Who is the Level 34 update character?

level 34 up

Well, the Level-Up Lady appears to be Cookie Kwan.  This character first appeared in The Simpsons episode “Realty Bites” (season 9, episode 9) when Marge starts working at Red Blazer Realty with Lionel Hutz.  (Kinda sad for the Wookiee because this was the last episode Lionel was ever in because of Phil Hartman’s untimely death).  🙁


Cookie Kwan is an Asian American real estate broker and is very competitive.  She appears to be friends with Marge Simpson and apparently they have known each other since High School when they both attended Camp Land-A-Man.  According to the Simpsons Wiki, she has appeared in 17 episodes and been mentioned in at least one other.


This next info comes from Wikipedia (another great place for Simpsons info second only to the Simpsons Wiki).  “She touts herself as being “number one on the West Side”, although she also works on the East Side.  She is very aggressive toward anyone whom she deems a threat to her business, evidenced by when she threatens Gil Gunderson.  She had once attempted to seduce Ned Flanders, had an illegitimate baby with Mayor Quimby, and flirted with Homer.”

The scene from “She used to be my girl” (Season 16, Episode 4) where Cookie tries to present her son to Mayor Quimby is one of my favorites of hers.  Unfortunately, she ended up being yet another paternity case against Quimby (one of 37 to be precise).


It is exciting to see this character in an update screen because the 5 characters (Sea Captain, Lenny, Carl,  Rodd and Todd) that have appeared in these screens previously that weren’t yet in the game have all been added.  Maybe this is EA’s new version of spoilers now that the updates don’t appear in the code any more.

Cookie is voiced by Tress MacNeille with a very stereotypical Chinese accent (despite growing up in Springfield).  Other notable Simpsons characters voiced by MacNeille include Crazy Cat Lady, Agnes Skinner, Brandine Spuckler, Manjula, Dolph, Lunchlady Doris and many, many others.  I mention this because if Cookie shows up in the game and is voiced, it could mean more voices for all of us including Agnes who is already roaming Springfield.  I’d settle just for Agnes’ voice because I love hearing her berate Skinner.


Well, only EA knows why Cookie appeared in the Level 34 update screen but I love speculation.  I must give credit to nathanrushton on Topix for posting about Cookie originally.  I just felt more info might be needed for the TSTO Addicts who aren’t complete experts of The Simpsons, myself included.  Until my next post, happy tapa-tapa-tapping to all you Addicts across the globe.  I’ll sign off with this next picture I found which is hilarious.  Any one know where it comes from?


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  1. Now I can’t seem to get rid of her!

  2. Hello, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this blog post.

    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  3. Great cookie 101 post. It’s a good idea to have a proper description of the less famous faces – to me at least

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