Rise of the Robots Act 1 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The Robots are coming, the Robots are coming! Get ready for a dystopian Springfield, as the robots try to take over!  Can they be stopped?  It’s up to you to save Springfield in the latest event to hit our pocket-sized towns…Rise of the Robots!  As always, loads of dialogue with this one, so be sure to read along to see what happens! And of course, I’ll be posting it as each week wraps up…

Once again we see another multi-event in Springfield.  So love them, or hate them, they’re still here.  So let’s all try to make the best of this…

Anywho….things kick off with a series of 6s tasks for Homer and Bart.  

After you’ve completed the initial task you’ll kick off the Rise of the Robots Event!

First, remember this was an app store update available for download.  So if you haven’t already done so, and you don’t see the Splash Screen above for your game, head to your app store and update TSTO.  You may have to search the store for Tapped Out, as it doesn’t always appear on the update list initially…

Second, if you’re looking for details on what’s to come (beyond this first Act), so you can prep donuts, etc..check out the Spoilers post here.

Third, ALL of the details, as we post them, for this event will be linked on the Rise of the Robots Event Page here.

Now on with the details for Act 1!

Here’s EA’s event synopsis:

Robot Rumble is all the rage in Springfield, and Bart gets the schoolyard nerds to help him build a real
fighting robot. After Bart’s bot humiliates Frink Jr.’s, Professor Frink lets competitiveness get the better
of him as he designs an even more advanced fighting robot. Frink’s upgraded bot soon conquers all of its
opponents and bends them to its robotic will. Bart enlists the aid of the mysterious pos-i-bots to take on
this robot army, but predictably the robots unite to dominate the organic citizens of Springfield.

Frink and Bart join forces and concoct one desperate final plan to save Springfield from the robot
uprising. Bart becomes a half-kid, half-machine warrior to infiltrate their numbers and orchestrate their downfall. Will Bart succeed, or will the robots see through his subterfuge and enslave the people of
Springfield once and for all?

We should all know by now unless of course, you’re new to TSTO that the prizes for this event follow the same questline format to unlock as our regular mini-events do.

Just like every large event recently, this is not your typical Major Event.  And there are pros and cons to that, and everyone will find their own pros and cons.  And some people’s pro will be someone else’s con.

As always, I just ask that you have an open mind, and reserve judgment until we’re into the event.  It’s 5 weeks long, it should be fairly easy to complete, you’ll unlock a bunch of new prizes and no crafting to grind through,  so let’s just have some good old-fashioned TSTO fun! And, as long as you don’t rush things, you won’t get bored because it’ll change each week!

Here’s the event schedule:

Act 1 Starts April 7th (WEDNESDAY)
Act 2 Starts April 16th (FRIDAY)

Act 3 Starts April 25th (SUNDAY)
Act 4 Starts May 4th (TUESDAY)

Event Ends May 12th, 2021 (WEDNESDAY)

As I stated above, the initial quests are 6s.   Once completed you’ll start the Robo-Mania questline, which is the Act 1 story to follow.  This is how you’ll unlock the Act 1 prizes.

Note: Some of you have mentioned you are having trouble getting the event to start.  You need to download the latest update and the requirements for this are: Level 15 and you MUST have BART unlocked.  It won’t trigger without those two.

Dance With Robots

Announcer 1: Robot Rumble is back and it’s going to be more troubling than ever!
Announcer 2: We’ve got new gears, increased battery life, and added pain circuits so robots will feel every drill bit and saw tooth.
Announcer 1: And we’re going to be auditioning fan-built bots here in Springfield next week!
Announcer 2: Get those circular saw blades from the garage and wake your dads up from their naps! You could be the next Robot Rumble Star!
Bart: Hey homer, how would you like to spend some time together where I pretend to appreciate and respect you?
Homer: Hmm, there’s a first time for everything. but I’m busy, so no.
Bart: BUT DAD!
Lisa: I thought it was very sweet the way you dressed up as Bart’s robot, Chief Knockahomer, and fought in the Robot Rumble for him before so he wouldn’t think you’re a failure as a father.
Homer: Yeah, but those other robots almost killed me! and that was before i would have to add a concussion circuit.
Lisa: Dad, you were already getting concussions when you fought before.
Bart: Yea, now the robots can get ’em too, so it’s finally a fair fight!
Homer: Oooh, I do like a fair fight…
Make Bart Try to Talk Homer Into Fighting Again- 6s
Make Homer Consider Fighting Again6s
Announcer 1: One last thing i should mention is that the robots are going to be way more stabby, too!
Announcer 2: they’re going to stab harder, faster, and deeper…and like it more!
Homer: You’re on your own, boy!
Bart: aw man! what am i gonna do now?
Lisa: Maybe there’s a way you can still bring Chief Knockahomer back to “life”…

