In-Game Update: Classless Reunion Mini-Event is Live (updated and complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back to back mini-events in Springfield!  At least we have new content, right?  I think they only thing we can be sure of these days from EA is to expect the unexpected.  I don’t think any of us thought another 2-week mini-event would follow State of Despair, but here we are.

In looking at the content for this one, while yes this mini-event has the standard 5 prize questline, it’s mostly about the returning content.  This mini-event comes with the largest mystery box I’ve ever seen.  What feels like every single item from Springfield is back in one Mystery Box.  Literally, hundreds and hundreds of items are in this one box. Over 700 items available.  All for 30 donuts. That’s what this event is about.  Reunions.  Both of the High School variety and returning content to Springfield variety.

And before I hear from the “This game is ending crowd”…get a grip.  Please.  This is basically Black Friday, but 1 Mystery Box instead of 15-20. 

On with the content!

Things kick off in Springfield with some dialogue from Homer (about getting ready for his reunion), followed by a task for him…

As always with brand new content, I’m still going through everything.  So continue to check back on this post as I’ll be adding to it as I go.  Once it’s finished I’ll add “Updated and Complete” to the title.

Mini Event Ends March 26th

First, let’s check out the prizes…

The currency we’re collecting for this event…Prom Crowns…

Characters that earn currency…

Reunion Limo Unlocks with A Classless Reunion Pt. 1 and 200

PaZIFFic Princess Unlocks with A Classless Reunion Pt. 2 and 200

Reunion Dance Floor Unlocks with A Classless Reunion Pt. 3 and 250

“Dance the Night Away” Animated Job for Marge and Homer Unlocks with A Classless Reunion Pt. 4 and 300

Prom Time Homer Comes with Teenage Homer if you don’t have him already. Unlocks with A Classless Reunion Pt. 5 and 400

Premium Content

There’s 1 new premium item for this event and that’s the Prom Photo Booth…

The photo booth is 150 dounts.  It comes with animated tasks for Teenage Marge, Artie, Barney, and Homer. Also has a 2.5% bonus on cash and XP

If you don’t have the teenage versions of the characters you can get them with this as well.  But they’re bundled.  So if you’re missing all 3 you have to buy all 3 together. Missing 2, 2 together and so on.

300 Donuts 150 Donuts
150 Donuts
150 Donuts
150 Donuts
150 Donuts
150 Donuts

Returning Content…

Sorry guys, the info about GGR is bad info.  That’s why I get for trusting some folks in the comments.  I just searched the files, I don’t see any indication of it at all. Sorry I got your hopes up! 

Golden Goose Realty- 150 Donuts.  Now is your chance.  If you missed it before get it now!  This earns land tiles every 12hrs.  More info here UNVERIFIED IN GAME.  Going off of other reports on this guys.  Can’t say for certain if it’s accurate that it’s back.

Shotgun Pete’s- $67,150

Sir Putt-A-Lot’s- $67,200

Springfield University- 25 Donuts.

Tongue-Kiss Point- 55 Donuts. Earns 3% bonus on all cash and XP

The Mystery Box

Yearbook Mystery Box- 30

Hit that Blue Refresh Button to see more prizes available to you.  REFRESH UNTIL YOU SEE PRIZES YOU WANT.  Don’t Try until you see what you want on the Screen

Honestly, guys, THIS is what this event is about.  This Mystery Box.  Over 700 items, all returning content to Springfield.  30 donuts a try.  Time to take your chances and see what you might get! As far as what’s inside the box?  Here’s a list, in alphabetical order.  There’s so much content I’m trying to keep it as easy as possible to find…

Listwise, it appears in the files with other names and in some case without indicating characters coming with them (if they do).  I tried to go from memory to indicate characters, but I know I missed a bunch.  If it came with a character before it’ll come with it again. Go by the pictures you see in the box, not my list.  My list is just so you know every possible item available. 

