SPOILER ALERT! 2018 THOH Act 1 Synopsis and Images

Update: The update is in the files so I suspect it’ll hit app stores soon. Remember it won’t go live until tomorrow so don’t freak out if you see the app update but don’t see it go live in game.  It’ll go live TOMORROW 10/3 @ 10a ET.

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last night I posted some spoiler info (including the splash screen)  about the upcoming Halloween/THOH event.  This morning I want to clue you all in on the story that will be taking place.

Once again, spoilers will appear after the fold So if you don’t want to know,  don’t click below. Now let’s get to it…


Here’s the Synopsis as presented by EA…

The Draculas are teased when they go out in public when it’s not Halloween. Upset that they couldn’t go out, Dracula vows to give them all a reason to be scared. Nobody is. Countess Dracula steps up to change the hearts and minds of Springfield, by turning them into minions.  She attacks Flanders but discovers he bathes in holy water, and that since Homer steals water from Flanders his family is also protected. Ned and Homer start using pickaxes from the Holy Forge to dig up relics at some Old Ruins in order to fight the evils. When the vampire minions begin to increase in number, Flanders brings out the Flanders Family Tome to cleanse all the monsters at once. Countess Dracula threatens the town, insisting that her minions will scatter to the dark corners of Springfield. Lisa has an idea to lure the minions to the Old Ruins by making it dark and scary, where they can be cleansed. Countess Dracula doesn’t understand how the laziest town in the country can rally together to fight her.  Homer tells her if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and she decides to settle in Springfield.

And here are a couple of image sneakpeeks…


And that’s it for now my friends!  Look for THOH to start tomorrow in our pocket-sized towns!

Thoughts on the Synopsis and images?  Excited about what’s to come? Sound off in the comments below, you know we live hearing from you!

71 responses to “SPOILER ALERT! 2018 THOH Act 1 Synopsis and Images

  1. Updated on iPad ( uk). Leaves changed etc but no new quests or characters yet 😁

  2. Well, I did the update, and it is not showing the normal Halloween. It’s just as if it didn’t update! I uninstalled, and reinstalled, to no avail. Restarted my tablet a few times. Logged out, logged back in. Any suggestions?

  3. Update on iPad!! Leaves have changed,no quests yet. 5 character groups!

  4. Update on the I phone app store

  5. UptonSinclair36

    Update live on iOS not sure on android tho.

  6. Looks like there are a lot of new characters and skins. Oh boy!

  7. Update is in the stores for download.

  8. The update hit the ios app store at 4:00 pm PST.

  9. well mine is updated, but sadly no Living Maude in this event 🙁 Also I think only two characters I recognize from an episode, Vampire Abe and Werewolf Milhouse

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