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A long time ago in a Springfield far, far away….

As an avid Star Wars fan and rabid Wookiee, I found myself all over the “web” searching for Simpsons Star Wars pictures and suddenly thought, how cool would it be if a special week or two of the game was dedicated to one of the best… movies… EVER?

So here are my ideas.  To start, EA could offer more special costumes for characters.

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Wookieecorp brings you… Itchy & Scratchy by Bunny

Here’s another How-To from my 2D Hero…. the one and only Bunny Da Vinci…. You stay classy Tapperinos!

“They fight, they bite, They bite and fight and bite, Fight fight fight, bite bite bite, The Itchy & Scratchy Show!”

Welcome to the next part of the “Mind of a Madwoman”. Lol.

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How Long Until My Crops Die on Cletus’s Farm?

We’ve all been there, or seen a neighbor there.  Forgot you were growing a crop on the farm and walked away for too long only to come back to a bunch of dead crops!  It’s a pretty crummy feeling, especially because you have to pay money to grow crops.  Almost as if you just wasted good money for a pile of junk, should have grown weeds!

So just how long do you have to walk away from the game, until a crop dies?  Well the answer is pretty simple:

  • Weeds- 45 seconds to grow, 45 seconds to wilt (if only real weeds died this fast!)
  • Perfection- 45 seconds to grow, 3 seconds to wilt (stupid Perfection!)
  • Tomacco- 60 minutes to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Silvertounge- 8 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Triffids- 12 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt (And no they won’t end your game)
  • Moonshine- 24 hours to grow, 24 hours to wilt
  • Corn- 90 days to grow, 3 days to wilt

As you can see, Perfection is the biggest pain in this game and dies quick.  So my suggestion is if you’re going to plant Perfection watch it grow so you can harvest it right away…otherwise you might be cleaning up a dead pile of flowers!

Afraid you’ll be away too long to Harvest a crop?  Well if you have some kind neighbors they can always click on a wilted crop and help bring it back to life.  Remember to be kind to your neighbors, if you see their crop has wilted help bring it back to life–and they might just return the favor for you!

TSTO cletuts's farm tomacco

If I Plant Triffids, Will They End My Game?

TSTO triffids
A common question comes up among new TSTO players whenever they see the grow list on Cletus’s Farm, and that’s ‘What happens when you grow Triffids?  Why does it say End of Humanity?  Will it end my game?’ (ok so that’s 3 questions)

Don’t worry, Triffids are not going to wipe out villages like the plague, and I promise it won’t even end your game!  Humanity will be just fine, well for one more day anyway.  If you decide to be brave and grow Triffids all that will happen is you’ll gain a lotta xp after the 12 hours are up, however they do not yield cash.  To prove to you it’s safe to grow them, here’s a screen shot from my town just this morning after my Triffids were ready to be harvested:
TSTO Triffids ready to harvest
So if you’re thinking growing Triffids be brave, take a deep breath and push the button!  Then relax and while you gain xp!

Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 33 Part 4

Hey Tappers!

Back with the 4th and final part of the Level 33 Main Quest walkthrough!  Miss the first 3 parts?  You can find them here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.
When we last left off Eddie, Lou and Chief Wiggum were rounding up, just about, all of the residents of Springfield and arresting them for anything and everything under the sun.  We continue the walkthrough with Chief Wiggum realizing, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to arrest kids…
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Help! I Accidently Started Growing Corn on Cletus’s Farm! How Do I Get Out of It?

Been there done that! Luckily canceling a crop while it’s growing is easier than brewing moonshine (although not as tasty)!
Here’s what you do:

1) Open up your move menu (arrows on the bottom right of the screen) and tap on Cletus’s Farm:

tsto cletus farm
2) Once you’ve selected the farm it will be highlighted in green (or red). Tap the cardboard box (inventory) and select the blue Store button:

tsto cletus farm cancel crop
3) Next open up your inventory (accessed via the build menu & again the cardboard box) and tap on Cletus’s Farm and place it back where it was.

That’s it you’re all done! Now you can get back that high quality moonshine!
TSTO Cletus

How Do I Get the Jebediah Springfield Statue?

So you’re new to TSTO and you’re finally getting the hang out how things work. Now that you’re in full swing of the game you’ve been spending more time exploring other Springfields. Then you see it…right there is your Neighorino’s town is a Jebediah Springfield Statue, and you want it. You start frantically searching the available decorations only to come up empty! And you start to wonder ‘How the heck did they get that statue if it’s not for sale, using cash or donuts?!’ Maybe you think you missed out on a limited-time event and think you’re out of luck. Well have no fear you haven’t missed out on anything, you too can own the coveted Jebediah Springfield Statue, and surprisingly it’s really easy to get!

You need to make sure good ole’ Homer J Simpson is available for this:
1) Start Homer on an easy outdoor task, playing with his My Pad is usually best for this.
2) While Homer is busy tapping away on his My Pad, you need to get your tapping finger busy and tap Homer 10 times, quickly.
Homer should laugh (a lot) and tell you to stop, but don’t listen to him! If his task screen comes up- ignore it and keep tapping.
Tap until you see the Jebediah Statue icon pop up:
TSTOjeb statue box
As an added bonus you’ll also get 10 FREE donuts! A nice little hidden bonus from the master minds at EA!

PS Once you’ve tapped OK on the Statue box you can find Jeb in your inventory.

Bonus Level Up!

So you’ve reached the last level that’s currently out for the game, and I bet you’re thinking “Well, there’s no point in playing until a new level update comes out now”. Well you couldn’t be more wrong!

Once you’ve maxed out the highest level available you’ll notice your XP bar goes from blue to pink and a little gift box appears at the end of the bar:
TSTO Bonus Level XP Bar
This indicates that you have enough XP to move on to the next level (whenever it comes out) but you’re now working on the bonus level! 
Once you fill the XP bar you’re presented with a pop up screen with 3 gift boxes that looks like this:
TSTO Bonus level up
Your bonus is you get to select one of those boxes. Each box contains 1, 2 or 3 donuts, so tap wisely!

The neat thing about the bonus level is if you don’t select 3 donuts on the first tap you can buy another box, additional boxes cost $50,000/ea. Keep in mind however that if you’ve already chosen the box with 2 donuts for free it’s possible your paid choice could only have 1 donut in it, although this does happen you can buy another turn!
TSTO Bonus level up2
Donuts do not accumulate on the individual bonus game. So say on your free tap you chose the box that contains 1 donut and decide to buy another chance,  the second box contained 2 donuts, they don’t accumulate so you’d now have 3 donuts. The total number of donuts awarded is the number is the last box tapped.

Think of the bonus level as a place keeper until the newest level is released. As soon as that level comes out you’ll level up again and start the process all over!

Keep this in mind when playing for the bonus game: Once a new level is released, no matter where you are on the bonus XP bar, it automatically goes back to 0 to start the level. So if you’re really close to the bonus game and an update is expected any day try to max out the bonus XP ASAP! (buying weather stations and volleyball courts is a good way to do this)

Good luck!