Springfield Choppers Update is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way

Time for biker bars, biker brawls, and biker…shorts?!  🤔

The latest mini-event in our pocket-sized towns, Springfield Choppers, is now live!  Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest update from the app store to see it.  This update will turn the splash screen back to normal Homer running…so if you still see the Love and War splash screen, you haven’t updated.

You’ll need Bart free to kick things off (as well as Meathook and Ramrod, if you have them) for the traditional series of 6s tasks.  This is followed by 4hr task for Bart, Nelson, Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney and currency earning tasks for Homer, Marge, Lisa, Wiggum, Grampa, Meathook, Ramrod, and the new premium character.  Also, Bart and Nelson will have a currency earning tasks…

Details below the fold…

Here’s the quick rundown of Springfield Chopper details:

First thing first…this event, and everything with it leaves games in two weeks…March 31st.  It’s your standard mini-event, leaving just in time for April…

So you’ll have to finish the prize track questline and purchase any premium items BEFORE March 31st. Don’t let the timer run out on you!

Onto the mini-event itself…

So the same basic concept for mini-events, in general, applies to this one.  Follow a questline, do the tasks, and unlock the prizes associated with it.

The premise of the event starts when you log into Springfield, with There Goes My Hereos…

Bart: The bucket is in position. When Skinner opens that door, he’ll be covered in shrimp.
Milhouse: Abort! Abort! The bullies are in his office and they’re walking out first!
Jimbo: *bucket drops* What the SHRIMPPP?!
Kearney: I’m allergic!
Nelson: Craw-Craw! Your bald head is swelling up!
Skinner: Crevette in a net…this prank has Bart Simpson’s name all over it.
Jimbo: There he is on his skateboard!
Dolph: Quick! Steal those nerds’ bikes!
Database: Our bicycles!
Bart: Oh man, I can’t out-skate bullies on bikes!
Kearney: You’re going to pay for this, Simpson!
Bart: I’ll just duck into this sketchy dive bar and hide. *enters* AHHH! REAL BIKERS!
Meathook: Well, lookie here. Seems like we got some fresh meat, fellas.
Ramrod: What do you think, Meathook? Should we show this kid our idea of “hospitality”?
Bart: Why did you air-quote hospitality? Are you gonna kill me and send my body to the hospital?!
Spiro: Kill you? No, no! We don’t kill people anymore. We’re the Spiro’s Heroes. I’m Spiro. This here is Meathook, that’s Ramrod, and back at the pool table there is Porkchop.
Homer: Mmmmm…porkchops…
Bart: Homer? What are you doing here?
Homer: Moe’s got shut down again. Something to do with not having a liquor license for thirty years. Anyway, don’t mind me — carry on.
Spiro: Look kid, we need young recruits like you, so do you want to join our gang or what?
Bart: *gasp* You’d let me join your badass biker gang?
Ramrod: You still gotta go through the initiation, but we’ll let you skip the written test.
Homer: Unfair! You made me take the written test!
Meathook: And you got a 0 out of 100…and it was multiple choice…
Homer: *annoyed grunt*

This dialogue is followed by a 6s task for Bart, Meathook, and Ramrod (assuming you have Meathook and Ramrod…they’re from a 2018 mini-event) and after that you’ll roll right into the main questline….

The questline to follow for the free prizes is…Springfield Turf Wars.

Prizes are as follows…

Stolen Bicycle Graveyard


Ball of Death

Homer’s Motorcycle


Always nice to see a prize track full of new prizes (and a new character!)…and not returning items. 

Characters who earn currency…

Wolfguy Jack (New Premium)
Wilbur Nurple (Cash/Donut Character)

The turbo tappin’ post, which I’ll have up later, will show how you unlock each of these prizes.  But the basic gist is…follow the questline, unlock the prizes.  You guys should be pros at it by now! 🙂

The store is then full of new/returning items specifically for this event.

