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Tap Ball Removal Is Live (Plus SPOILER Info About Upcoming Content)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry this is a little delayed…it was dinnertime here.  (still not a fan of these late in the day updates EA!)

Anywho…looks like the Tap Ball Removal update has hit our App Stores.  So if you’re all done with Tap Ball and would like your Springfield to go back to normal download the update.  BUT if you’d like to continue the Tap Ball fun you can put off downloading the update until it forces you to (which is usually in 24hrs).

If you choose not to update right now, remember you’re playing on borrowed time.  Once the game forces you to update (again it’s usually within 24hrs) you will be locked out of your game (ie stopping ALL Progress) until you update.  Which means if you don’t cash in your Amateur Bucks before it forces you to update, you’ll miss out.  So proceed with caution!

And now…there’s a little bit of Spoiler Info leaked on Amazon for the next upcoming event on TSTO.  Because it’s posted on Amazon, and comes directly from EA we’re going to post it on Addicts. BUT we’ll do so below the fold, so those that don’t want to know, don’t have to.  However, if you’d like to know…click below.



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level 35 gil gunderson

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Who is the Level 34 update character?

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