Friday Filler – Dear EA…rEAlly? Turning KL into Plopperville

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!

What a difference 24 hours makes.

I was totally ready to write one of the most scathing, loathsome, vitriolic rants ever. I had it composed in my head, and it kept me up half of the night with anxiety over blowing up our new “friendship” with EA.

And then, I got the text from Alissa…at 4:44 in the morning Thursday (it’s OK. I was up already…seething)– Ebron says EA increased limit overnight…11,600 now.

Like a missile operator, with his finger poised over the red button during the Cuban Missile Crisis…I was THAT CLOSE to going full blown Dr. Strangelove on the EA programmers.

And then, I got the text. Then I re-read my post from last week, telling everyone to “chillax” reminding everyone that “it’s just a game,” and that “real life is way more important.” And then, I felt foolish. Mostly. 

But, you have to understand how these things get started. It all has to do with trust, and trying to do the right thing, and new relationships with official NDAs and virtual slaps on the back for the good times to come…which turns into what appears to be the fustercluck of the century…with no real warning…because you ASSUMED that EA would be smarter than that. (but remember…Assume makes an Ass out of U and Me! Right?).

Let’s review.
Last week…we were burbling with excitement over not only getting an “insider’s view” of what was to come…but, also the assurance that this was going to be cool, and fun, and solve a bunch of problems.

We were sworn to secrecy (literally), about the “Nuking of Krustyland,” and believed that it was a good thing. As they explained, their stats were pretty clear, that very few players visited Krustyland, and that there would be an EAsy and sEAmless way to save your work, and all of your items.  Why wouldn’t we believe them? The whole plan was right there on paper…

You can save everything you wanted to save, in big group clusters, and then…only when you were ready…you would Nuke KL, and be able to place it all back on “the other side” (our Springfields), assisted by getting a ton of Free Land Tokens to make room.

COOL!!!!!!  What could possibly go wrong??  I think I even hinted in a comment that this was going to be “great” and a real “game changer.”  Well…I was half right.

Imagine my surprise when after storing my KLand…(after snapping some screen shots), and then Nuking it, I gleefully started placing all of the Free Land I could, burming through all of my Free Tokens (not where I really wanted to place it…but, hey…it was free…right?), and then commenced to start placing my grouped items back into some semblance of how they were placed.

Right away…HUGE wait time lags between selecting what group to place, and actually placing it. And then moving them around afterward? Fergitaboutit! It took (and continues to take) up to 45 seconds for each tap to activate. Same thing when highlighting and clearing anything else in my town (like clusters of KEMs).  But…OK…I get it. It’s new…there is a ton of data being shoved around…I can be patient. It’s only a game…right?

But, then it happened. After my 1st grouping was placed, I went to place the next one, and BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!  Locked up.

I tried three more times…logging off…closing down…logging back in…Finally…after 10 minutes of freezes…I GET THIS…

AAAAAAAGH!!!!!  What?????  You let us store a ton of items…and then didn’t raise the freakin’ Item Limits???  HOLYFREAKINSHIRT!!! You idiots!

After stripping my KL section off all trees, decorations, and small booths, I was able to at least get the game to play again…but, I WAS NOT HAPPY!  I had been turned into a PLOPPER!  I couldn’t decorate. I couldn’t move forward in the game. I couldn’t do anything except try to figure out what to eliminate.

I decided to sleep on it… or at least TRY to sleep on it.  What I had plopped, only represents about 1/50th of my KL. I still have well over 800 items in storage…PLUS a ton of decorations that weren’t grouped.

I mean…dammitall…my Krustyland used to look like this…after weeks of grinding and work… CLICK THE IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE

In my haste (and misplaced trust of EA and our new relationship), I missed a few minor screens…but you get it. Loads of flowers, shrubs, tiny decorations, and fun. I didn’t expect it to just move in one nice chunk…but I sure as hell didn’t expect to get blindsided by the Item Limit being ridiculously overlooked or ignored.

However…by mid-morning Thursday, I did try again, and got a “normal” item limit…which should allow me another 700 items. Not ideal. But a heckoflotbetter than it was when they threw the switch.

So…an increase of 700 items is better than a sharp stick in the eye. At least that’s what my ophthalmologist tells me.

Yes…I am still suffering the “horrendous lag” that showed up when EA started allowing us to grab rivers, streets etc. with the “large selection tool.”  And yes…I admit that I am bit non-plussed about some of the violent text that is coming from Itchy and Scratchy (but also amused by Scratchy’s prose)…and I don’t like being forced to build the race car bit…

But…I will survive. And with the 700 items that I have in my buffer… I will design something that is passable. Because…when all is said and done, I have to believe that EA is trying their hardest to please us…while having to deal with legacy code, from a game that they never expected to be going this long.


