Tap Ball Removal Is Live (Plus SPOILER Info About Upcoming Content)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Sorry this is a little delayed…it was dinnertime here.  (still not a fan of these late in the day updates EA!)

Anywho…looks like the Tap Ball Removal update has hit our App Stores.  So if you’re all done with Tap Ball and would like your Springfield to go back to normal download the update.  BUT if you’d like to continue the Tap Ball fun you can put off downloading the update until it forces you to (which is usually in 24hrs).

If you choose not to update right now, remember you’re playing on borrowed time.  Once the game forces you to update (again it’s usually within 24hrs) you will be locked out of your game (ie stopping ALL Progress) until you update.  Which means if you don’t cash in your Amateur Bucks before it forces you to update, you’ll miss out.  So proceed with caution!

And now…there’s a little bit of Spoiler Info leaked on Amazon for the next upcoming event on TSTO.  Because it’s posted on Amazon, and comes directly from EA we’re going to post it on Addicts. BUT we’ll do so below the fold, so those that don’t want to know, don’t have to.  However, if you’d like to know…click below.



The following can be found on Amazon.com, this is also shown on the Kindle in the App Stores (image included from the App Store from Bunny’s Kindle).

Looks like Springfield Heights and Cookie Kwan are coming!  A major TSTO Expansion is on it’s way (no it’s not live yet…soon i’m sure)…

  • Screenshot_2015-07-21-17-38-06


What are your thoughts about the new content?  Are you excited to see Springfield Heights?  Ready for another expansion?  Happy for Cookie Kwan to finally be arriving in game?!  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

320 responses to “Tap Ball Removal Is Live (Plus SPOILER Info About Upcoming Content)

  1. There is stuff to the north of the mountains now and a locked path through there

  2. Hello, new update came through! “Other Springfield” is new and contains new buildings from Springfield Heights just west of the mountains. There is a tunnel through the mountains. New area has a sandy beach area and some new buildings like furniture shop, red blazer realty, Burns Slant Drilling Co and lots of cool mansions!

  3. Anyone else notice with the Bart screen that if people would check the comments they’d notice this had been mentioned 100+ times already?

    • It was overnight…so we didn’t push them. They all got pushed this morning…so it looks like 100 times but they couldn’t see them overnight.

  4. This seems like a decent way to pay us back for how bad the last two events were.

  5. I thought my game had died a permanent death. None of the drastic trouble-shooting steps helped one iota.
    Come back from work and try it again – forces me to reinstall and everything’s good again – after a lengthier than normal install…
    I’ve no idea how long it was down for, but I would guess many, many hours and I assume I wasn’t alone.
    I thought I’d come and have a look to see what the forum looked like when it was all lit up.
    It’s really not that pretty, is it? You have my sympathies, and thanks, as always. Mwah.

    • lol that’s what we’re here for. Just not good when it happens in the middle of the night here, cause we’re all usually fast asleep…

  6. Keeps crashing since update anyone having the same issue?

  7. I am really excited about this new thing, Cookie Kwan yeah!, finally!, but i’m a little upset about the end of tapball update. I tried to prolong tapball to craft some extra fences to complete my field but it would not let me log on. After 2 hours of trying i decided to update hoping that would solve my problem but it didn’t! uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice and deleted a tonne of other stuff off my device in case it was a memory/space issue. Even downloaded bluestacks on my computer to play on my laptop before i finally managed to get it working very slowly and glitchy on my phone. Seems fine now but i used over twice my allocated data and i am full bitter about not being able to craft those fences, my stadium feels not quite right to me. I’ll get over the fences, but i’m not looking forward to my phone bill! At least i got it working on bluestacks on my laptop which will work out great for me cause i got a large data plan on my computer.
    Thanks for the opportunity to rant!

    • If your worried about your phone bill, you might want to think about turning your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. That way you can use your laptop’s data plan for your phone, at least for those bigger downloads.

  8. Ciarathomp988

    Sooo I’m at a loss. I use an iPhone to play and I’ve been getting the Bart screen since early last night. Everyones saying the servers were down last night and everything is fine now. I’ve tried turning my phone off and uninstalling the game. I really don’t want to contact EA since I had an awful experience last time. Is it still happening to those using iOS??

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