Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 5-11

Hey howdy hey Ghostbusters!

How’s everyone doing on their GOO collections?  By now you should be nearing 1,000 GOO canisters and have already collected your first 2 free prizes.  If you haven’t quite reached that level, don’t panic!  You still have plenty of time!

There’s so much going on in this new update it’s almost hard to remember there’s an actual main quest line going on as well!  In this part of the questline, and going forward, I’ve tried to spell out all of the GOO earning opportunities for you with counts.  This should help you realize how much GOO you will earn just for completing the main quest.

When we last left off on the main quest Homer had just brought Maude Flanders back from the dead and boy was she angry!   Hard to be happy when Homer kills you with a T-Shirt Gun!  Anyway…we pick the walkthrough back up with Maude explaining to Homer why she’s here….

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 5
After tapping Maude (You’ll need to make sure Homer and Ned are free as well…)

It’s so nice to see you, Maude.  You don’t look a minute older than the day Homer killed you.
Maude: That’s how it works.  Now hear me!  Three ghosts are angry at Homer. I am the first.  We raised an army of the dead to haunt Springfield until Homer makes each one of us a sacrifice.
Bart: What, like giving up beer for 15 minutes? ‘Cause that he can’t do.
Maude: I wish to possess Homer’s body and spend one more day with my beloved Ned!
Homer: Okay, but no taking my possessed body past first base.
Make Maude Possess Homer-12hrs (earns you 5 GOO)
Make Homer Get Possessed by Maude-
12hrs (earns you 5 GOO)
Make Ned Spend Time with Possessed Homer-
12hrs (earns you 5 GOO)

Ned: It was wonderful to spend time with you again Maude.  But, don’t you want to see Rod and Todd?
Maude: Eh.  Now that I’ve been away from them for a while, they kinda creep me out.
Completed Quest Goal Earns you 25 GOO

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 6
After tapping Homer

Marge: What are all these pesky Gremlins doing here?  Shoo!  Shoo!
Homer: No, Marge, I brought them here.  They love GOO, any GOO.   So I’m going to have them clean our stuck drains.
Make Homer Use Gremlins to Clean Drains-24hrs
Homer: *moan* The gremlins cleaned out my drains, but then they ate my gooey cheese and chocolate pudding.
Bart: On the other hand, a plumber would do the same thing and also charge you money.
Completed Quest Goal Earns you 25 GOO

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 7
After tapping Homer

Frank Grimes Ghost:
Homer Simpsons!  It is me, Frank Grimes…the only man to ever truly hate you.
Homer: Grimsey ol’ buddy!  Great to see you, pal!  How’re you doing, amigo?
Frank Grimes Ghost: Poorly!  I killed myself acting like an idiot.  And the idiot I was acting like was you.
Homer: Sounds like my best friend is looking to be appeased.
Frank Grimes Ghost: I want you to go to the power plant and tell everyone how I was always better than you.
Make Homer Praise Frank Grimes– 12hrs (will earn you 5 GOO)
Keep Apu free when complete
Lenny: No doubt about it, Frank Grimes was a great guy.
Carl: But you know who’s better?  Homer.  For saying such nice things about Frank.
Frank Grimes Ghost: Dammit!
Completed Quest Goal earns you 25 GOO

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 8
After tapping on Apu

Apu: These ghosts are driving me crazy.  They look into the future and tell everyone tomorrow’s winning scratcher numbers. I’m going to reincarnate them as birds.  Let’s see what it sounds like when doves cry!
Ned: I’m going to sprinkle holy water on them
Frink (if you have him): I’m going to argue them away by pointing out that according to science they can’t exist.
Make Apu Reincarnate Ghosts– 24hrs (earns you 10 GOO)
Make Ned Sprinkle Ghosts with Holy Water
– 24hrs (earns you 10 GOO)
Make Frink Have an Epistemological Argument with Ghosts
– 24hrs (earns you 15 GOO, because he’s premium & premium characters earn 50% more)
At this point these tasks will now unlock for all 3 of these characters and you can do them regularly to earn more GOO.
Completed Quest Goal earns you 25 GOO
Keep Homer free when complete