But…for those of you who are saying, “I LOVED MY KrustyLand…I want it back!!!”  I have this to say...So, Build It! 

I have already started on rebuilding mine. Yes, a few less flowers…but, I can EAsily create a pretty close replica…right next to my Itchy and Scratchy Land.  Think of it being like Disneyland and California Adventure. Right?

Build it and they will come…
So as of this morning, I have my Krustyland getting back to normal…with some added fun from the fact that I’m not limited to KrustyLand decorations. And in the middle of my re-vamp?  Along comes a lone park patron…wandering over from Itchy & Scratchy Land.  This bodes well…

OH….Yes…there is some weirdness…Like how the little guys we are supposed to tap have a penchant for hiding INSIDE of the mountain. Again…I suspect that the Quantum world is at play here, but, I digress…

If you KNOW there are some clickables hiding…just mask the decorations, and you’ll see them.

And remember…if you are trying to find something that you thought you stored…and you don’t see it in your group save area, just check the individual category storage…it is likely to be  nicely stored Alphabetically under “Krustyland___”  EAsy to find!

Bottom line… be patient.  It is obvious that EA is going through a bit of hell right now with their servers…as witnessed by our Neighbors Disappearing for a while last night…along with some very random login issues that are likely related to the same server problem.  (You can’t have neighbors show up if their IDs are scrambled).

Yes…this freaked us all out, because we LOVE our NEIGHBOREENOS! But they are back…after what was likely a major reboot of the entire server system.

Almost all is forgiven, EA. I expected bugs. I didn’t expect brain-dead short-sightedness…but you fixed it, and I learned.  We’ll get over it…and survive to play another day.

And let’s be honest, if truth be told, I didn’t go to Krustyland that much…and will enjoy trying to figure out how to make due with a few less trees and flowers…

ON ANOTHER NOTE… WE ARE SOOOOO CLOSE  REACHING OUR GOAL for this round of School Supplies.  The kids go back to school next week…so PLEASE consider helping us finish this up. EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!  I have to wire money to Emma on Monday…so please consider helping. Thanks!


Keep on tappin’… life is fine.  EA is trying…I have to believe that!


113 responses to “Friday Filler – Dear EA…rEAlly? Turning KL into Plopperville

  1. Patric,
    First let me say I plan on going to the school site to send $100.00 since I haven’t given in awhile. I hope it helps. I got a couple hundred back in taxes so thought I’d give half. Share the “wealth” right? Now onto my Springfield.
    I was one who loved my KL. I spent a lot of time creating soom cool 3D designs that took tons of bushes, flowers, benches etc. Now with the limit (even with the increase) I can’t recreate them. I had all the land available in KL and over 3, 012,000 tickets as I visited every day so I could pop balloons. I’m frustrated with myself because I too, placed land tiles where I should not have therefore decreasing the size of my KL (I&S land). Now I can’t place the groups of items I stored. The lag time is frustrating…I hate staring at the screen waiting for the items to go back into storage. I wish we could somehow double tap the land we bought, return it and place it where we need it. I really screwed up placing them too soon without planning out my KL revamp. My park will be much, much smaller now and am so frustrated that it might be awhile before I attempt to rebuild it. I have plopped some items just to have something there. I hate the land token idea but I guess that’s here to stay.
    On another note, I’ve been trying the KEM farming for the last two and a half weeks. With over one billion sixty something game cash I’ve been able to rack up a good donut stash. I started out with only doing about forty or so KEMS but was making money, tried the rat trap but lost too much money so went back to KEMS. I usually do around a hundred and twenty or more KEMS at a time and usually hit them four, sometimes only three times a day. If it weren’t for so many bad guesses on the donut chance, I think, I’d still be making money. Right now I still have a little over one billion game cash. Funny thing is, now that I’ve made over twenty five hundred donuts, I’m being stingy in spending them. You’d think I’d go hog wild and buy everything, but I’m not. I’m a little strange. Or hanging onto what I have for a rainy day or looking out for my future retirement.
    I’m glad you’re happy about the monorail expansion you can add to your I&S land. I know you love your monorail.
    Sorry for the lengthy post. My rant is over. I feel better and now onto sending you some real money.
    Thanks to all of you that put so much work into keeping us posted on this game. Without you guys, I’d be lost.

