Friday Filler – Don’t Try to Force Your Libido On Me!

Thank Grog It’s Firday!
So yes, I do get cranky on occasion when the game goes off of the rails. But, I really have to say that this week, with two very targeted offers coming from our good friends at TSTO/EA, I have to say, “ENOUGH! Stop Trying to Pull Me Into Your Weird Sexualization Schemes!”

Oh…so you think I am over-reacting with the “Gill Deal” and the “Libido Deal” coming within days of one another? You think that I WANT my libido rolling around with a character that makes “Booberella” look pre-pubescent? THINK AGAIN!!

So…if I have to make a choice between “Libido” and someone clearly here to mess with my Libido, I’m going to go with…

Oh… come on…you really have to ask?  You think I have to even think about paying CASH money for a weird cartoon character, or using free farmed donuts to get a real, live (mostly), character in the flesh (and oh…that flesh!)? 

It’s Titania. Pure plain and simple…and there is nothing plain or simple about Titania. 

Oh…go ahead…try and shame me! But, come on!  My Libido looks like Lisa??? 
And the WIKI description does nothing to make the concept any less creepy. 

Libido is a limited-time premium character that was released on February 3, 2021, as part of the Love and War 2021 Event. She is unlocked upon the purchase of a Tray of 132 Donuts during the event.

Libido is a girl in Lisa’s mind, along with Jealousy, Honesty and Conscience. She is a concept depicted in Lisa Simpson’s mind, and is shown to be locked up in a cage.

Uhm…hello????  Seriously??? With all of the news lately about child trafficking, and the whole Epstein thing…and QAnon folks thinking that half the population drinks children’s blood…THIS IS OK????  TONE DEAF MUCH???

Which is more creepy? A sexualized child locked up in a cage, or a sexy adult, trying to break out of her cage (of being judged by others for her body alone)???

I think you know the answer to that question. 

Add to this, (I’m repeating the obvious), one costs REAL money ($10 that is better spent on food, shelter, and gasoline for my RV), and the other, farmed donuts, which cost me nothing but a little tapping.  Again…easy choice. 

But, let’s explore the differences in TASKS…

For Libido

Rock and Roll – 60Min Task- Visual on one of the Stages
Get Imprisoned – 4 hours (Brown house? Creeeeepy!)
Read a Romance Novel – 8 Hours- Visual Task
Chase Boys – 12 Hours- Springfield Elementary or Brown House (Sheesh! Stalker much??)
Stay Up Late-24-Hours– Simpson House or Brown House (Late? How about an Overnighter with diet pills to keep you awake?  Creepy!)

For Titania
Pretend to Flirt – 60 Minutes- Inside Knockers
Try to Win at Blackjack – 4 hours – Indoors at any of the casinos
Drink and Babysit – 4 hours – inside…and yes…a bit irresponsible.
Attend Coffee Meetup– 4 hours- Inside at Restaurant (coffee first…book club after?)
Practice Drunk Tossing– 4 hours- Hilarious, and great animation (see below)
Try to Get Smart – 8 Hours (she isn’t reading a romance novel!)
Point to Her Eyes – 12 hours- (Inside Knockers…and futile)
By Roller Skates – 24 Hours – Inside…and clearly not one I will ever use. 

Titania is clearly workin’ it the right way for drunken louts…and getting graded by the creators of “Libido.”  Straight Outa Hell!

It’s not like the creators/writers/programmers of TSTO don’t know what really gets my Libido going.  And when I did a quick search of hotties in my Springfield, I was reminded of the Sesame Street song,  “One of these things is not like the other…” 

Once again…which of these gorgeous (and amazingly, deceptively intelligent) females does NOT belong in my fantasy?  

Hmm…maybe the kid in chains? UGH!

I am a simple man.  I have had a long, and consistent relationship with my libido. We are still close. But, I also know when something is weirdly out of place, and this character will never walk among the other citizens of my Springfield.  And…it’s from on of least favorite episodes, “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife,” which is also the basis for this very “Un-Romantic” Valentine’s Event. 

So…sorry…Libido loses once again. Not going there. 

Most people will admit (probably not Andrew…remember Andrew?) that the primary difference between men and women, is that their libidos reside in very different places.  Men…mostly parts.  Women…mostly in their minds. 

Don’t get me wrong…there is empirical evidence that women can get jacked up on watching men’s parts (Thunder Down Under has been popular for a very long time).  But, for the most part, it takes a lot of greased beef-cake to do the job, and even then, it is likely in the viewer’s imagination, rather than the parts.