New stuff


Greaser’s Cafe and Wolfguy Jack– 150 Donuts

Returning Stuff

I’m not going to do a new SIB post for returning content.  As I’ve been doing lately, I’ve linked their previous posts here either under Details (if it was a free prize originally) or Should I Buy (if it was premium originally).  I’ve also marked which items are available in the Yearbook Mystery Box, as always, with a *.  

Loads of returning content with this one.  Lots of stuff back from Bart Royale (blah) and Homer vs. the 18th Amendment, and some other events…

Crowd of Bullies- 10 donuts Details

Unruly Crowd- 10 Donuts Details

Motorcycle w/ Sidecar- 40 Donuts Details

Grub Shack- 40 Donuts Should I Buy

Bagpipe Bus*- 45 Donuts Should I Buy

Outlands Gate- 50 Donuts Details

Outlands Water Tower- 50 Donuts Details

Ruffian Bundle (NPCs)- 50 Donuts

Hooch City*- 50 Donuts Should I Buy

Outlands Factory*- 55 Donuts Should I Buy

Stoner’s Pot Palace*- 60 Donuts Should I Buy

Bully Bus- 60 Donuts Details

Junk Fort no Outlands Gate- 65 Donuts (Straight Trench [x15], Ruffian Barrier [x10], Junk Barrier [x11], Small Rubble Pile [x6],
Junk Lookout [x2], Ruffian Tower [x2], End Trench [x2] and Corner Trench [x2]) 

Truck Shack- 70 Donuts

Junk Fort w/Outlands Gate- 75 Donuts (Straight Trench [x15], Ruffian Barrier [x10], Junk Barrier [x11], Small Rubble Pile [x6],
Junk Lookout [x2], Ruffian Tower [x2], End Trench [x2], Corner Trench [x2] and Outlands Gate)

Joe’s Tavern (Stand alone) 75 Donuts Details

Moe’s Cavern w/ Caveman Moe- 80 Donuts Details

Truck Stop Diner- 85 Donuts Details

Bully Boss- 85 Donuts Details

Cregg Demon- 85 Donuts Details

Barra- 95 Donuts

Scrap City- 100 Donuts Details

Junk Base- 100 Donuts Details

Ruffian Fort– 100 Donuts Details

Slaghold*- 100 Donuts Should I Buy

Coconut Babaloo- 115 Donuts Details

Madame Chao’s w/ Mindy*- 125 Donuts

Fallen Diva Apartments w/Rita LeFleur- 130 Donuts Details on Rita Details on Fallen Diva

Outlands Simpsons House w/Outlands Maggie – 135 Donuts Details

Refrigeratorium w/Ice Bishop of Beverly Hills*– 145 Donuts Should I Buy

Outland Sign w/Mountain Man*- 145 Donuts Should I Buy

Juvenile Correction Facility w/Jeremy Jailbird*- 150 Donuts Should I Buy

Peta and Pita- 150 Donuts  Should I Buy

Ramrod and Poppa Wheelies*- 150 Donuts Should I Buy

Circle of Death and Meathook*- 165 Donuts. Should I Buy

Shelbyville Bundle (only shows if you’re missing ALL the items)- 165 Donuts.  Includes Speed-E-Mart, Joe’s, and Shelbyville Elementary Details

CBGB w/Neward Sr & Capri Flanders- 175 Donuts Should I Buy

*denotes available in the Yearbook Mystery Box

There’s also a cash character available in the store as well (similar to what they did during New Year, New You with Muscular Milhouse)…

 Wilbur Nurple- $9.99 USD.  Comes with the FULL character and a Tray of 132 donuts.  WILL EARN EVENT CURRENCY.  The first time I recall them doing this with a cash character…

And that’s it my friends, the details on the second mini-event of 2021…Springfield Choppers!