  2. I can’t log in!!! When I clicked on the game it asked me to confirm my age. I did that. Then it said “you’re now logged in as ahskdlsnsbskksmsb” – some weird letters not even a word, something I’ve never seen in my life! That wasn’t me so I chose to log out. When I tried to log back in, it kept saying it’s an error. What is going on? Is it just me?

  3. Has anyone had an issue with their land tokens? I thought we were supposed to get the land back after blowing up KL, but I’m not seeing any.

  4. EA will be on my shit list until the fix the rollback glitch proper! The have not even bother to give me the 2 shitty options, none which is acceptable. If the had offered me a rollback when I first created a ticket for it, then it would have been fine, now it’s not!

    I think TSTO should continue to push EA HARD until the fix it. Or at least fix the character selection, IRS range and then give us some donuts for the rest of the stuff!

  5. To eliminate lagging in your game, try storing most of your Krustyland stuff. Not ideal I know but it worked for me. At least it will get you through the event till EA sorts this issue.

  6. I HATE HATE HATE this event. It’s too complicated without interacting with other players. WHY ARENT WE INTERACTING?!

  7. I just nuked Krustyland and I’m done with it forever. What’s the point? Am I going to waste squares and bump up against limits? Even the discounted premium stuff in they offer in the random box is pointless.

    Also, the lag time is a major pain.

  8. PATRIC – What a great KL you had! At least you’re able to mostly re-recreate it. Wow, it’s so true…’s so easy to burn through 100 land tiles! Great article. Opening image & comment made me laugh so much & took me back to the good old days of EA hiccups. I’m experiencing some blips but 6+ years down the line I’ve learned to just chill with it…….💜X

  9. Photo Jun 01, 10 04 44 PM

  10. Other misc. Event glitches, goofs, decisions and peculiarities:

    1. Frozen KL patrons.
    2. KL Shuttle and Entrance cannot be stored.
    3. KL Shuttle is no longer upgraded.
    4. Items easily vanish and reappear along the edges of designated I&S zone when scrolling.
    5. KL Paths can only be placed in designated I&S zone, on empty space or under KL Items.
    6. I&S Land’s mascots, I&S, are only available through random chance in KL Mystery Box.

  11. Congratulations on meeting your goal!!!

    Of course I am not surprised by the many down times and exits, probably 20% of active players where moving and storing things at any one time. Quite a load on the servers.

    In hindsight it should have been done is stages. Give the people the new land, allow them to redesign their game in anticipation of nuking KL. Then store, nuke and place KL. Then start a new event.

    I, for one, prefer the new arrangement. I can place the Krusty monorail station near the park. And I can expand the park. In Kansas City there is a park called Worlds of Fun. Maybe I will incorporate all non-Springfield buildings as part of a HUGE park.

    • Good idea about moving the Krusty monorail station. Mine is in Springfield Heights and if I can find a decent spot for it nearer to KL I’m going to do so too.

  12. This lagging issue is so annoying mine happened after I decided to redecorate my town and now it takes minutes to move things around the town I just get irritated and log out. So it looks like I plop but It makes this event 10 times harder with the issues people are getting.
    And as far as the inventory goes it would help if E.A. would add more storage room every time they force a decoration on us or MAKE us craft a bunch of items we don’t want nor need that would help.

    • It is really annoying. For sure.

    • I think it would be really neat if there was a way to share those decorations we don’t want with our neighbors. Either all items goes into a mass yard sale of sorts open to everyone or just to our neighbors. It could be a special building and the player who wants the item would pay in-game cash for the item or it could just be a free exchange. Great way to interact with your neighbors beside tappable friend visits.

  13. I’m half plopper, half designer. I see how frustrated full designers are about item limits and just don’t want to hit that point.
    It would be nice if they gave us a way to nuke stuff we don’t want and can’t sell. I don’t want to get anything for it, just pile it up,
    watch it blow into oddly shaped donut dust….and out of my way and inventory. Like, how many monorail parts do we really need? But we make them anyway to get the donuts and then they clutter up our storage. So many multiples of multiples of multiples that we craft that would be great to just nuke or throw into the tire fire or have an event where the town gets divided by a wall of garbage-that we provide- and The Who can come and blow it up, or something, and voila, problem solved, less items you’ll never use built right into the game. It would be soooooo easy. Hahahahaha. Erm. Or maybe just a button that says, crafters remorse already? you won’t get anything for this item, are you sure you never want to see it again?

    That would be a great button. But maybe they just like people screaming about item limits.