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 9
After tapping Homer

Homer: Finally, a ghost with a sense of style.
James Bont Ghost: My name is Bont.  James Bont.  British secret agent supreme.  At least, I was until you got me killed by Hank Scorpio.
james bont1
Homer: Yeah, Hank still sends me candies at Christmas for that.
James Bont Ghost: To appease my fury, you must let me take over your body, fight supervillains, and make love to a beautiful exotic woman.
Homer: Well, I was supposed to work today, but I guess I can call in possessed.
Make Homer Get possessed by Bont & Live Another Day– 12hrs (earns you 5 GOO)
Completed Quest Goal earns you 25 GOO
Keep Lisa free when complete

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 10
After tapping Lisa

Lisa: Pardon me, Mrs. Gypsy, but my dad appeased Maude Flanders, Frank Grimes and James Bont.  How come we’re still haunted?
Gypsy: I feel the presence of other, older spirits who are angry at this town, I sense unspeakable horror… and a tent.
Lisa: Sounds like my last Girl Scout camping trip.  Just kidding.  Girl Scouts are great.  Please don’t cut off my cookies.  Anyway, my only clue is an old tent.  Time to do some research in back issues of our town’s longest continuously published newspaper:  The Springfield Elementary Daily 4th Gradian.
Reach Level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Make Lisa Research Old History-
24hrs (earns you 10 GOO)
Completed Quest Goal earns you 25 GOO

The Ghost in the Machine-based App Pt. 11
After tapping Homer

James Bont Ghost: I say Homer, can I possess you one more time?  All my missions end with me making love to a beautiful and exotic woman.
Homer: Well, okay.  But don’t tell my wife.
James Bont Ghost: That’ll be tricky.  The woman I’m thinking of IS your wife.
Reach Level 16 and Build the Gilded Truffle
Make Homer Get Possessed by Bont and Romance Marge-
8hrs (will earn you 3 GOO)
Make Marge Spend Time with Possessed Homer-
8hrs (will earn you 3 GOO)
Keep Moe & Lisa Free when complete
Homer: Marge, how was your date with us?
Marge: Fantastic!  Although James Bont had this really weird thing for my hair.
Completed Quest Goal earns you 25 GOO

I’ll be soon with the rest of the main questline walkthrough and another special “treat” from EA!

14 responses to “Tapped Out Halloween Walkthrough: The Ghost in the Machine-based App Parts 5-11

  1. Won’t let me build the Gilded Truffle and I am Lvl 16?WTH

    • There is a difference between XP levels and game play levels. In other words, your XP could have you at level 20…but your game play…you may only have finished walkthroughs to level 15. Double check the game walkthroughs and see what else you need to complete to unlock it.

  2. Hmm, mine seems to have taken a different path. I just finished part 6 and it then took me into a quest to have Homer be the strongman for 12 hours in a quest called Impress Rubes with his Strength.

    • That’s the Strongman Homer questline. You can avoid that questline if you tap on Homer and switch him from his Strongman costume back to his regular white and blue outfit.

  3. For part 8, you wrote Frink (if you have him), which I assume means I can complete the task/quest without having to purchase Frink. Is that correct? Thanks.

    • Yes, if you don’t have Frink it won’t come up as a requirement. And you can move on with just Flanders and Apu. But if you have Frink you must send him on the task in order to complete that part of the quest.

  4. Im on part 8, and Apu is currently on day 1 of the 7 day task 🙁 will there be enough time to complete the rest after he has finished!?

  5. My part 6 didnt automatically start? Instead i had a totally different quest asking homer to eat the pumpkin house?

  6. Add sicardo66 I’m currently on part 11. I’ve always been keeping up with my building quests but since the Halloween update I unlocked Tonys compound, learning Anex, Springfield hospital and el chemistri and only have enough cash for one currently 🙁

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