Thoughts on the Springfield Choppers event?  Premium characters?  Prizes? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

38 responses to “Springfield Choppers Update is Live! (The Rundown and What You Need to Know)

  1. Just discovered there was a Triple Historic event in 2017 with Prehistory, Ancient Egypt AND pirates all at once… and I nearly teared up. Why can’t we be this blessed in these pandemic times?

    MIght unlock this unfortunate event just to get Cave Moe and his Cavern. And Joe’s. This way I will be having 5 different Moe’s taverns next to eachother *plus 2 skins on regular Moe’s.

    • Veganella

      That was truly the weirdest 3 Acts Multi Event that EA offered up in this Mobile Game App. It’s not the only one but most of the Content was cool (plenty of it has been in the Regular Mystery Box):

      Ancient Egypt

      This was eclipsed by a 4 Act Multi Event that involved Interpol and Art Thieves in:
      Venice (Italy)

      We also had a Western Themed Event that was fun, too. I guess Alissa is right, Tappers need to stop comparing how cool prior Events were vs what we got in the last 2 years ….. or we will never be happy. 🤔

      • It really was a weird one 😐

        • Ghoul,

          The last 2 years have definitely been Hit or Miss with the Events (I prefer the Mini Event vs the Multi-Act Event, but I definitely miss those Events that were not split up into Acts and allowed Tappers the choice to Craft – or not Craft – and Bonus Prizes – whether by Community, or like Stonecutters where we had daily Character Tasks separate from grinding for Event Currency).


  2. Thank you very much Alyssa for this detailed breakdown! This saves me a lot of time and energy. I will just sit this one out without activating it.

    Very very ANGERY and miffed at EA for cheating us out of some nice GREEN spring event! Most of us are all cooped up and getting cabin fever from endless lockdowns, work from home, curfews, travel restrictions… so we could really use a nice traditional holiday in the game. Like in the good old Before Times. Either St Paddy or a nature-spring-Easter event, or a Women’s Day event or all of the above…

    I haven’t been this disappointed since I started playing 2 years ago.. even the summer e-games and babies nonsense had some colorful prizes, a fun character with fun visual tasks here and there and bits of effort thrown in. And that baseball minievent gave the pretty baseball stadion as first prize!

    • Veganella

      I’m 💯 disappointed that EA did not try to offer up a St. Patrick’s / Easter – Passover (💜 your idea regarding an International Women’s Day) …. but I will say this Mini Event is fun fun fun (90% of the new Content is great and we are guaranteed not to have a loooong and boooooring Multi-Act). At least I am making room for things after 9.3 years of Tapping! 😀👍🏻

  3. Just an FYI – Ramrod & Poppa Wheelies and Circle of Death & Meathook should have stars beside them. I received both from the Yearbook in February

  4. Ok, finally got to Tapping thru this Mini Event (writing is solid! 💚 the dialogue! 👍🏻)

    Stolen Bicycle Graveyard (it’s kinda big, so into Storage it goes – unless there is a Character Task that comes with it? Storage is where it stays!)

    Spiro’s – alright! 😀👍🏻
    💚 this Building! Hey Spiro may not be Irish 🇮🇪 , but I ♥️ Greek 🇬🇷 food!)

    I can’t say that there’s anything brought back as prior Content that interests me (but it may interest some Tappers and that’s what matters!) I do find it odd that plenty of this Content used to be in the Regular Mystery Box (EA has changed the Game App so that you need to have plenty of sprinkles – or you will have to 💵 them!) 🤔

    I ♥️ Mini Events

  5. What a random event without even a semblance of a relevance or link to at Patrick’s day, Easter, spring, anything really.
    Prize tracks seems cool, greasers cafe is awesome instant buy for me. Seems like a fun event albeit too long.
    Returning content is a mixed bag, again, VERY random
    I don’t know what to think?

  6. sw108793 I do, have had it there for years! But I have had Sideshow Bob for years! Had to get EA to put him in because the quest line was stuck. They put in my Springfield but the task has never gone away!

