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Ok, the title of this post might be a little misleading but it got you’re attention didn’t it? With the arrival of Level 35, all the new building, character and pets are radical! I really do feel that this was Gil’s best deal yet even if it didn’t come cheap.

A lot of us veteran tappers know Mr. Gil Gunderson from his donut and premium item deals that have appeared sporadically in TSTO. To read more about these, here’s a post Alissa did several weeks ago.


TSTO Gil 2

A while back, I heard speculation that EA was considering including Gil in the game as a permanent character but since then I hadn’t heard anything and then today my pal appeared as the Level-Up Guy!!!

Besides TSTO and peddling deals for EA, Gil has had many appearances in The Simpsons. Poor Ol’ Gil has had a ton of jobs in the Best. Show. Ever. Gil first appeared in the Episode “Realty Bites” (Season Nine, Ep. 9).

Lionel Hutz to Marge: “There’s over 50 years of real estate experience right in this room, and 42 of those years are Gil’s.”

Gil: “(Excitedly) Marge, it’s a real pleasure… (looks desperate) You got any leads? I need some leads please… help me.”

After losing his house in the Great Springfield Flood of ’99, Gil lost his real estate job. Since then, it has been a running gag on The Simpsons that he never holds down a job longer than one episode.

Here are some of his professions:

Salesman at Goody New Shoes

“Well… we have a brown shoe.”

Installing computers at Springfield Elementary

“Now let’s talk about Rust Proof. These things will rust up on you like…just close the deal Gil.”

Salesman for Señor Ding-Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta

“Ahhhhhhh great, look at my shoes and today’s my evaluation with Señor Ding Dong.”

Used Car Salesman AND Canyenero Salesman


“Ah no, you can’t take my sale! My wife’s gonna leave me if I don’t start bringing in the green.”


“Mr. Costington! Sir, I’m glad I had this chance to talk to you, I’ve been on the payroll here since May and I’d really like to start working in Ladies’ shoes. Not literally of course, I, I couldn’t walk very fast though I’d learn if that’s what it takes.”

Gil has had so many different vocations and rather than bore you with all of them, take a look at this list on The Simpsons Archive. Big props to them for their list of Gil appearances that helped me out with this!


I love to hear all of Gil’s third person dialogue. He is honestly just as fun to watch working as he is when he’s not!

“(To Homer) Oh this is bad, this is really bad, you work and you slave and you steal just enough for a sweet lick of that shiny brass ring. Don’t I get a lick? Doesn’t Gil get a lick?”

What rambling about Gil Gunderson would be complete without a little TSTO speculation, eh? When Update 34 occurred, I discussed Cookie Kwan and if she might be added to the game. One of the arguments for this was that every character displayed in an update screen that wasn’t already in the game eventually does show up.

Today, EA gaves us Gil in the Level 35 update screen. Is this EA’s subtle hint that both Cookie Kwan and Ol’ Gil are coming in a future update? I certainly hope so and that they come with Red Blazer Realty.

Cookie Kwan: “Are you guys talking about the West Side!?!”
Gil: “No, Cookie! I’m scared of you!”

The only way the addition of these characters could be cooler is if Matt Groening and EA decided it was finally time to let one of Phil Hartman’s characters arrive in TSTO. I of course am referring to Lionel Hutz. I must admit that although some people think this would never happen, I sincerely hope they are wrong (for all three characters!)


I know that all of Hartman’s characters have been retired by the show out of respect, but as I just enjoyed seeing Hutz on my television recently, I don’t think it would be disrespectful to Mr. Hartman’s estate to honor him with the inclusion of his beloved characters in TSTO. Although his iconic roles will probably never be voiced, I really, really want me some Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. My idea for the inclusion of Lionel Hutz would be as a premium character that comes with his Law Firm.

I Can't Believe It's a Law Firm

Cookie and Gil could come freemium with Red Blazer Realty.

Red Blazer Realty

The money made from the premium purchases could be donated to either Phil Hartman’s estate or a charity chosen by it.

Lionel Hutz

Well, that’s about all the rambling I can think of regarding Good Ol’ Gil. Happy tapa-tapa-tapping Addicts!

Fire Gil Not Guns

UPDATE FRIDAY THE 13TH: And I thought I was done rambling lol.

Special thanks to Nathan Rushton over at He wants the Gil addition too and his post today gave me another idea.

When Gil brings the Duff Deal later this year, maybe he will stick around? EA could then do a whole Red Blazer task line with Cookie and Marge AND LIONEL! When Gil gets fired, because that’s what he’s good at, his other tasks could be all his odd jobs? I know this could be very hilarious.

Bonus is that Gil is voiced by Dan Castellaneta so having his funny sayings would be easy for EA as all of Dan’s character so far are voiced.

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