Episode 75- The Robots Have Been Defeated, Rise of the Robots Event Wrap-Up

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The Addicts Crew is back again with an all-new, episode of Addicts Live! Join Alissa and Safi as we wrap up the Rise of the Robots event.  We give our final reviews of the event overall, share our good, bad and ugly moments, and share our predictions for what we think might be next in TSTO.  Plus, we share YOUR comments and grades on this event.  So join us for all the fun as we finally defeat the robots!

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Show Notes:

Here’s the chart we talked about in the video…since recording a few more people voted changing the totals slightly…

Also, we missed Santos L Halper’s feedback comment when recording (it came in after we recorded), so here’s what Santos had to say…

I gave the event a mid B grade, it was good but not great. There was some areas of it that I think EA did well on, other areas that I think EA didn’t do well and things I think EA needed to improve on for the event.


*Great dialogue for the characters and the event’s questlines.

*Great character animations and tasks (IMO, Chief Knockahomer, Frink Jr., Bestimus Mucho, Carnage Destructicus and Love Bot had the best visual tasks).

*Some great buildings including the Robot Rumble Arena and Studio, Springfield Robotics Laboratory and The Prodigy Barn.

*Some good decorations (IMO, Flanders and Simpson Car Pos-i-bots, Chocobots, ATM Pos-i-bot, Squishee Machine and Hot Dog Cooker Bots were pretty cool decorations).

*Most of the event is based on 2 episodes instead of everything being picked out from many different episodes.

*Bestimus Mucho and Carnage Destructicus have permanent tasks at the Seething Sisters (a building that originally didn’t have permanent tasks there).

*Most of the event’s content is from the same 2 episodes.


*Some of the decorations should’ve been characters including Smashius Clay, Chocobots, ATM Pos-i-bot, Squishee Machine and Hot Dog Cooker Bots.

*Act 4 was the weakest act in terms of content since a building, costume and 3 decoration prizes isn’t the best way to end the event.

*No visual tasks at the Robot Rumble Arena.

*Robot Rumble Announcers don’t earn 2x the amount of a premium character (like Sherri & Terri) from tasks.

*Love Bot, Brenda and Carnage Destructicus don’t have a permanent task at the Mr. Sparkle Factory, Thai Food Factory and Human Foosball Table (the items they come with).

*Bestimus Mucho and Carnage Destructicus don’t use the Human Foosball Table for a joint visual task.

*No mystery box tokens on the prize track.

Part 2:

Improvements: (mostly improvements of my cons)

*More Pos-i-bots could have been added as characters including Melody, Sex Toy, Snooze, Three-Way, Kitchen Bots, Nacho Machine Bot.

*The 3 Act 4 prize decorations (ATM Pos-i-bot, Squishee Machine and Hot Dog Cooker Bots) could’ve been bundled as one prize.

**The final prize of the event could’ve been Smashius Clay (as a character with tasks) or the Human Foosball Table & Carnage Destructicus (Killy and Cyborg Willie would’ve also been the premium for Act 4 instead of a Gil deal).

*Chief Knockahomer, Ralph-O-Cop, and Smashius Clay could’ve fought against each other or random robots in the Robot Rumble Arena (Chief Knockahomer’s task “Pick on Little robots” could’ve also been done in the arena if people bought it and outside the arena if people didn’t buy it).

*Give the Robot Rumble Announcers 2x the amount of a premium character from tasks like Sherri & Terri.

*Give the Robot Rumble Announcers a visual task in the Robot Rumble Arena.

*Give Love Bot and Brenda a task/tasks at the Mr. Sparkle Factory and Thai Food Factory.

*Give Carnage Destructicus and Bestimus Mucho a visual task at the Human Foosball Table called “Play Foosball”.

*The mystery box tokens could’ve been included on the prize track along with the prize buildings, and decorations (like they were in the Christmas event).

Overall, I thought it was an okay event but not the best event.

In terms of content it was good in the first 3 acts and the last act being a bit of a let down also it isn’t a great way to end the event with a decoration as a prize. I still believe the final prize of an event should’ve been a character and that with this event Smashius Clay as a character should’ve been the final prize instead of them being a decoration that does nothing.

In terms of story, it was pretty good to go from robots fighting each other to robots taking over Springfield.

In terms of formatting, I think EA should go back to 4 weeks per event instead of 5 weeks per event. I hope the next event has some tweaks to the formatting since there hasn’t really been any changes to it since last year.

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5 responses to “Episode 75- The Robots Have Been Defeated, Rise of the Robots Event Wrap-Up

  1. Don’t worry Alissa. I kind of knew my comment (it was actually 2 comments in the previous post since I tried to split it in 2 to make it look less lengthy) would’ve missed the video since I had written it on a word document (in case I tried writing it on here and I could’ve lost it). On the bright side, it did save you from reading it out in the video since it was a lengthy comment (it takes up half of this post lol).

  2. I agree with this human 🤖, he nailed it🤜🤛 some of the premium characters should have involved animated tasks with the decorations they came…And the fights with the bots would be fun to we have in the game as well Murderpuss is in the game he could join the fights…
    And the biggest left down of the event really goes to Smashius Clay that’s why I give this event B, even if wanted to press a C because of it, I choose B because in overall I was enjoying this event more then any other event which we had last year.
    He should be a character even if he would cost real money I would pay for him and support the game. At the beginning before the event launched, I was someone expecting that there will be a task in the arena where Chief knocks Smashius and Smashius shakes him or stomps him and Homer would show up from the mailbox like in the show…he could have some many cool animated task which we saw in the episode but no, now he is somehow useless he does nothing he just stands there…even the Oscar bot moves better than him and he was only in Homer fantasy…

  3. P.S.

    I’m not trying to be mean … but I am going to 😂 at anyone who keeps inquiring with Alissa and Safi, ‘when’s the next Event?’ ‘what’s the next Event going to be based on?’ (it’s a 🪙 toss with EA, right? we could get an Event next Week, next Month, or we could get another loooong stretch of nada! I’m just glad if the both of you actually hear from someone at EA!) Ok, I know ⚾ is on, so please go enjoy it! 😊

  4. Santos L Halper is 💯 accurate on so many Levels! 👍🏻
    I still look at this as Act 1 – Act 2 = Robot Rumble , Act 3 – Act 4 = Pos-i-Bots (and we all know how I feel about Act 3 – Act 4, lol!) 😂

    It’s time for EA to re-evaluate the Event Format (writing is top notch, but the Prizes mostly sucked! this should’ve been Heroes & Villains Epic, but it wasn’t!) Multi-Act Events start great but end poorly …. Mini Events seem to do it right (for me!) 🤔

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