Treehouse of Horrors XXIX -Prize Guide – Countess Dracula

OK.  So yes…I am going to admit that I have a bit of a thing for hot cartoon ladies. Maybe it was seeing “Fritz the Cat” in my formative years…or maybe I just appreciate a well-shaped leg.  But, whatever it is, I have been clear with my appreciation of the female cartoon form in TSTO…

Fem Fatale…Marge…Miss Springfield…and several others, including the obvious…Booberella (she has boooooooobs!) are all part of what makes me smile in this game.  It’s harmless. I’m not “cheating” on Deb, or trying to marginalize these character’s other contributions  to society.  And to be fair, there are plenty of “hunks” in the game for others who like hunks, to drool over.

So…yes…if I zoom in on the Countess…as she bobs around her victims…her gown flowing in the wind (where does that wind come from anyway? It’s like Favio…he always has wind blowing around his swirling head of blond locks)…you get the picture.  And I am happy that Countess Dracula is now part of our game!

Yes. There is that little bit about being “eternally part of the world of the living dead” if she takes a bite.  But, at least for this event, the curse is reversible.

You have her, or you want her… let’s dig into the details.

I am shameless in my admiration of her.  And once again…I have to think about the animators that drew her.  There are so many ways she could have been drawn…and none of them required her dress to be so clingy (I told you I zoomed in on the character).  But, that is the fun part of animating…you are the “Creator” and can choose just how far to go.

In the case of the Countess…She is a bit of a tart (if you like blood-soaked tarts!)

Here are her details!

Act 1, Prize 6- Countess Dracula

Has 4hr tasks to earn Event Currency via her task list.
***Does NOT earn Pickaxes for dig site.

Questline: Bat’s Out of the Bag Pt. 1
Countess starts
Countess Dracula: Batty, dearest. I think we might have gotten off on the wrong wing with Springfield. I want to be a good undead neighbor. We should try to make amends some way.
Count Dracula: I like it! Trick them into liking us and then drain them like Carpathian blood sausages. Maybe we can get the hipster supermarket to import some Carpathian blood sausage. And then drain the hipsters dry too!
Countess Dracula: First, we must learn how to be diplomatic.
Count Dracula: Try an internet search. I’m sure if you want to meet diplomatic people, the internet’s the place to go!
TASK: Make Countess Dracula Do Internet Research-
4hrs, Earns 120 Event Currency, 45xp

Count Dracula: What have you learned, my mistress of unbearable agony?Countess Dracula: According to the website called ͞ HowDo͟,” the best way to make friends with your neighbors is to bring them a present.
Count Dracula: I’ve got it! Carpathian blood sausage.

Bat’s Out of the Bag Pt. 2
Countess starts
Countess Dracula: Night has fallen. Time to go visiting our neighbors door-to-door.
Count Dracula: Why not just turn into a bat and fly through their window? You might get lucky and find an unattended child.
Countess Dracula: You know we can’t enter a house without being invited.
Count Dracula: Oh, is that the rules for us in this version of vampires?
Countess Dracula: No, it’s the rules in Miss Manners.
TASK: Make Countess Dracula Introduce Herself- 4hrs, Earns 120 Event Currency, 45xp

Count Dracula: How did your mission of diplomacy go, my putrefying piglet?Countess Dracula: Not great. It’ll take me weeks to get the smell of garlic out of my clothes. And I was so polite! I said, “I’m your new neighbor, Countess Dracula, and may I say your blood smells delicious”.
Count Dracula: Strange…well, I guess we should give up this whole plan to befriend the humans and get back to good old fashioned bat-work.

Bat’s Out of the Bag Pt. 3
Countess starts
Countess Dracula:I’ll seduce this town somehow. You don’t make it through the Middle Ages looking like me without an iron will…and set of perfectly-arched eyebrows. I’m going to join the neighborhood “Homeowners Association” and show I’m a valuable part of the community.
Count Dracula: And once you’ve earned their trust, we drain the community dry!
Countess Dracula: Well, yes. Although, first I’m going to see if they won’t ban that Simpson fellow from sunbathing nude in his hammock.
TASK: Make Countess Dracula Join the Neighborhood Association-
4hrs, Earns 120 Event Currency, 45xp

Helen Lovejoy: 
We can’t let a bloodsucking monster join the Homeowners Association.
Countess Dracula: I can pay my dues in advance.
Helen Lovejoy: Welcome aboard!