  7. Always good to get a new event underway.

    Thanks for adding the Peta and Pita SIB Alissa.
    Still worth considering for a premium
    Little disappointed that we didn’t at least get a St Patrick’s day store. I wanted to complete my Leprechauns. Just missing the wishing well.
    ☹️ Maybe next year!

    • You get two characters for 150 donuts…so 75 each. It’s not a back pickup. Although I NEVER use them in my Springfield lol

    • Cadbo

      Yeah the Wishing Well with Leprechaun (oh well, maybe for another Event EA will take a hint – lol!)

      I will say the new Premium Character Combo is worth the sprinkles (Voiced Character, Building that has solid Tasks!)

      Anytime you can get two Characters for 150 🍩’s, that’s a deal! Characters do more foe you than NPC’s! ☺️👍🏻

  8. Has anyone else got a capture sideshow bob mission stuck in their task bar but unable to complete it because they already have him in there town?

    • I’ve seen this pop up with a few players….some said they just tapped SSB and it cleared it. Someone else said to try storing SSB and replacing him to see if that helps. Personally, I don’t have it so I can’t test those options out…

  9. I’m a little surprised at how all the returning content costs donuts and how they range from 10 donuts to 175 donuts. I get that the character and item combos usually cost around 150 donuts but I’m even more surprised that the Motorcycle with Sidecar costs 40 donuts because the last time it was available it cost in-game money. I’m guessing the donuts inflation is from KEM farming and all the other ways to get donuts. I’m just glad I got a lot of the returning stuff when they were originally prizes.

    • I think my prediction from a few years ago is coming true. Donuts have been so devalued…

    • Santos – agreed 💯! But we don’t have Tokens as Prizes / Tokens = 12 🍩’s (so EA got the hint – lol!)

      Alissa nailed it (sprinkles have no real value!) 🍩’s are so easy to obtain …. if you don’t have enough? then the 🍩’s deal with Character is worth spending real 💵 on.

      If you spend sprinkles on the new Premium Character Combo? That guarantees you 2 Characters + 2 Buildings (and that alone makes this a solid Mini Event 💚!)

  10. It’s nice to see Dolph Jimbo and Kearney involved in an event! I didn’t have Cregg Demon so that was a bonus for me that he showed up! Completed a collection for me! Happy Day Friends and Happy Tappin! Mmm green cupcakes with sprinkles!!! 🍀🍩🧁☘️🧁☘️🧁🍀🧁 I just made some St Patrick’s Day cupcakes!!

  11. I need bail money .
    Send some love .


    See ya bye . 👽

  12. Does anyone know if Coconut Babaloo comes with its facade? (Renovated Coconut Babloo)

  13. Greaser’s Cafe and Wolfguy Jack – worth the 150 Sprinkles for a Voiced Premium Character with a cool Building (I’m at least thanking EA for something 👍🏻, even though they deserve the 👎🏻 for bailing on St. Patrick’s!).

    I like the fact we got Characters running around Springfield vs tasking at a Building. Since I got the Bart Simpson Screen of Death? I’m taking that as to resume Tapping tomorrow? 🤷🏼‍♂️

  14. I know this is a silly game that means nothing, and the fact that I’ve been playing since year one, have 500+ characters a huge bonus % and make so many donuts through just logging in every 4 hrs that I haven’t had to farm donuts in a few years, so realistically I have no reason to complain. That being said, having a character that you need to earn event currency locked behind a pay wall is something I don’t agree with at all, the implications are anything goes, if I don’t spend actual money now can I complete the event in time? Maybe this event. But the next major month long event, will their be a cash only, needed character to buy every week just to complete the event on time w/o speeding up tasks? We’ll see I suppose, I just bought a switch and I’m waiting on Animal Crossing from Amazon to get here, might just be time to quit this silly little game considering I just turned 40 on the same day I read Patric is actually younger than me and I’m honestly still not sure what I think about being this old. Wow that’s a lot sorry Alissa, keep up the good work.