Acid Pools
Acorn Kirk
Adil Hoxha
African Tree Resort
Air Fortress
Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe
Akira and The Happy Sumo
Alcatraaaz and Mansion
Alison Taylor and Taylor House
All American Apu
All Seeing Eye
Alley McBalls
Ancient Burial Ground
Ancient Ruins
Animatronic Bears
Annual Gift Man
Apus Apocalypse Jeep
Aqua World
Arc De Triomphe
Ark of the Stonecovenant
Arnie Pye
Asia DeCuba
Atombic Bomb
Attack Helicopter
Auxillary Agency HQ
Aztec Theatre
Baby Gerald
Bad Dream House and the Raven
Bagpipe Bus
Balance Beam and Gymnastics Lisa
Banana Dictatorship
Bandit Fort
Bare Chested Willie
Barney and Bowlarama
Bart Balloon
Bartman Cave
Bartman Cave
Basketball Game
Battle Dome
Battling Seizure Robot
Beach Hideaway
Beach House
Bear Cave
Beer N Brawl and Lurleen
Beersein Wiggum
Belle and Maison Derriere
Best Snowman Ever
BGM and the Jazz Hole
Big Bug House
Big Butt Skinner Balloon
Big Claw
Big Digi Ben
Black Leather Plane
Blackbeard and Ghost Pirate Airship
Blarney Castle
Blasting Bass
Blocko Store
Blue Haired Lawyer
Blue Nerd
Blue Nerd Knight
Blue Nerd Rogue
Boardwalk Fountain
Bob Clones
Bob’s Victorian House
Bonestorm Santa
Boxing Ring
Brother Faith Van
Brutus Bandit
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Pay Less Motel
Bumblebee Mand
Burns Basketball Stadium
Burns Coffin
Burns Limo
Caesars Pow Wow Casino and Chief
Café Kafka
Caged Tom Turkey
Camera Hat Homer
Camping Tent
Candy Apple Island
Candy Kevin
Captain Bob
Carnival Float
Cartoon Motel
Cartoon Set
Cat Bus
Cavewoman Booberella
Cayman Island Banker
Cemetery Plot
Cesears Pow Wow Sign
Chateau Maison
Cheddarbarrel Combine
Chest of Sacred Artifacts
Chester and Unfinished Shed
Chez Guevara
Chimp Refuge
Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
Chinese Junk
Chinese Restaurant
Chinese Takeout Box
Chocolate Chapel
Chopper Ride
Chripy Boy and Bart Jr
Christmas Tree Ralph
Circle of Death
Classified Records
Claus Co
Clobber Girl
Coat of Foxes Krusty
Column Mansion
Cool Brown House and Cool Homer
Costingtons and Mr. Costington
Cozy Hammock
Crap Silo
Crate of Fireworks
Crazy Cat Lady and  House
Crazy Plane
Cremo Bot
Cristo of Springfield
Crouching Panda Hidden Eggroll
Curvaceous Cave and Cavewoman Booberella
Cybord Snake
Cypress Creek Elementary
Cypress Creek Home
Cypress Creek Sign
Dancing Reindeer
Dead Lobster
Death Mountain and Dr Colossus
Death to Homer Missile
Department of Magical Vehicles
Der Krazy Kraut and Becky
Deuces Caboose Chili Dogs
Devil Flanders
Devil Float
Dia-Betty and Motherloving Sugar Go
Disco Stu and Disco
DMV Limo
Dodgeball Court
Donut Boat
Donut Store
Donut Torture Device
Donut Truck
Doorbell Fiesta Van
Dr Lenny’s Lab
Dr. Nick
Dragon Bundle
Drive In Theater
Duff Barney Blimp
Duff Beer Car
Duff Blimp
Duff Center Arena
Duff Gardens
Duff McShark Tank
Duff Party Bus
Duff Party Liner
Duff Stadium
Duff Statue of Liberty
Duffman and Duff Brewery
Dunking Device
Easter Island God
Ebenezer Burns
Efcot Center
Egg Nog Bar
Egyptian Playground
Eisenhower 4×4 and Ike
Elder Blimp
Electric Car Bundle
Elf Home
Elf Hotel
Elf Toy Workshop Bell
Elixir Mixer
Elysium Project
Enriched Learning Center
EPA Hoverjet
ESBN Sports Desk
Eski Moes
Evil Shop Keeper Bundle
Exotic Petting Zoo
Eyeballs of Death
Eygyptian Tent
