Where did THAT task come from – Ride in the MegaGlobe

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Wookiee back with a quick little post about one of the new from Level 37 animations I am in love with!

MegaGlobe TaskI love seeing Luann roll around in this contraption.  I so wish I’d been faster with my screenshots when I watched her roll right over (well.. past but I have a good imagination) Kirk.

So… what the heck is she in and where does it come from?  Well, first off… this ball comes straight from a show I watched in my childhood.  AMERICAN GLADIATORS!

American Gladiators

This show was the Bee’s Knees when I was a kid.  Basically average Joes and Janes went up against gladiators in contests.  With names like Nitro, Blaze, Bronco, Havoc, Laser, Titan, Turbo, Atlas and Tank, the American Gladiators were meant to be scary, ferocious rivals to the competitors on the show.  My favorite was always Turbo and I’m sad to say I remembered all those names right off the top of my head.  If only I could name that many US Presidents so quickly.

One of the events in the show was the Atlasphere.  Contenders maneuvered their giant metal rolling balls around a field where the goal was to roll over four scoring marks.  Of course, that’d be too easy without some competition so the Gladiators had balls of their own and attempted to stop the contestants. The contestant with the most goals at the end won the event.  SOOOOO COOOL! When the smoke puffed up during a score I was always so excited, but tended to pull for the Gladiators.

American Gladiators Rollerball

Look familar?

Reader Scot and our very own Bunny hit the mark on where this came from in an earlier comment thread.  The MegaGlobe comes from Season 8, Episode 6: A Milhouse Divided (quite a lot of Level 37’s content comes from here btw).

Kirk and Luanne Van Houten have divorced.  Luanne, or LuLu as her boyfriend calls her, introduces her new beau Chase to Bart.


Bart recognizes Chase from American Gladiators.

Bart: You’re Pyro!

 Chase/Pyro: Only on weekends.  During the week I’m just your average workaday stuntman.

To prove he’s a stuntman, he lets Bart break a chair over his back with nary a flinch.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so well on his own father.

Rollerball 2

Luanne and Chase have to leave for a date and take off down the road in none other than the MegaGlobe.  Apparently being a stuntman by day also includes regular locomotion in a prop from his weekend job.

Rollerball 3

NERD NOTE: The Gladiators always had the red atlaspheres.

And there you have it.  MegaGlobe… American Gladiators… Awesomeness.  Just please don’t call it a Rollerball… that’s two equally bad movies I’d rather not post about.

Wookiee out!

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