  14. How do we know how many items we have? What can we do with all the bonsai plants, for example, that we make in 12 hour tasks? I don’t want them, but I like the 12 hour task! It would be nice if we could just permanently discard items we don’t want!

  15. Im missing almost all if my Krustyland Buildings, like the duff pavilion and one plate maximum buffet. Is this happening to anyone else

    • It is likely in storage…just not in your grouped stuff. Check your full inventory.

    • I was re-decorating springfield height. When I tuck one bulding to inventory, it disappear from my inventory. BUt it appears in Store. but why?????

      And also another problem is confusing me right now. I haven’t complete the Flea Dipper building when I nuke everything in KL. When I try to place everyting in inventory, I couldn’t find my Flea Dipper building. The next day, I get the notice that the building is ready but I can’t find my building anywhere. sigh..

      • PerfectlyCromulentPost

        I’m a relatively new tapper, and so I also was in the middle of a Krustyland build on my “B” game. The tooth chipper had almost 3 days left on the build when I nuked Krustyland. It now shows up as complete on my task list, but it’s not in my inventory or group storage. I don’t care if it’s lost in the ether, but my OCD side is being driven crazy by that little green check mark on my task list that I can’t get rid of.

  16. I just spent way too much time rebuilding my Krustyland. I wish I could have kept it separate. Group saving helped only a little with it.

  17. Looking forward to re-creating my Krustyland as soon as EA lets me on Monday. I’ve got the nuking glitch and haven’t been able to play the event. (Yes I’ve tried all the tricks but I’m an iPad player, so like most of us on iOS, nothing we can do but wait til Monday.) I plopped the Ferris Wheel out so Princess Penelope is back as well as Sideshow You so I can pop balloons and get 5 free donuts every 50 days. Other than that I gotta wait. I did screen shot my Krustyland before storing everything though so re-creating it won’t be so bad and since a lot of the space wasn’t filled up with items (mainly walkway sections) I should be able to create a decent new Krustyland. Looking forward to see what I can do. I may even move my Itchy & Scratchy and Krustylu Studios to the new area too.

    • I.B. , the only thing that solved my same glitch was going to the EA website, changing my EA password and signing back in on a new device (new iPad.) It was maddening, but resolved it.

      I had also contacted EA to file a complaint and stressed the combo of the nuke not registering loop combined with not being able to log in on another device. This was a phone contact with EA, which I urge as the best way to get help. The person working to help me wasn’t the most skilled or knowledgeable but he was admirably dogged in his efforts and accelerated my case to EA help.

      If none of this happens for you, and I hope you get help beforehand from some of the many recommendations on TSTOA, I offer the following personal experience. I didn’t get into the game from the outset, but I’m catching up fast and nearly at today’s calendar level as posted by Patric. Perhaps, with some pressure expressed by you, EA will give a donut bonus to those like you to allow you the help to catch up. Good luck!

  18. Being way down on the list of complaints, we need more time on the clock to find Maggie now that our towns are SOOOO big 🙂

    • It’s a while ago now, but I think that when I moved the playdough factory to Springfield Heights my timer went up from 1m 28secs to 1m 42secs.

  19. I actually like that EA finally did something to KL. And I expected glitches. That being said, these “fixes” mean nothing when “THE GLITCH” is still plaguing our games. Doing ANYTHNG in my town has become a very time consuming chore. The “work arounds” I have to use to get things done are becoming intolerable. And the fact that I am still missing items is also a huge let down. Why they havnt fixed THIS instead of giving us ANOTHER update that throws us into chaos, is beyond me. IMO, I DO NOT see EA doing their best to please, or even help us. But hey, at least they get 300 donuts for Scratchy, right? 😉

    • Well…it really isn’t to their advantage to do a bad, lazy job. Just not sure they have a choice. I think their problem is obvious…legacy code that wasn’t designed to handle this much content.

      • And that is the dilemma. Is this something that is going to be fixed, or is this something that we are “just going to have to live with”. EA hasn’t landed on either side of that as far as gamer info is concerned. Am I going to lose newly purchased content in the future? Does this get even worse? I guess its the lack of communication on EA’s part that has really got my ire.

  20. I think we should be able to sell or delete ALL items from inventory. How many Duff Garden Gnomes do I really need, but there’s no way to get rid of them once aquired!! Same with lots of items crafted during events that we don’t want\need. Even if we can’t sell them for profit, for the love of gEAwd, let us delete them and use the inventory space for things we actually want to keep!
    — Rant Over —

  21. Remember way back (a week ago) when you thought it would be interesting to see how this update would go but people wouldn’t have too much to gripe about..? Oh, for optismism.