And this triggers the entire story premise for each act…

(and yes, just like I did for the past multi-events, I’ll be posting full dialogue for this one before the next act starts)

Now let’s talk about what’s included…

Here’s the Act 1 Synopsis from EA:

Robot Rumble has started a new, more extreme season and is all the rage around town. Bart goes to the schoolyard nerds who already have a robotics club, but it’s lame and focused on nerdy stuff like getting robots to climb stairs. Bart convinces them to build him a fighting robot instead.

Mr. Burns is intrigued by the new trend and wants in on it. Smithers buys a bear robot that terrorizes
them after Homer accidentally messes with its controls.

After failing to impress the kids at school, Bart achieves a decisive victory over Frink Jr.’s robot at the Robot Rumble open competition, prompting  Professor Frink to vow he’ll do whatever it takes to prove the Frink family can build Springfield’s superior robot.


I’ll lay out specifically what you need to do for each part in the turbo tappin’ post, but I don’t want any of you to get messed up with this.  So don’t forget to SCROLL!

Currency Act 1:

Here are the prizes for Part 1:

The Prodigy Barn (Building)- Robo-Mania Pt. 1 AND 115
Chocobots (Decoration)- Robo-Mania Pt. 2 AND 155
Bear Robot (Pet)- Robo-Mania Pt. 3 AND 115
Robot Rumble Trophy (Decoration)- Robo-Mania Pt. 4 AND 155
Chief Knocka-Homer (Character)- Robo-Mania Pt. 5 AND 195

Questline, which I’ll post later, will show how each is unlocked. 

Characters who can complete tasks for Act 1:
Robot Rumble Announcers (New Premium)

Each Act will have a new premium character that will earn event currency.  From what I can see, based on the info from EA, characters will be used throughout the entire event.  So Act 1 will be used in Act 2, 3, and 4…etc. 

Characters earn:

5 /4hrs for Freemium
8 /4hrs for New Premium

The Store

Here’s what’s included today:

New stuff…

   Robot Rumble Arena and Robot Rumble Announcers- 150.  Will earn event currency for the entire event. It does appear that they act as 1 character (like Sheri and Teri)


Mystery Boxes…

Robotic Mystery Box-  Mystery Box Token Only.  Includes:

Giant Robot
Mecha Hawk
Mech Robot
Skyberdine Systems
Kwik-E-Mart 2054
CryoStasis Memorial
Homer’s Dream House
Itchy and Scratchy Bots
Future Simpsons House
Frink’s Robot Dog
Music Automaton
Bart’s Moon Mansion
Big DigiBen
Astro House
Global Housing
Grief Counselor
Hover Copter
Holo Bundle
Robot Ant Bundle
Super Collider and Black Hole
Efcot Center
Tomorrow’s Costington’s
Office Towers
Mushroom Office Building
Simpsons Hover Car
Holo Theater
Future Duff Sign
Electric Car Bundle
Mobile Dome
Vacation To Venus Sign
Parked Hover Car
Teleporter Billboard
Fountain of Tomorrow
Hover Street Sign

The Mystery Box requires tokens to unlock.

Mystery Box Tokens can be purchased via donuts.

Tokens are 60 Donuts each or you can get 5 tokens for 240 donuts.


All returning premium content will be available from today until the event ends on May 12th.  Also, I’m not doing new SIB posts for the returning content (I may do the Mystery Box, but not sure yet).  So I’ve linked the previous posts for you to review here.  And I’ve also linked them on the Event Page for you to find later in the event. 