Fairy Kodos
Fake Toll Booth
Fancy Farms
Fantastical Beastarium
Father Sean
Femme Fatale
Ferris Wheel
Festive Light Plunger
Fever Cabin
Filthy Angles Orphanage
Fire Eater
Fireman Apu
Fireman Homer
Fireworks Barge
Fireworks Candy and Puppy Dogs
First Bank of Springfield
First Church of Lard Lad
First Class Lounge
Five Alarm Chili Stand
Five Corners
Flag Bundle
Flanders Frozen Car
Football Nelson
Football Target
Football Uprights
Forgotten Grave
Formless Terror
Fort Sensible
Fortress of Lonelitude
Fortune Megastore and Arthur
Francesca and Italian Villa
French Waiter
Frink and his Lab
Frinkosonic MHV
Frink’s Mechano Spider
Frink’s Robot Dog
Frinkthetic Egg Generator Mk1
Frinkthetic Egg Generator MkII
Frosty the Hitman
Fruit Bat Man
Funzo Bundle
Future Monument
Future Proofed Home
Futuristic Jet
Gabbo and Arthur
Garbage Truck
Ghost Zapper
Giant Burning Goat
Giant Ferris Wheel
Giant Grasshopper
Giant Lobster Scorpion
Giant Outdoor Fireplace
Giant Robot
Giant Screamapillar
Giant Snow Globe
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Mansion
Gino and It’s A Wonderful Knife
Giuseppe and his Workshop
Globex Compound
Gold Records on Walls Studio
Golden Calf Idol
Golf Course
Gone Fission
Gorgeous Grampa
Gorgeous Grampa Bundle
Great Wall Tower
Greta and Springfield Prep
Grub Shack
Guitar Central
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop and Maude
Half Pipe
Hammock District
Handsome Pete
Hanger 18
Hangman Cage
Hank and Volcano Lair
Hans Moleman
Havana Private Home
Health Spa
Heimlich Machine
Hellementary School
Helter Shelter
Herb Powell and Powell Motors
Hi Glow Waste Barrels
Himeji Castle
Holiday Tree
Holis and Springfield Historical Society
Home of Tomorrow
Homer Dog
Homerclese Statue
Homer’s Ballet
Hooch City
Hootenanny Barn
Hot Air Balloon
Hot Springs
Hot Squishee Station
Hot Tub
House on Scary Hill
Hover Copter
Howards Flowers
Hugs Bunny
I Choo Choo Choose You Train
Ice Cream Truck and Ice Cream Homer
Ice Palace
Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene
Imaginary Bear
Impossible Tower
Improvised Snare
Inanimate Carbon Rod Monument
Incubator Think Tank
Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons
IRS Drone
Itchy and Scratchy Billboard
Itchy and Scratchy Bots
Itchy Balloon
Itchy Mascot
Itchy’s 70s Disco
Itchy’s Mine Field
Jacques and Fiesta Terrace
Jasper and Springfield Community Center
Jay G Bundle
Jazzy Goodtimes
Jesse Grass
Jessica and Lovejoy House
Jesus and Heavenly Swingset
Jet Engine Bike
Jewish Heaven
Jimbo Lucius Sweet
Johnny Tightlips and Platos Casino
Julio and Hairy Shearers
Juvenile Correction Facililty
K9 Officer
Kamp Bart & Kamp Krusty
Kane Manor
Kearney’s Other Son
King Homer’s Skyscraper
King Snorky
King Winter and his Cave
Kingsize Homer Bundle
Knifey Spoonet and Crocky Waters
Krusty Fountain
Krusty Mansion
Krusty Station
Krustylu Studios
Krustys Kristmas on Ice
Krusty’s One Plate Maximum Buffet
Kwik-E-Mart Central Office
La Belle Frottage
Land Octopus Pen
Lard Lad Donuts
Laura Powers and Powers House
Le Krusty Burger
Left Handed Roadster
Life Sized Spruce Moose
Lincolns Cabin
Ling Bouvier
Lisa Lionheart
Lisa Statue
Little Helper Ralph
Little Lady Justic
Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant
Lobster Island
