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Till Death GOO Us Part… The Ghost of Maude Flanders


So… EA has given us so many goodies this Halloween.  Included in this is The Ghost of Maude Flanders FOR FREE!  Now that’s spooky!  If you want to see the walkthrough stuff for Maude, click here.  This post is about where the heck this character comes from.

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Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 5-11

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

How’s everyone doing on their GOO collections?  By now you should be nearing 1,000 GOO canisters and have already collected your first 2 free prizes.  If you haven’t quite reached that level, don’t panic!  You still have plenty of time!

There’s so much going on in this new update it’s almost hard to remember there’s an actual main quest line going on as well!  In this part of the questline, and going forward, I’ve tried to spell out all of the GOO earning opportunities for you with counts.  This should help you realize how much GOO you will earn just for completing the main quest.

When we last left off on the main quest Homer had just brought Maude Flanders back from the dead and boy was she angry!   Hard to be happy when Homer kills you with a T-Shirt Gun!  Anyway…we pick the walkthrough back up with Maude explaining to Homer why she’s here…. Continue reading

Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 2-4

The first part of the Halloween walkthrough was covered by Bunny earlier today, along with a great “behind the item” understanding of how the Fortune Teller shop relates to the Simpsons (you can read all about it here).  This part of the walkthrough is what happens after the shop has been built. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about ghosts, gremlins and GOO so here’s how you unlock them!  For those that don’t want to find out just yet the walkthrough starts after the page break 🙂 Continue reading