App Store Update Available: Rise of the Robots

Note: The update should start at 11am ET.  

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier this afternoon an update hit app stores for the newest multi-event in Springfield!  This event does not start until tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7th, BUT you want to download the update today so you don’t miss a moment when it goes live.

Remember, if you don’t see it listed in your updates you may have to search your app store for Tapped Out to find the update.  Just make sure you update before it launches tomorrow morning.

And as I mentioned in this morning’s post…if you’re looking for Spoilers you can check them out here.  And for those who don’t want spoilers, just want to know who to keep free…Well, you’ll need Bart free to start things off.  You’ll also need the following characters free in your Springfield to complete event quests:  Homer, Marge, Lisa, Flanders, Skinner, Wiggum, and Frink (if you have him).  Now, I’m not 100% certain as I’m still going through everything, but based on the Act 1 synopsis I would also keep Mr. Burns and Smithers free.

And that’s it for now!  So be sure to check your app store, download the update, and be ready for Rise of the Robots to start tomorrow (April 7th)!

40 responses to “App Store Update Available: Rise of the Robots

  1. I bought the ladybot combo but only got the building. Anyone facing this user?

    • I had LadyBot appear as soon as I bought, even before the 6 second wait for the building was finished.
      Did you see one of those dialog trigger speech bubbles nearby ??
      Also still shows in store too, but won’t let me get another !!

  2. Woo hoo! The LadyBot character is available with this update.

  3. So it’s 15:00 UTC then.
    Wonder if the Early time is anything to do with the two tier EA play malarkey, if that ever affects our games.
    I’m sure an hour headstart would be worth about 3 cents a decade !!

  4. Awesome! What time does it start though?

    • There are 2 start times in the files…so we’re not sure which one. It’s either going to start at 10am ET or 11am ET.

      • I am not a fan of these 11am start times…I don’t know why they start it so late! (I know that that’s only 8 am where I’m guessing EA is, but still….even 10am was so much more convenient for me, and shouldn’t what’s convenient for Sandra over on the East Coast be the important thing? 😉)

        • What’s irritating is it’s not stable. They keep jumping around and have zero concept of daylight savings. It was 9am when we were in standard time. Then instead of just leaving the time alone when daylight time started, they pushed it back an hour. So instead of the start time going from 9am to 10am, it went from 9am to 11am. Like someone at EA was like “oh we have to adjust for spring forward”, not realizing they’re using UTC which doesn’t change.

    • Great handle!

  5. Unfortunately Bart is stuck in my inventory. Every time I go to my inventory my game freezes. EA hasn’t been helpful. Looks like I’m going to miss this event.

  6. Uninstalled to download the update. Update is loaded, but error message occurs when I sign in to EA.
    I’m not hoping anyone else is having this issue, but I want to be sure it is an EA issue and not me forgetting the right password

    So just a little “me too” response might put me at ease.

  7. I understand. Did you know this will be the final update to the game? Just curious if you knew…yet.

  8. Odd, the update hit the west coast in the morning, rather than the afternoon.
    Must be because we out here are so progressive.

  9. Never mind my last comment, the update just popped up!

  10. No update available on apple yet

  11. No update in the App Store yet, on iPad, time here is 10.00pm BST.

  12. P.S.

    Here we go again, .8 of the Load Screen is red (anyone else with a 6.8″ screen Android device – or an Android device with a Load Screen like this? just checking before I go heckle EA on Facebook and Twitter!) 😅

  13. Thank You Alissa!

    Downloaded from Google Play Store and ready for tomorrow (Weds)! 😀👍🏻

  14. Do you know when it goes live in the UK?

  15. What time do updates usually go active? 12:00am pst?

  16. Now I’ve got my Kindle and phone updated I ran both games and checked those pesky Gingerbread Simpsons.

    This update did not fix the problem.

    If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, please read . . .

    • 😢😢😢
      I decided to go though my neighbours list (after finally being able to visit them) and 😢😢😢😢I probably deleted over half my neighbours because they haven’t played in over a year!!!! There were two that I couldn’t delete Ebron62 and Tapebelt…..what happened to both of you!?!?
      Anyways….‘twas a sad task. Had some fond memories (as I was deleting) of reading comments my neighbours contributed while they were here. If any of you are still lurking on this site hope all is well with you…..specially MAB….I so miss your pictures and reading your comments.
      As for my remaining neighbours…it was great to see your Springfield. Happy Tappin!!

      • I’ve been a bit patient with previous neighbours, figuring they might not read any of the many sites where the fix was posted, but I added a few to my second town from add me’s on on here and one lasted two attempts before I deleted.
        Probably didn’t help I was not in a great mood that day !!
        Oddly I always find something to tap in one town where they’ve not played for over a year, and I’m not short on room so that stayed.
        Trust me to begin a second town just before the event that caused the trouble started, still need about 250 points for Stampy !!

      • Swissy00

        I did the same thing Monday (at least a dozen Neighboureenos who left the Game App 30 weeks to a Year ago), definitely in search of new ones (as I posted before , I had over 70 at one time) 🤔

      • Wow – those neighbors bring back memories! I probably still have both of them, too. But I’ve never heard of not being able to delete a neighbor….unless you mean you couldn’t bring yourself to delete them? I think I felt the same, last time I “cleaned house” (which I’m sure was at least a year ago, and probably even much longer than that).

        I’ve been, admittedly, a terrible neighbor for the past few years…I keep meaning to visit my neighbors, but rarely seem to get around to that (and it doesn’t help that the game, itself, offers no motivation for me to do so anymore). I do appreciate my neighbors who still visit me, though, although, since I almost always just see their taps near my landing zone, I don’t think they’re checking out my town much for new design elements, etc. But I can hardly fault them for that when I’m not doing any type of visiting myself!!

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