Bat’s Out of the Bag Pt. 4
Helen Lovejoy starts
Helen Lovejoy: I must say, Countess Dracula, you’ve been a great member of the Homeowners Association. How did you get Homer to stop sunbathing in his hammock naked?
Countess Dracula: Hovered over him in the form of a sickly green fog until he got cold and went inside.
Helen Lovejoy: I have to say, you are something of a snoop and a busybody. It’s so nice to meet someone like me!
TASK: Make Countess Dracula Solve Homeowner Association Problems-
8hrs, Earns 240 Event Currency, 70xp

Countess Dracula: I got rid of that old car parked in front of the Van Houtens.
Helen Lovejoy: Ooh, what did you do? Control an army of rats? Turn into a bat and steal the keys?
Countess Dracula: No, I had our lawyer file a cease and desist order.
Helen Lovejoy: You’re amazing.

Bat’s Out of the Bag Pt. 5
Countess starts
Countess Dracula:Batty, I’m home!
Count Dracula: How did it go, my harbinger of calamity? Have you earned their trust? Can we start sucking them dry?
Countess Dracula: Yes, but not the way you think. You are gazing upon the new President of the Homeowners Association. Instead of draining their blood, we’ll drain their money into our accounts!
TASK: Make Countess Dracula Take Her Money to the Blood Bank-
4hrs, Earns 120 Event Currency, 45xp

Marge: Do we really want a vampire in charge of our Homeowners Association?Homer: Still better than Flanders.

Countess Dracula’s Permanent Tasks



Length  Earns Location
Sneak In A Quick Snack 1hr $70, 17xp

Various Homes

Create Monster Minions

4hrs $175, 45xp Outside/Visual
Introduce Herself 4hrs Event Currency


Change Hearts and Minds

8hrs $275, 70xp Outside/Visual
Drop in on The Simpsons 12hrs $420, 100xp

Simpsons House

Mingle with the Warmbloods

24hrs $420, 100xp

Various Stores in Springfield

And there you have it… the FINAL PRIZE (especially if you want to date the Countess). 

Keep Tappin’ for more rewards! This Act Ends 10/17

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  1. The 4hr task that earns event currency is NOT the 4hr task that the Job Manager sends her on. I don’t know that her “Create Monster Minions” task generates any extra minions over and above the NPC minions the game generates anyway, so I’m manually sending her on the other task before firing up the Job Manager.

  2. Hi Patric, Safi or Alissa. I wanted to let you know that Countess Dracula has a 24 hour task “Mingle With the Warmbloods” which seems to go to a random business since in my game she went to the drive in from the last update which cannot be stored. I don’t know if you already have a pic for the task because the last pic on this post has the 12 hour task cut off by saying “Drop in on The”. I also just unlocked her a few minutes ago so I didn’t know if that 24 hour task was always there or if it got added recently from one of the patches. 🙂

  3. Máiréad Elizabeth Harvey

    Can you still send send her on her quests once act one finishes.

  4. Lol.. look what you started.. 🤣

  5. The create monster minions 4 hr task allows her to continue converting idle characters to hooded minions, earning fangs as well as crafting currency incantations when you release each minion. At 35 fangs & 1 incantation per minion (99% sure these are the totals), you can earn a lot more currency than the 4 hr task that gives fangs only, if you’re willing to leave some regular characters roaming without an assigned job.

  6. Um, can I get a Jessica Rabbit character…? Asking for a friend.

  7. Patrick, Jessica Rabbit all the way! Countess seems like high matinence.

  8. Ralph Bakshi sure is someone else

  9. Patric, I respect you point of view ’cause I’m not ashamed too with the front page of the november 2009 Playboy issue in my shed, nor with the centerfold in my workshop… (go googling). Of course, it was for the articles!😂

  10. Cut from the same cloth! Patrick I to am a Fritz the Cat reject! lol
    and yes the countess is hot!

  11. You say she’s hot and she is, but I’m a toonophile, so there could be a double meaning of her unlock phrase. So what liquid is she looking to extract over that hour?

  12. Oh good! Looks like she still floats around in an outdoor task.

  13. Is it worth doing her tasks when the next act starts, so that the payout will be the next event currency?

  14. Phew, thanks Patric. glad I’m not the only one who perhaps spent a little too much time zoomed in on her. ahahaha

  15. Hello Patric, personally I was a little disappointed in getting the Countess. Last year the Count was a prize and this year we get the Countess, but neither one of them actually has a joint task together. We had some great dialogue of them together as they try to adjust to being in Springfield, but after that they have nothing together. I think someone dropped the ball on some great activities for the vampire pair.

  16. On a different topic as there are just a few days to go so sorry for placing here. Do you recommend to buy the devil?

  17. Hi,
    I’m really behind in this first Act with only 2 days left I doubt I’ll have unlocked her in time.
    Would I need to spend donuts (probably a lot) to unlock her before Act II starts?
    I did have one or two days off, I just needed a break but it’s obviously really set me back.


  18. I’ll unlock her today

  19. Thanks for the post Patric ❤ I unlocked her yesterday

  20. Sorry just saw you got that. My bad

  21. She has a 4 hour task that pays pickaxes.

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