    Best laid plans…

    • OH. Trust me. All of my shoes and socks are wet from putting them into my mouth…

      • It feels like EA loads these games on the most advanced devices available – dedicated solely to TSTO with all the RAM in the world – hands it to folks that have never played the game to beta test updates for a few hours and says “well, they didn’t notice any problems so release it.”

        • I think you are really overestimating their testing. It feels to me that much of this is launched without testing for scalablity.

          • Hi Patric, As someone with very limited understanding of the vast tech knowledge that you have, I am starting to see that EA is being either blatantly very remiss or lazy with all this glirch nonsense. I greatly appreciate your much more tech savvy point of view – it really creates a very helpful point of view for me.

  22. I, for one, visited my KL every day, twice a day. I got up to half a million tickets & still sent characters on tasks there. So, I was still using it. I even had all the land pieces, so I was able to recreate it in my Springfield (although it was a bit wonky as there were a few grouped storage that just had walkways & trees as I was thinking I could just dissect my KL into neat squares for easy placement…nothing is really easy with EA in practice).

    My gripes with KL being in my Springfield are now having to search my very large town to find all the KL visitors. Why don’t they stay confined to KL? Did they get their hand stamped for reentry? Did they want to walks miles around my town to take photos of a particular garbage can? Also, even though I got 100 free tiles to fit my KL, my KL doesn’t really fit in my Springfield. I have sections for Christmas, sections for Halloween, etc, and now I have no room for a continuous extension of my Christmasland. Moving KL now is not an option due to that group move/storage being so wonky. Also, not really a gripe, just didn’t have a use for it at the time so I didn’t get it, why not have the KL monorail station in the store, when it would really make sense to have it since KL is more like East Springfield now?

    Grumble & Grind…

    • ALL valid points, my friend…

    • BUDDYKARL – Agree with a lot you say. I visited my KL everytime I logged into my game. I LOVED visiting KL, hence why I have over 4,5K tickets! I’m embracing the new tho & will overhaul mine once this update is over. I’m finding that the more KL paving I put down the more the visitors are gravitating towards it….my turkey loves it too (great for getting those free pills☺️)……💜X

    • “Did they get their hand stamped for reentry?” Excellent! Thanks for smiles.

  23. Besides taking 1.5 Days off from the Game App (I needed to, the Lag / Freezing Up was irritating me) …. I think I will wait until after this Event before I attempt to rebuild my Krustyland (the maximum amount of what can be placed in my Springfield means having to start over and eliminate that extra decor not necessary – anything to stop the Lag / Freezing).

    I vented my frustrations at EA (we all did), but not directly at customer service (it’s not their fault there are problems within the Game App). There’s no doubt the real world is more important than any Game App ….. it just becomes disappointing when you utilize this Game App to take a break from the real world (it’s fun when working properly), only to have that taken away from you.

    At least I got my real Donuts from Krispy Kreme today (yay 2 freebies + the new blackberry glaze is deee-lish) and hope my fellow Tappers found the time to get their free Donuts, too! So whenever this Game App gets you down? Take a healthy break and go eat some Donuts! 😀

  24. I was exactly where you were (a little upset, maybe?) when I first tried to place the main gate and the game refused to place even one item. I did what I’ve become accustomed to doing…swore a little, then downsized a few areas to pick up some playable pieces. Around midnight I got a message that I had again reached 10,900 pieces (I had just finished the Injury 500, so I thought “Well, at least I was able to get my 20% before they cut me off”). Lo and behold, it was just a warning, not a cutoff…yayyyy! Now that I have a new and improved theme park to work on, I’m really glad they did this.
    My “Haunted Condo” never looked this good on the other side…

    • EBRON – I LURVE your Haunted Condo. That was the only section of my game I carried over as was and now, having seen yours, I’ll be modifying. I got the dreaded you have 8,500(?) items warning for the first time ever in my game when I tried to transfer a large chunk of my KL design. I decided there & then to ungroup most of it and start again, using my inspirational neighbours😉☺️…… apologies for being a plonker atm. I have some ideas about a complete redesign mix & match with SP but I want to wait til the end of the event. I’m looking forward to visiting your fun fair. Be sure to have lots of candy floss stands as I love a sugar overload when I visit☺️….💜X

