I believe it says in the good book, The Geek shall inherit the Earth or something like that.  Well, if that’s true… this post is all about a character waiting for one heck of an inheritance.  Hello there Addicts, Wookiee back with another character post.  For this one, I decided it was only right to embrace my nerd roots and write about the Uber nerd himself, BEHOLD… EXELSIOR… Martin Prince, Jr.


Martin is one of those characters you either love or hate.  A frequent target of bullying, he is also Lisa Simpson’s main competition for being the smartest kid at Springfield Elementary. 

Martin 2

Martin is a “friend” of convenience to Bart but over the years their friendship has evolved into one resembling the real article.  Whether or not they’re friendly, Martin always has his buddies Wendell, Database and Üter.

Martin 3

Voiced by Russi Taylor, Martin is a 4th grade genius with an IQ of 216.  He loves being a teacher’s pet, science fiction and RPGs among his other nerd enthusiasms.  One thing he does need to learn is how to properly fist bump.

Martin 12

Martin is a member of the Springfield Elementary Band and plays that most manly of instruments, the French horn.  He’s also been seen playing the lute and the flute.

Martin 4

Although it is implied in some episodes that poor Martin might also play for the pink team, this is just pure bully gossip designed to bring him down.  It’s pretty clear in his own words that he’s not anything yet.  Non-canon episodes have had him both taking a robot as his prom date AND becoming a lady aka Marsha Princess.

Martin 5

Martin certainly doesn’t help with his fashion choices and occasionally saying quotes likes this: “Individually we are weak like a single twig but as a bundle we form a mighty faggot.”

Martin 6

Honestly, I don’t care what Martin’s preferences are, he’s funny and he obviously likes Star Wars based on when his Mom tries to sell his stuff to CBG.  That makes him alright in my book.

Martin 7

My favorite Martin moment has to be in The Simpsons Movie.  Having lived under the brutality of the bullies for so long and with certain doom under the dome pending, he finally decides he’s had enough.  Watching him beat Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney with a wood plank brings me a lot of joy.  Now THAT’S Nerd Justice.

Martin 10“I’ve been taking your crap all my life!”

As the smartest kid in school (Yes, Lisa, I think he’s smarter than you.), Martin has some great moments.  Here’s a short list of some.

– Tutoring lesser intellects

– Getting ready to “rumble”

– Being flown on the flagpole

– Getting sent to Fat Camp

– Playing Nintendo for cash

– Running for class president

– Assisting a nerdy Bart

– Petitioning to extend the school day by 20 minutes

Martin 8

One thing about whatever he does, it’s all unequivocally funny.  (At least to this Wookiee)

Martin has also threatened to beat up a Shebyville kid, been cast as the Phantom of the Opera and even dies (well… sort of).  My point is… Nerds are cool.  I know most people don’t agree but beyond the pantheon of K-12 schooling, most nerds win out and become the bosses of their previous tormentors.  I’m sure if we looked at the childhoods of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc., we might find a Martin-esque character or two.

Martin 9

Martin arrives in TSTO in Level 12 and comes with the Springfield Library.  He is a freemium character.  Here are his tasks.

Play the Lute Outside N/A 45 sec $3 1 XP
Smell the Roses Outside Req. One Snapdragon 10 min $17 5 XP
Rehearse Play Inside Req. Springfield Elementary 60 min $70 17 XP
Attend Mensa Meeting Inside Req. Gazebo       (Level 14) 3 hrs $135 35 XP
Try to Be Cool Outside N/A 4 hrs $175 45 XP
Stargaze Inside Req. Springfield Observatory 6 hrs $350 90 XP
Ride a Bike Outside N/A 8 hrs $275 70 XP
Serve as Hall Monitor Inside Req. Springfield Elementary 12 hrs $420 100 XP
Celebrate the ‘WOD FIR’ Outside Req. The Sunsphere 16 hrs $500 125 XP
Study All Night for Meaningless Test Inside Req. Springfield Library 24 hrs $600 150 XP

Martin 13

Nowadays as a giant furry resident of Kashyyyk, it’s easy to forget the days when I was smaller and my smarts earned me the attention of those boarish SprawlMart security guards (aka Jocks/Cool kids).  Although my best friend was more of a Nelson in school, this scene of him playing “Angry Nerds” cracks me up.

Martin 11

The laugh of course comes at Martin’s expense.  Geeks today should just be happy bullies aren’t playing real life tapped out, right?

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. “Martin has some great moments.”

    Don’t forget how many pairs of swimming trunks he was able to wear at one time !!!

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