    • The character has absolutely ZERO bearings on completing the questline. Just like the premium character has no bearing on it. You can 100% complete the quests, unlock all of the prizes, and finish IN TIME using JUST the FREE characters available in the game. You don’t need Wolfguy or Wilbur.

      As has held true since day 1 of TSTO, you can 100% complete this game, events, unlock prizes, and do just about everything without spending a dime of real life cash on this time. The real-life cash options are there for those who want to spend the money for the item, and they get a little bonus of finishing just a little bit faster than those who don’t spend the money. But it is still completely achievable without spending any actual money.

      Wilbur is no different than a premium character was back before donut farming. Honestly, as I predicted a few years ago, we’re going to see more and more of this. Donut farming has devalued donuts, and EA has now come up with an alternative premium currency.

      (Also Patric is 66…or is it 67 lol)

    • Bryan

      I agree with half of your constructive criticism ….. and I guarantee you that Premium Characters aren’t necessary to complete this Mini Event (you will 💯 obtain everything, it just takes a little longer with more grinding).

      At age 56? I have so many 🍩’s and so little free time to Tap on the job …. it’s just worth it for me to spend the sprinkles and expedite once I get home (I 💚 Mini Events, and this one guarantees you a solid 2 Characters that both come with a Building – but even I’m ignoring the Character that comes with the 🍩’s deal!)

      It’s true I can be cranky at EA (ie not happy they are ignoring St. Patrick’s and I feel bad for the Noobs who are missing out on prior Content), but today – even with a Bart Screen – I am 💯 appreciating the new Content (well, most of it!).

      There truly isn’t any Content available for Simpsons 💵, you either have the 🍩’s (I got 4,000) or you need to spend 💵 to obtain them (the 🍩’s deal with Character is an offer I see new Tappers using). So, I get that as EA learned:

      _Tokens suck
      _You want it? then spend sprinkles
      _Give Tappers choices
      _12 🍩’s for free is a joke

      And with that? I wish you the best (please come back, at least here if you do not want to Tap anymore).

  15. The dialogue is 👍🏻. I was able to get CBGB w/Neward Sr & Capri Flanders, outlands Maggie, Rita lefleur, pita 🥙, caveman mode. I got the new premium, Greaser’s Cafe. For the prizes I really like ball of death. I am planning to place it on my swapmeet area.

    • Essence

      The dialogue is spot on funny!.😅

      I’m glad you got Ned Flanders Beatnik Parental Units (that’s some SNL Coneheads humour!) and the CBGB Building is one of my favourites! 😀👍🏻

      I’m ♥️’ing the new Premium Character Combo + Spiro’s Building (so far? this Mini Event is a winner 🏆!) It may not be prior Saint Patrick’s Content, but there is still plenty of prior Content to choose from (none of it’s really necessary to complete this Mini Event, but it’s great that Tappers get an opportunity and can decide for themselves what to spend Sprinkles on!) ☺️

  16. I have Pita and Peta and Circle of Death (w/ Meathook) in my list as well

    • 🤦‍♀️ I forgot to add Meathook and Ramrod because I said their names so much at the top lol I’ll add them to the post Thanks!

  17. Great write up as always!

    New prizes look great, always a sucker for anything Simpsons Movie related too!

    Very excited to grab some older stuff from Bart Royale to go with my outlands area and Scrap City + Bike graveyard for my recycling / dump area.

    No complaints for this event, happy with what they have brought back even if I’ll need to pick and choose what to buy but I should hopefully be able to get 7/8 big things.

    • It’s so funny how mini-events seem to knock it out of the park, while the bigger events only hit singles or doubles.

      • Very true!

        I was hoping this year for updates to the year book and Road to riches. Even if we missed one mini event in exchange for these. But with how much I’ve enjoyed the mini events recently I’m more than happy with more Mini’s over Majors.

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