Lotto N Liquor and Mr. Largo
Luann and Cracker Factory
Luft Waffles
Lugash and Gym
Lumpy Bundle
Macaronis Shed
Madame Chaos and Mindy
Magic Palace
Manacek and Brick Townhomes
Manjula and Apu’s Apartment
Mansion of Solid Gold
Mapple Store
Mars Colony
Marvin Monroe Tombstone
Mary and Springfield Opry House
Maude Praiseland Statue
Mausoleum and Zombie
Mayan Bundle
Mexican Duffman and Lady Duff
Mexican Duffman Bundle
Milhouse’s Trailer
Milo and Coolsville
Mini Nuclear Warhead
Miss Springfield and Sleep Eazy Motel
Model Donut
Moe’s House
Mojo Helper Monkey
Money Poll
Monorail Café
Montgomery Burns State Prison
Mount Carlmore
Mozert and Concert Hall
Mr. Plow
Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Mr. Sparkley
Mt. Krustmore
Muscle Marge and Shapes Gym
Museum of Swordfish
Mutant Peacock
Mutant Rabbit
Mystical Self Defence
National Bank of Springfield
Nativity Scene
Natural Faberge Egg
Nickel n Dime Animation
Nighthawk Diner and Rex
Nightmare Pile
Ninja Homer Practice Snake
Nixon and Scandelgate Hotel
Norbert’s Plane
North Pole Station
Not a Laser Shark Pool
Number 111
Number 12
Number 14
Number 2
Number 21
Number 22
Number 29
Number 314
Number 5
Number 50
Number 51
Number 59
Number 67
Number 79
Number 85
Oktoberfest Gate
Old English Station
Old Faithless
Old Gray Mare
Old Mine
Old Simpson Farm
Old Tree Spirit
Old West Sign
Open Air Stage
Opera Krusty
Oscars Obstacles Truck
Outlands Factory
Outlands Sign and Mountain Man
Pagon Bonfire
Park Engineer
Patches and Poor Violet
Peacock Lounge
Peekimon Park
Pet Cemetery
Pet Mutant Plant
Pet Mutant Seedling
Pharaoh Skinner and Throne
Phineas Q Butterfats
Pie Man Epic Statue
Pies and Explosives Pile
Pies for Funs Booth
Piggly’s Super Smorg
Pigs of Paradise Pen
Pin Pals Bundle
Pinkbeardy Yogurt
Pinwheel Firework
Pirate Kang
Pirate Prison
Plane Bot
Planet Htype
Plastic Prison
Plastic Surgery Center
Plow King
Police Car
Police Tank
Polo Field House
Pompeii Ruins
Pont Du Gard
Pope and St. Pauls Basilica
Poppa Wheelies
Portal to Rigel 7
Powell Mansion
Prairie Maggie
Prehistoric Jungle
Preppers Compound
Presidential Estate
P-Rex and Tar Pits
Pride of Ulster Banner and Leprechaun
Princess K and Florence of Arabia
Pumpkin House
Puritan Flanders
Queen H and The Castle of Equalia
Quick and Fresh
Rabbi K and Temple Beth Springfield
Radiant BS Station
Radioactive Man Billboard
Radioactive Man Bundle
Radioactive Man Film Set
Radioactive Man Milhouse
Radish Station
Rancho Relaxo
Raouls Penthouse
Ray Gun
Ray Patterson
Reagan and the Reeducation Center
Recycle Fort
Red Nerd Knight
Red Nerd Rogue
Red Nerd Warrior
ReNeducation Center
Republican Party HQ
Retro Lard Lad
Rich Texan
Rigellian Queen
Rio Days Inn Ero
Robby the Automaton
Robot Ant Bundle
Rocket Car and Chester
Rocket to Your Doom
Roger Meyers Story
Rolling Rock
Rommelwood Barracks
Rose and Capital City Capitol Building
Rotating Religious Holo Statue
Royal Tokyo
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and Babysitter Bandit
Russ Cargill
Santa’s Anvil
Santa’s Little Helper
Santa’s Plane Sled
Santa’s Village
Santa’s Workshop
Sarah Wiggum and Springfield Aquarium
Satellite Station
Saxophone Lisa
Scary Dock
School Bus and Otto
Sconewall Smithers
Scratchy Mascot
Self Reliant House