Here’s the returning premium content…

Cremo Bot*- 30

Spotlight Dance Bot*- 30

Murderpuss*- 30

Robot- 30

Drone- 30

Springfield of Tomorrow Sign*- 35

Frinkosonic MHV*35

Self Reliant House*- 35

Future Monument*- 35

Battling Seizure Robot*- 35

Robby the Automaton*- 40

Home of Tomorrow*- 40

Plane Bot*- 45

Holo Flower Hedge- 2

Holo Bundle– 20

Ultra House 2*- 90

Elysium Project*- 90

Robot Homer100

Future Proofed Home and LadyBot*- 100

Soul Extraction Institute w/ Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers*- 100


Ziff Wedding Home and Robot Marge– 150

Hall of Vice Presidents and Aaron Burr– 150

Springfield Hyperstadium and Rockstar Maggie*- 150

Yard Work Simulator and CHUM*- 150

Truckasaurus*- 175

*Denotes available in Yearbook Mystery Box

There may be a couple of other premium bundle offerings available, but I can’t see them in any of my games.  (I see icons for them in the game files, but no other info)

Donut Offerings:

These are donut bundles available for CASH purchases (real-life cash)..

Again, these are the US prices.  This is what EA gets from the totals.  Your pricing may be different and that as to do with VAT from Apple and Google, not EA.  Pricing varies per country…

It does appear that we have, for the first time, a RETURNING Donut Promo item…

Hans Mechman- $9.99 USD + a Tray of 132 Donuts.  Hans is a FULL character for TSTO, and you can see the original rundown info on him here.

Item Limits

Item limits last increased during the 2020 Halloween Event, they have not been increased for this event.

And that’s it my friends.  The details of Act 1 of the 2021 Rise of the Robots Event!

Your thoughts on the event?  Thoughts on the content?  Excited to see the storyline? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

57 responses to “Rise of the Robots Act 1 is Live! The Rundown and What You Need To Know

  1. Joshua N LeRoy

    What do the rakes do is it just decoration or do they actully do sumthing

  2. Wondering …What should I do? You see I already have the Sci-fi 2016 event and since the event is about robots. Should I put them together? Also the Holo are the same. Wondering Wondering!

  3. I’ve noticed my item count has gone screwy since the update.
    In my little town when I was placing KEMs I used to get a warning as I placed the 27th.
    Once I updated that changed straight away to popping up as I placed the 23rd.
    Since the event started I’ve only added the Arena to get the Announcers.
    Just now as I went to re-plant my little farm ( forgot earlier !! ) it warned as I placed the 19th.
    Oh boy, I’m confused !!

  4. Bringing back Robot Marge so fast seems like an odd choice. Also having a mystery box with no way of opening it short of *buying* donuts seems really backwards… You’re literally buying premium currency to get a token to open a box that contains premium content, making the donuts themselves superfluous. Yes you still get them and can buy something with them, but it’s like adding an extra step for those that just wanted to get something out of the box.

    It’s also bugged in that it shows you can buy a second Hans Mechman even if you have him in your town.

    • Misery box tokens are a kind of bulk buy discount.
      Get one try for 60 donuts or five tries for 48 donuts each.
      If you’ve only four items left still buy five tokens. Costs the same as four separate ones and you can trade the spare for a dozen sprinkles too. Win win if you want to get what they’ve offered.

  5. That made me jump, but I already think I like this work-around on the mess WordPress caused.
    I really like the links to the next or last article just above the comments.
    I would suggest, if it can be done, that the timestamp under the title or the title itself is the permalink and if you could add back the leave a comment / read them link.
    Fair enough you’re supposed to read the article first but not if you return to read replies !!

  6. In my games i got future proof house and ladybot to buy even though i already have them i guess a glitchbutfor 100 dohnuts worth a chance?

  7. Is this a glitch or did I skip reading this. I purchased one item for 150 donuts and then I went to purchase Future Proof Home Ladybot and the message says “ You can only place one of a particular unique item in your town at a time”. Can someone elaborate please

    • This means that you already have either Future Proof Home or Ladybot. I did the same thing and go the same message. I then checked my town census and discovered I already had Ladybot.

    • I think its a glitch, the house and character came out before, so you might already have it, and it won’t let you have a duplicate

  8. Thank You for the quick post Alissa! 😊

    I spent the sprinkles for Act 1’s Premium Characters Combo (both Characters are Voiced! Robot Rumble Arena looks cool!) 👍🏻

    I obtained the 1st Prize (The Prodigy Barn) and ♥️ the look of this Building (doesn’t take up Real Estate!) 👍🏻

    I spent sprinkles for the Future Proofed Home and LadyBot (both are cool!) 👍🏻

    Super BUSY at work, so I won’t obtain any further Act 1 Prizes until tomorrow (I don’t have the Mystery Box for obvious reasons, and I’m not spending $10 for Hans Mechman + 🍩’s (lol!) 😅

    I’m having FUN (so far!) 😀

  9. The Hans Mechman deal shows up for me even though I have Hans Mechman already. Folks might want to double check before they buy him. I know I can lose track of what characters I have.

