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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Complete Squidport

Hello Tappers!

Back with another walkthrough for you.  Since we’re caught up-to-date with the newest Walkthroughs (including Level 31, 32, 33 and Krustyland) we figured it was time to take a little trip back to the start of the summer, for some of us, and the introduction of Squidport.  Now some of you may still be working on Squidport and some of you may not quite be there yet.  This walkthrough was created with you in mind.

Happy Tapping Friends!

Collected Squidport Walkthroughs:
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Squidport Premium 

Looking for more Tapped Out Walkthroughs?  Check out our Walkthrough page,  if you don’t see the level you’re currently working on keep checking back.  We’re always adding new level Walkthroughs.

2D 101/Basics

Bunny here again. I’ve noticed many people exclaiming that they want to make a 2D design, but are scared or feel like they just don’t know how to start. I’m here to tell you that’s OK. I was very nervous at first. Made 100’s of designs that just didn’t look the way I thought they should. I wish I had screenshot ability then to show you. You would giggle right along with me. I didn’t think at that time to make more realistic looking items. So the majority of them more resembled old school 8 bit games and graphics, which still look cool. So let’s get down to the basics.


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WAWW… Squidport Part Deux

Here is my continuation from Part Uno posted Yesterday… WAWW is short for What a Wookiee Wants btw…

Starting off, this is not really a part of the Squidport but a building I want, want, want to put in front of it.  I picture this sort of like the Open Air Stage but where EA could bring us all the music celebrity cameos that have appeared in the show i.e. Green Day, Aerosmith, etc.


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Hey, Where’d They Go?! Keeping track of Characters

TSTO Character locator
As more and more characters join the game, it can be a real problem keeping track of them all.   While having more characters in the game is great, more characters=more money made, but as the land keeps expanding it’s getting harder and harder to tap every character.  When you’re constantly searching for a character it can begin to feel a bit like you’re playing Where’s Waldo and not Tapped Out.

The way TSTO has been updating lately, it may not be long before we see 100+ characters in the game.  And while, in a perfect world, we’d all love it if EA added some kind of character-locator feature to our games it may be awhile before it actually happens.  However, there is a helpful tool in the game that can help tappers locate their characters faster.  Here’s what you do:

From your main game screen press the 4-way arrows, move-stuff button, in the bottom right corner:
TSTO Character Locator 1
Then close the “eyes” for the buildings and decorations (just tap the Simpson house and the park bench and tree in the bottom right):
TSTO Character Locator 4   TSTO Character Locator 5
This will cause all structures and decorations to become translucent, however your characters will remain in full color.  At this point you should be able to easily spot the missing character. 

Here you can see it helped me find Eddie lurking behind the Post Office:
TSTO Character Locator 3
Hopefully this method will help make locating characters a little easier for you while we all anxiously await a character-locator feature from EA!

Do you have other methods that work well for you when it comes to locating characters?  Please, share them below.



“Better Them Than Me”…Volume and Notification Controls

Happy Monday Tappers!
It’s been a crazy weekend here at Addicts, so I figured I’d get our Monday rolling with a simple post, about a problem I see coming up a lot in Forums and game reviews, and that’s “How the heck to I get Homer to stop saying ‘better them than me?!'”
Have you ever been in a meeting at work or at a function where things are fairly quiet in the room and all of a sudden you hear Homer blaring on your phone…’Better them than me..oh wait that was me!’?  I think it’s safe to say its happened to all of us, at least, once or twice.  Well here’s a couple of quick and simple steps you can take to make sure you permanently turn Homer off, with out having to shut your phone volume off completely.

To do this, go to your build menu or the get more menu (for buying donuts): 

TSTO Volume Notifications2
Tap on the small “i” in the top right of the menu:
TSTO Volume Notifications1 TSTO Volume Notifications3
This is what you’ll see once you tap the “i”:
TSTO Volume Notifications3
You’ll want to make sure your Music Volume is completely turned down, your SFX Volume is all the way down, and your push notifications are turned off.  (This is also a good time to make sure your Confirm Donut Spend is on.  You can find out more about Confirm Donut Spend here).

Here’s another little tip….if you tap on “View”, you’ll also open up all sorts of other information about the game, including a fairly basic set of “Help” instructions:
TSTO Volume Notifications4

So there you have it.  Now you can enjoy playing tapped out at work, school, or anywhere with out worrying about Homer tipping others off!  Although I have to admit, while I currently have all sounds and notifications turned off, the “Better them than me” has come up on my phone in some pretty hilarious situations and usually had people looking around wondering who the heck said that!