Senor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta and Senor Ding Dong
Sepulchre of Evil
Sequel Shop
Serfsons House
Shaboom Kaboom Café
Shadow Knight and Throne
Shary Bobbins
She She Lounge
Sherri and Terri
Shinning Hotel and Maze
Shiva Statue
Shooting Car
Sidekick Milhouse
Simpson Houseboat
Simpson Laser Tag
Ski Chalet
Skulls Island
SLH Topiary
Slide Factory
Smooches on the Beach
Snake with Rudolph
Sneeds Feed and Seed
Snow Monster
Snowman Bundle
Snub Club
Snugglers Cove
Sophie Krustofski
Soul Extraction Institute
Southern Cracker Fountain
Space Barney
Space Coyate and Pro Shop
Space Shuttle
Spellementary Library
Spellementary Mess Hall
Spider Willie
Spotlight Dancing Bot
Sprawl Mart
Springfield Animal Shelter
Springfield Aslyum
Springfield Bowl
Springfield Cemetery
Springfield Clamphitheater
Springfield Falls
Springfield Famers Markey
Springfield Glenne Condos
Springfield Gorge
Springfield Greenhouse
Springfield Heighs Opera House
Springfield Hunting Supplies and Connor Grant
Springfield Hyperstadium
Springfield Museum
Springfield Museum of Natural History
Springfield Observatory
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign
Springfield Pet Shop and Jub Jub
Springfield Shopper
Springfield Sign
Springfield Skating Rink
Springfield Welcomes Bob Sign
Springfield YMCA and Coach K
Spruce Caboose
Sqanky Fish
Squeaky Voice Teen
Squirrel Luann
Stack of Beer
Stacy and Malibu Stacy HQ
Stacy’s Dream House
Stampy Ballon
Star Spawn
Statue of Burns
STEM Conference Hotel
Stiletto Scuplture
Stone of Triumph
Stonecutter Lodge and Number 1
Stonecutter Table
Stonecutter Tunnel
Stoners Pot Palace
Street Cleaner
Strongman Homer
Stunt Bike
Sugarloaf Mountain
Sumatran Century Flower
Sungazer Tour Bus
Super Collider
Super Sexy Flanders and Ski Lift
Taste of Duff Truck
Tatum and Springfield Coliseum
T-Ball Stand
Teddy and Springfield National Park
Teleporters (4)
Tennis Court
Tennis Machine
TGI McScratchys
The Collider
The Egg Council Guy
The Fracker
The Grand Pumpkin
The Gridiron
The Grumple
The Homer
The League of Extra Horny Gentleman
The Mayflower
The Nag and Weasel and Guy Incognito
The Paralyzer
The Peek Inn
The Scout Master
The Stable at the Inn
The Wiccans
The Yes Guy
THOH 2018 Witch
Three Eyed Whale
Time Travel Toaster Tappables
Tire Fire
Tourist Bundle
Tower of Babel
Town Square
Training Plane
Treasure Chest
Try N Save
Tunnel of Love
Turkey Stuffing Machine
Turn Your Head and Coif
Tuxedo Krusty
Twirl n Hurl
Ultrahouse 2
Unoriginal Log Ride
Up Up and Buffet
UPA Talent Agency
Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center and Hippie
US Capitol Building
USS Tom Clancy
Uter and the Hungry Hun
Valentines Pond
Vehicle Pileup
Vesuvius Pizza
Vicious Monkeys
Victorian UFO
Victors Secret
Wailing Wall
Walking Kwik-E-Mart
Washington and Cherry Tree
Water Show Fountain
Waterslide Tree
Waverly Hills Elementary School
Welcome to Springfield Sign
Westminster Abbey
Whack A Mole
White Witch Burns
Wholesome Publishing
WII Tank
Wild West Film Set
Wildlife Sanctuary
Willie’s Tractor
Wilted Rose
Witch Marge and Cauldron
Wizard Martin
Wonder Films
Wooly Bully
Wooly Mamoth Pen
Work From Home Station
World Wide Broadcast Dish
Worm Train
X Ray Truck
Yardwork Simulator
Ye Olde Off Ramp Inn
Yellow Submersible
Zip Zap and Za
Zombie Sandwich