  25. Patric, “What a difference 24 hours makes” indeed…
    You have apparently been reading my mind, so first off, please ignore anything dark and weird in there, but otherwise, I could not agree more.
    This event was kicked off with frustration, leading to rage, then acceptance, followed by limited joy, for me, for almost the same reasons
    Love being able to put K-land stuff in my town, and vice versa, and despite the bothersome growing pains of item limits and the vast newly opened land being nowhere near where I would like for my K-land to be actually located, am learning to love the change.
    Wish they had just expanded K-land and let us mix ‘n’ match that way, but I understand that the K-land haters were louder than the apathetic ‘whatever-ers’ and K-land lovers.
    Thanks for the unifying, middle-of-the-road point of view.
    Now stay out of my marbles, please. There’s strange things to be found there…

    • LOL! My marble were rattled from too many years of contact sports. The good news, while I anger quickly, I usually just as quickly forget what I was upset about. All good!


    I started playing this game a little over a year ago. I have not really played video games for the past 15 years or so, but found tsto one week that I was home sick from work. As I watched the game download I remembered how bad EA games were when I did play video games. For this reason I did not expect much. Overall I am very pleased with the game. I play daily and I buy donuts on occasion, to do my part because I think it’s good enough to warrant that support. Given my impression of EA going into the game, I am not surprised by the problems. My addiction remains unbroken, however. I can roll with it.

  27. So many parking lots. And now the Itchy lot! The Scratchy lot! Yay!

    So many cars. Chalmers’ Hondas all over town. The beloved Canyonero. Cletus’s monster truck. Various Ferraris. Fleet-A-Pitas.

    Cannot place any kind of vehicle in a parking space, or road for that matter.

    File under: WHYYYYYY?!

  28. I used to visit Krustyland twice a day and collect all the tickets and pop the balloons. I had over 1 million tickets with nothing to spend them on so bought all the land months ago andtherefore got 100 free land tokens in exchange.
    I thought I’d be ok with land not being a problem but I hadn’t realised how much stuff I had in Krustlyland. I now have somewhere between 600- 650 flowers, trees and shrubs in storage.
    I was pretty close to the item limit before the update so the increase will probably not allow me to put it all out again as it’s nowhere near enough.
    I now have a redesigned Krustyland with no plants at the moment and will put out a few over the weekend.
    Unfortunately my new Krustyland is not going to be anything as nice as my old one, but it will be as good as it can as i am not willing to undecorate the rest of my Springfield until I have to.
    Still it’s just a game and, although a bit disappointing, there is more to worry about in real life.

    • We all adapt…right? We just have to keep tappin’…the alternative is still a tad unthinkable to me!

      And THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT for our Buyijja Project! You are one of the good ones, Jack!

  29. Ydouneedtoknow

    I think I found a way to improve on the lag time. Clear all the tappables before anything else. This works best if u clear while all characters are still on whatever job u sent them on. So clear syllables, rush jobs with employment center, and collect all characters and building $$. I saw at least a 3x improvement in lag with this method. This is a guesstimate because I didn’t officially time it.

  30. I, for one, am glad to have a second chance at building my Krustyland/Itchy and Scratchy land. I’m finding that I’m putting more thought into it this time around. I’m also glad to finally be able to make proper use of my Krusty monorail station (which is now happily inside Krustyland). 😃. My old Krustyland wasn’t getting the attention it needed. I’m very happy with this event. I haven’t spent this much time playing with my design in a Lonnnnnngggggg time.

    • EEEEKKKK!!! You just reminded me about Krusty’s Monorail Station…WHOA!! Revamp of my monorail a comin’ boys! monorail, Monorail, MONORAIL!! (and I only have about a bigillion extra monorail pieces to work with. Thanks for the reminder!!

      • Note. You can’t place monorail tracks over the pink Krustyland fences nor over the Krustyland paths. You will need to remove the Krustyland paths and make holes in your fence. That’s what I did. Not a big deal, but now visitors to Krustyland can sneak through the gaps in the fence without having to pay the entrance fee. 😜. I’m being silly, but I speak the truth.

        • I came up with an excellent fix for the fence gap issue. I could send a screen shot, but I don’t have the time or wherewithal at present. Instead of having the Krusty monorail station inside Krustyland, I placed it half in and half out- with the front entrance to the station outside Krustyland. Now I have the fence running up to the sides of the station. The fence pieces are flush with the side of the station. Assuming there’s a back side of the station, customers riding the monorail could ostensibly exit the station right into the park, or walk the short distance down the pavement to the front entrance of Krustyland.

          Yes. I’m fully aware that this is all fiction. I’m not a lunatic. 🤪

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