    • This is currently a glitch that will probably be fixed with a patch. People should check as it is a unique item and you will not get a second one.

  10. I already have Hans Mechman, so I’m a little confused why it is being offered to me again as a donut purchase incentive. Will I get a second one?

  11. Any free token’s this time or just available to buy, I only have 1 item in my box, ants, so only need 1 token

  12. What is the Roads action that Bart needs to search for nerds?

  13. It’s robot fighting time!!! This event is hilarious to me because I love robot combat and build/fight my own antweight.

  14. Alissa, Please tell your people to use every token they get. I got 4 tokens from the love and war event and expected them to still be there for the robot mystery box (since I didn’t spend them during the love and war event). They weren’t there so I contacted EA about it and after 60 minutes on the phone, they told me that they couldn’t do anything about it and gave me 100 donuts after I wouldn’t accept that they cant do anything about that and argued with them that NO those tokens don’t expire and should still be there.

    They wanted to know why I waited a month and I told them because there wasn’t a mystery token box available after the event to spend them on. Now there is and they aren’t there.

    Don’t save those tokens they will disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yea, you’ve got to cash them in. They can be converted to donuts even after the events are over, but you won’t be able to use them on a future event MB. They may look the same but they’re coded differently…

  15. I’m a little bummed that after two years, Hans Mechman is still a cash-for-character offering since he’s the last one I need to complete my robot group. But oh well. Still interested to see where this one is going!

    • It’s a good thing he’s still a cash character. You’d have a lot of angry tappers that paid cash for him if they brought him back for donuts lol

  16. I’ve already got Frink and I recently got the future-proofed home from the Yearbook, so I think 100 donuts is a bit much just to get the ladybot!

    • I had the building for ages in my main town but needed LadyBot.
      Paid up and got both, then looked in store and the bundle was still there ( but it wouldn’t let me buy another ) ?!?

      • Graham-S

        Yep, another glitch in the Game App 🤔
        If you spend the donuts to get Future Proof Home and Ladybot, you will still see both available for purchase (if you try to purchase them again? you get an “error message” from EA).

        I have thousands of 🍩’s, so that was an Instant Buy. As for glitches? EA can’t even format the Load Screen for devices over 6″! 😅

        • My main town has a six figure donut count but while I was interested to see how many LadyBots I could get I saw no value in blowing 100 sprinkles on a building that was 45 Ds to add to the two I now have.
          Fair enough to anyone who doesn’t mind, but I’m not sure I’d spend the sprinkles even if they corrected the cost.
          I’ve got a month to think about it, though.

    • Ya.. I agree.. it is really strange.. since I have had both for a long time, that it would show up for 100 donuts for the pair.
      If I already have them they should not be showing up for purchase unless you can have more than one Future-Proofed Home.. So if you have Lady Bot which you can only have one of.. 100 donuts for the Future Proof House when it was originally 45 donuts is not worth buying if you are allowed more.

      Alissa, what’s your take on this?

  17. I’m trying to buy the Future Proofed Home and LadyBot, but it won’t let me. I guess it’s because I already have Lady Bot. But I don’t have the Future Proofed Home

    • It may only be offered as a combo with this one, unfortunately. I think it originally was an option of the house + lady bot or just the house.

    • I’ve solved the problem. I put LadyBot in storage and was able to buy the Future-Proofed Home. It didn’t give me a second LadyBot

      • Oh good! Smart thinking!

      • ScarletCoral

        You did exactly what I pursued (I stored Ladybot and spent the sprinkles for three more Future Proof Homes!) I’ve got plenty of 🍩’s, so if I make enough room? I may spend the sprinkles for more! 😀👍🏻

        • What’s the thinking behind multiple Future-Proofed Homes, if you don’t mind me asking? I already have LadyBot, and was wondering if I should store her to pick up a FPH or two.

          • jakesyma

            I got plenty of 🍩’s
            I am creating a section of my Springfield that’s a Community of Future Proof Homes
            It lets me utilize ‘futuristic’ themed Decor in Storage
            (I’m anticipating like the last Multi-Act Event that I may Tap Out – aka quit the Event – if I don’t care for the Content, so I’m obtaining what I like).

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