By my count, there are 737 items available in the box.  Holy crap that’s a lot of stuff!

And that’s it my friends.  All of the content available with the Classless Reunion Mini-Event!

Thoughts on the mini-event?  Prizes? Mystery Box?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!


188 responses to “In-Game Update: Classless Reunion Mini-Event is Live (updated and complete)

  1. Hi Alissa I own Mayan Marge, Mayan God, I’m missing Mayan Homer. Do you know if I’m able to get him even though he’s in a bundle? Thanks


  2. I got the photo booth/Young Artie/Young Barney combo since I already have Young Marge. But the price was 200 Donuts, not 150 Donuts.

    The Yearbook Mystery Box may the best thing this game has offered this year, alongside the Golden Goose Realty building from one of the earlier mini-events. Still would be better if we could choose EXACTLY what we want, but this is the next best thing. I got the following from the Yearbook Mystery Box:
    Little Lisa Recycling Plant (wanted this building but the price is too steep though I don’t do the Recycling as much since I KEM-farm now)
    Ike Eisenhower
    Leopold (always wanted him)
    Giant Robot (meh, but does come with XP bonus)
    Blasting Bass (meh, but does come with XP bonus)
    Big Digi-Ben (meh)
    Mansion of Solid Gold

    My bonus EX increased to 635:10% so far. I have about 740 Donuts left, but I’ll try again later in the week. Good thing I KEM-farm.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What are best values in the box? Assuming everything is in there, what are the items with the best return investments?



    (Sorry I couldn’t help myself 😉)


  5. Many thanks EA! After the rollback glitch, I lost Dave Shutton and Mexican Duffman. Got Dave Shutton back with the Mystery Box, but even though the list above has Mexican Duffman on it, it didn’t show up in the Mystery Box.

    Guess I’ll have to keep opening the box…it shows only one item left, and the refresh button is gone, saying there’s no items left. Hmmmm…


  6. I have a glitch on my game that about half of my characters needed for this event are stuck on a task at krustyburger. Each time I enter the game I can clear the tasks, the characters walk away for about 5 seconds and they go back in the building and “disappear”. The game thinks they are in the building, but nothing says they are and there’s no way to put them on another task. Then if I go back in the game a minute later, it shows all the tasks completed. I can clear them all again and they disappear again, and over and over.. Does anyone know how to fix this?


    • Others have ran into this as well – try to store ALL of the Krustyburgers in your town, and then cleanly exit out.

      Re-launch the game, deploy 1x Krustyburger, and try to let them complete the task again.


    • I am having the exact same glitch, only at Kwik-E-Mart. On an iPhone 7. I tried deleting the game and reinstalling it, but that didn’t help.


    • I had that once. I stored one of the people involved and then placed him again. After that it worked normally.


      • Edit to my fist note. I should have said I stored the building for one of the involved chars. That forced him to abort the broken job. Once placed again the broken job worked normally for everyone involved.


    • I had this glitch once……AND LOVED IT!!!!!! If you go like to visit a neighbor and come back to your town, you can clear your people’s task again, with full $ and XP. So every 25 seconds I could clear their 4 hr tasks…..over and over and over again.

      When it happened to me, I had 90% of my town stuck in this. So like in two days I raked in enough cash to buy the rest of of cash available land and since I had the XP multiplyier on I earned around 3,500 donuts.


