Housekeeping Item

Hey Tappers!

Just a little Housekeeping Note: we’ve upgraded our web address to  It was planned to do this all along, only after the addition of a vast majority of the backlogged content we have waiting to be added, but with the Level 33 release today we’ve decided to go forward and make the change now!

Happy Tapping!

-TSTO Addicts

4 responses to “Housekeeping Item

  1. I’m about 1/2 way thru level 34…Must have missed Wiggums and Snake to get the cops or SWAT. Can I recover?

    • Are you on Level 34 XP points? Or Level 34 Game Play? There is a difference. The number at the bottom of your screen is your XP point level. Your game play level will be determined by what questlines/ walkthroughs you have completed. Feel free to browse our walkthrough section and see where you are as far as the game play. What you have completed, built, still need, etc. Below is the link for Eddie & Lou. See if you are to that point in game play yet. Hope that helps 😉

      • Where’d my reply go? In cyberspace, no doubt. Trying again: TYVM=Thank you very much. In reply, I’m at Level 34 XPs. Question: The number in front of my neighbor’s names when you click on Bart/Milhouse: Is that Level XP or game play? I want to compare my TSTO progress.

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