done much in the krusty land, i only have 2 buildings unlocked so this might be a problem

  17. Im curious to see what new characters we get…I think the rampaging robots are a given, I’m also hoping for Bort. I hope it is in Krustyland, I basically only go there now when it comes up as a daily task.

  18. So guys…is this a legit “get excited event” or will we be board in a week?

  19. Clare Holland

    Oh wow that sounds awesome.. Really excited about this one… Bring it on..

  20. “I’ll have the baby guts.”

  21. Finally! How exciting!

  22. JANICE Wocelka OCHS

    Thanks for the heads-up! New event looks like summertime fun family stuff.
    However!!!!! I need land. Dislike Land Tokens
    with a passion; love spending my millions on property. Makes me feel mogul-ish for a
    moment or two. So, can we purchase land outright?
    Hats off to all your wonderful ‘guidance.’
    Blessings, Tappers.
    RevJRO aka Janice

  23. I really hope this park can be added to the Springfield screen, not a different screen like Krustyland.

  24. It’s been hinted at that you should buy as much of the land available in Krustyland BEFORE the event starts.
    I kept mine compact, but I’ve got enough tickets stashed
    There’s another couple of days if you need to grab that shuttle and pop by a few neighbours, or even blow sprinkles rushing or getting tickets straight from the store
    That’s up to you, I just heard “Buy the land NOW!” but not why

    • 🤷‍♀️ you can buy it once the event starts if you need it. Whomever is hinting that is trying to start crazy rumors…

    • I also have a compacted Krustyland; however, I did go through and buy all the remaining land in case this is where the new event will be. It took quite some time to clean up all the land with only Homer available. I’m glad I got it out of the way before the event started. If the event is not there, that’s fine–I had tickets to burn.

  25. The only decent thing EAshould be forthcoming with is an a tual and as final as possible solution to their rolkback bug (it’s not even a “glutch” anymore) as none of their (EA’s) solutions is tolerable for those who have been spending thousands of hours (sometimes also money) in TSTO ever since it came out… Anything else is just swiping EA’s dust under aggravated players’ rugs…

  26. I hope they’ll let us use the Krustyland dimension for this event. To me, that’s where Itchy and Scratchy land should be.

  27. This mobile game was fun.

  28. Damn better get the cameras ready in case of the Itchy and Scratchy Terminators. So hyped for this event, one of my personal favorite episodes!

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