  7. Just to note, my Barnie & Artie bundle for the Photo Booth is 200 Donuts


  8. I’m not the only one who kept hitting refresh until I got 5 characters to choice from;) let’s just say I’m 1/1 on my character selections


  9. I’m so overwhelmed right now!! just spent 4500 sprinkles and got EVERYTHING I WANTED!!!! 😀 Now I need some lag time to nuke and re-design my SF.. All these years hoarding donuts paid off.. Now I guess I’ll try donut farming in case this ever happens again!


  10. Does anyone know if the young characters in the bundle earn premium, or event currency?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi. Can someone remind me how to bring down the alien with the Ray Gun. I keep shooting it but he’s still in the air? Ages since I had it in my A game. Thx.


  12. On my first try I got the Yellow Submersible!!!


  13. OMG. On my first try I got the Yellow Submersible!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Well, my 1500 donuts gone. But well worth 25 new characters and plenty of other (% giving) stuff.

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I just spent 750 donuts on that crazy mystery box. Got tons of stuff plus extras. BIG BUTT SKINNER! Mainly aiming for character/building combos and must haves. No buyers remorse here. And to think hoarding donuts was a bad thing. Woo hoo!

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Máiréad Elizabeth Harvey

    I have 2 accounts and on my main account I bought 2 mystery boxes, I got a left handed car and the Crazy cat lady. On my other account I bought one box and got the crazy cat lady, I am like a kid at Christmas I have wanted the crazy cat lady for ages. Every time I saved enough donuts I ended up spending them on something else.


  17. david cantrell

    Holy processed meat Bat Burns, 67 tasks in bar, when the day started I had zero. Still. not. done. going through the dialog. O my, I think I might have bought all the characters now. WIll have to print off the list and check it off. Also started day with 6k+ sprinkles and now down to 28 hundred.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Got Kamp Krusty for 30. How cool is that. Great tips as always.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Had to buy 5 items just to get the zombie sandwich but it was worth it 😁, still winning lol

    Liked by 2 people

  20. Forgot to say thank you, Alissa, for typing out alllll those prizes!

    Liked by 2 people

  21. If this don’t make it feel like the end of TSTO, I don’t know what will. :-/


  22. I learned 1 more thing about the Mystery Box… when you spend 30 donuts, get your prize, 4 are left.. you can try again there, now its 1 of 4… IF you go out of the Mystery Box and back in, your order of items changes. I remember this because Mr. Plow and American Apu were on my same “5 item” page.. I got something different from a lineup of 5 and when I went back in , Mr. Plow and American Homer were in *different* sets of 5. SO if I wanted those 2 items, should’ve gone in ONCE when the 2 items were on the same page. Bottom line: Be choosy and not too quick to back out!

    Liked by 2 people

  23. I have the 300 donut bundle available so does that mean I get the building and decorations (Roller Rink, Ice Fishing Lake and Marge Sculpture Garden) that the young characters originally came with as well as the characters?


  24. I’m EAting crow for my last comment on Patric’s Friday filler voicing my frustration with the game; I’M STILL FRUSTRATED mind you, but this mystery box does indeed go a looooong way in EAsing that frustration. Good on ya EA. YEAH. I SAID IT. (Still need the zoom issue fixed, pretty, pretty plEAse?).

    TSTO and I have yet to totally kiss and make up, but we are again on sepeking terms. = )


  25. If you’re like me and wondering who all these nerds in the mystery box are:


  26. This is going to be fun … hopefully I don’t get too many items that can be purchased multiple times from the box


  27. Well over 2 thousand donuts spent, and it’s odd that I feel “retail fatigue” for game played on the phone….

    Very happy to pick up some characters I missed out on during the rollback glitch. Especially happy to get the Witch (not Suzanne) which was a cash-only purchase item when initially introduced.

    Excellent idea by EA to give players a chance to pick up passed missed-items. At worst, nobody pays more than 150 donut for premium items which could have been more than that when initially introduced.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. For those trying to avoid buying an item, my last 11 boxes were singles.


  29. One of the prizes is the boatload of 2400 donuts, do you know if I will only get the boat? Cause I could really use 2400 donuts.


  30. Wow — this is fun! I’ve already made 12 purchases and only two of them were disappointing. I’ve picked up six characters and finally have BOTH whales!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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