But, I don’t know this for sure. Because I am not a woman. (Surprise!). And I only know what gets my Libido going, and it’s not young girls, in chains. I do have five daughters, three sisters and a wife. I know that a chained up Bart, wouldn’t do it for them either. So there’s that. Case closed. Keeping my $10.
Bye-Bye Libido!

There isn’t much more to say about this…so I’ll just sign off early, and get back to watching Titania toss drunks. 

25 responses to “Friday Filler – Don’t Try to Force Your Libido On Me!

  1. Veganella Luxellence

    Sorry, did you take your post down Patric, because I can’t see it, but comments refering to it? :O

    As for this character, I don’t see it as Lisa. Just some sort of Pink Funny Monster from the Treehouse of Horror. Like a Cupid-kind of character from a Halloween episode. That’s what it is, right? Right? Or do I need bleach for my eyes like Homer did when seeing Patty shave her legs? 😮

    P.S. The only thing that made me nauseaus in this Event was the Knockers :/ so depressing and sad. I like the 2 strippr clubs I have in my Spongefield (Florence of Arabia and Nelson’s mum) and I like the Femme Fatale prancing around. Something about grown women choosing their own career and making good money on something that adults agree, and Nelson’s mum is just too hilarious. But Knockers are so weirdly pathetic, like… horny men too stingy to pay for an actual strip club, pretending they go there for the food, and staring “by accident” at the women who are an accessory to the crappy food. Like the women are reduced to be literal pieces of food themselves… BLEURGH

  2. Getting caught up on another enjoyable perspective on some funky🥸creepiness😈

    …guess it’s overall oddly fitting into current events combined with yet another odd spin on all things in enjoyably demented animation😏

    …which on that note, certainly looking fwd to Southpark’s ‘Vaccination⚠️Special’🌈😬

  3. Maybe next time you should feature the intelligent, successful, professional women of Springfield – Lindsey Naegle, Cookie Kwan, Judge Harm, etc. They’re every bit as impressive as the “hotties” (your word) you note here.

  4. Agreed about the character Libido, but identifying cartoon women as “hotties”…that’s really messed up.

    • LOL…I think the Simpsons did that…if you check the dialogue. While it’s always fun when pinheads do their best to turn me into some sort of horrible, creepy guy, I assure you, I can do that on my own!

      Have you actually WATCHED the Simpsons, or virtually any other cartoon made after 1990? I think calling characters, that are clearly already sexualized by a term that fairly innocuous, is pretty safe. But, gosh Otto…I know that Booberella and Titania appreciate you defending their good names!

  5. Totally agree about the Libido character…SUPER creepy/disturbing and wrong in just about every way imaginable. (I also don’t think a prepubescent child even has a real libido…they may have a crush on someone, and even “play doctor,” but I don’t think arousal really comes into play with any of that.) Wouldn’t take this one even if it were free!

  6. Libido character is wrong Lisa is only 8

  7. Titania reminded me when The Simpsons used to offer up Funny Characters from it’s early years (Knockers reminds me of those tacky establishments the Mrs and I steer clear from but laugh at – Hooters, Twin Peaks, Lil’ Darling’s!) 😆

    Libido – not interested in purchasing 🍩’s for a Character (or a Character Skin) that kind of looks exactly how Patric called it (but that’s not the only thing I felt EA was tone deaf about in this Multi-Act Event).

    Captain Mordecai has been amusing, because he is such a buffoon (he wins for best Visual Tasks and Character Dialogue). Unless there’s something rewarding in Act 4, I’m done with this Event (not a fan of Artie Ziff, nor anything related to Artie Ziff).

  8. Yeah, that’s kinda creepy. And only offering that one of the head creatures makes it even more so. If I was still able to play I would not have gotten that one either. Titania yes, she’s funny. I was disappointed to read she doesn’t speak, a problem that seems to affect female characters way more than male. Still make reference to mountain goat in relation to beer ads on tv to this day.

  9. Everyone knows Herman’s Head starred Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith right?

  10. Amen! Too nasty for words!

  11. Oh, imo, I’d also add Charcoal Briquette to the ladies pictured above.
    She is literally HOT.

  12. Was this character… thing… whatever supposed to be a spoof of Herman’s Head? For those who may not know or remember, Herman’s Head was a 80’s Fox sitcom that dealt with the various personified psyches or emotions of a guy named Herman. Yes, it predates the Pixar movie by decades.
    But even with that cartoon, the characters did not look like monstrous versions of the person they were emotions of. I’m both confused and creeped out.

    • It could be…The Simpson’s aren’t above purloining other characters…

    • M

      Both TV Programmes were on FOX (I believe Herman’s Head was on during The Tracey Ullman Show, it didn’t last as long as my all time favourite – Married With Children – and yes there are times Homer Simpson reminds me of Al Bundy!) 😆

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