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How Do I Build A Bridge in My Town?


Another item you may covet from a neighbor’s Springfield is a bridge. You’ve searched and searched for that stinkin’ bridge, only to come up empty handed. The good news is, once you know how, the bridges are FREE and so easy to build even Ralph Wiggum could do it! (well maybe not that easy!)

Here’s what you do:
-Build a river …ideally it’s at least 3 squares long.2015-07-29 13.16.23  -Next build a road across the river you just built.

2015-07-29 13.16.45

Voila you now have a bridge! I told you it was easy!

2015-07-29 13.16.52

How do I get rid of “Lazy” Neighbor-eenos?

Updated: 9/24/13 to include the Origin PC/MAC Program for easier account management.  Check out the post here: Origin Program

So you want to rid your account of some “dead weight” in the form of inactive players huh? Well if you’re using iOS
to play the good news is it’s pretty simple to do. The bad news if you’re an Android user…it’s not so simple.

First up: iOS
1) Start up your game and go to your neighborino page.
2) Tap the Orange Origin logo (with the +) on the bottom right to bring up your Origin task bar.
3) Make sure your “My Friends” list is showing
4) Find the friend you’d like to delete
5) Click on their photo to visit their Origin Profile (don’t worry you don’t leave the game)
6) Click on the plus sign just under their profile photo and this will bring up the “remove friend” option.
7) Tap this and like magic “poof” they’re gone!

Congratulations iOS Users you’ve officially gotten rid of that pesky Neighborino! If only Homer could get rid of Flanders that easily!

My Android friends…I’m sorry it’s not as easy!

To remove friends on your Origin Account via Android you must login to your account on the Origin Website.
1) Go to your neighborino screen and write down the EXACT names of any friends you wish to delete.
2) After you’ve compiled your list go to origin.com and click the login option at the very top of the site.
3) Enter your origin ID and password to login (this is the same info you use in the game)
4) Once it takes you to your main origin page highlight over My Account and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Privacy Settings:

5) Scroll down to the Block List

6) Here’s where that list of names comes into play: type the name of the Friend you wish to delete into the Block User Box and hit block:

Repeat this step for all the friends you wish to delete.
7) That’s it…you’ve officially eliminated those annoying Neighborinos!

p.s. In case you were wondering the Android method also works for iOS users.

Are You A Homer Simpson or A Ned Flanders Kinda Neighbor?

The more you play TSTO the more you start to realize that visiting your neighbors and tapping their buildings doesn’t just earn you Cash/Tickets and XP it also helps (or hurts) your neighbor as well.

So You Wanna Be A Flanders Huh?
If you really want to help your friends the most you should tap on the buildings that take the longest time to generate income (ie: Burns Manor, Duff Stadium, Mt. Krustmore etc). Why you ask? Because tapping on these buildings restarts the earning clock on that building. So now when they get back to their own town they can collect the previous cash on the building AND have the clock already progressed into the next income cycle!

Also, if you see any dead crops in your friend’s town you might want to show them your green thumb and tap away. Tapping dead crops not only brings them back to life for your friend, but it also generates cash and XP for you!

To Homer or Not to Homer?
Some of the buildings in TSTO do not generate income (Town Hall, MOE’s Tavern, Police Station & Springfield Elementary). When you visit your neighbors town these will either have a Spray Can Over them or a Mop. While either action generates cash & XP for you, think before you vandalize. Vandalizing your neighbor’s buildings can negatively change their righteousness rating, it can also impact yours! However, cleaning graffiti off of a building will positively change both yours and your neighbor’s righteousness rating.

Whomever you decide to be, put a little thought into it and choose wisely!

Being A Social Butterfly: Visiting Friends

Once a day you can visit your Friends towns and tap up to 3 of their buildings to collect cash and XP. With the Krustyland Update you can also visit their Krustyland and collect tickets! (note: you cannot collect cash from 3 buildings and then collect tickets from 3 attractions at Krustyland. You can ONLY tap up to 3 buildings TOTAL between your friends Springfield and Krustyland per day, greedy pants!)

And don’t worry you don’t need to tap and collect all the money/tickets and XP that come flying out of the buildings, you can just tap the building/attraction and move on to the next town. Like EA magic the money will automatically be added to your account (this goes for the bonus XP you get for visit a friends town and completing 3 tasks as well, even if you leave before you see the box)!

Why Won’t it Let Me Add Friends?!

If you’re unable to add more friends it could be for a few reasons: 
1) You’ve already reached the max of 100 friends

2) The person you’re trying to add has already reached their 100 friend max. 

If you know for certain you have well under the 100 friend limit just move onto the next name on your list to add. If you’re adding someone from a posting on an EA Forum or other site they often get maxed out quickly. If you’re finding you can’t add a lot of names on your list try adding your name to the Tapped-Out Origin ID page, and others will add you. 

How Many Neighbor-eenos Can I Have?

100 friends is the most the game will allow you to have.

Your friends get an error message if they try to add you when you’ve already reached the limit – and the same thing happens if you try to add someone who already has 100 friends.

Most likely the limit is due to server capacity. The Origin social servers sometimes have problems keeping things running smoothly.  And don’t worry you’ll probably find that 100 friends is more than enough, even during special events.

DO NOT ADD YOUR FRIEND REQUESTS HERE.  Friends can be found and added on these threads: http://tstoaddicts.com/category/add-tsto-friends/

Any friend requests on this post will be deleted.  I promise you’ll make LOADS more friends on the Add Friends feed than anywhere else on this site! 

How Do I Add Neighbor-eenos?

The info on this post is a bit outdated since they’ve made several changes to Origin/EA.  Check out this post for some better information:

In case you didn’t know TSTO is a social game and one of highlights of the game is getting to visit “other Springfields” and see what your friends have done! (not to mention you can collect money Krustyland tickets & xp from visiting your neighbors) So get on it and add some Neighbor-eenos already!

Not sure how to do it? Well first things first you’ll need to create an origin account. Creating an origin account not only allows you to add friends to the game, but it also allows you to save the game (so if your device decides to crash your town is safe). So follow the in game instructions about creating an account (you get free donuts when you do…mmm donuts), just click on the origin logo to get started.

Assuming you’ve created your origin account adding friends is really easy. First, tap the Milhouse and Bart icon on the bottom right of your Springfield screen:

This will take you to your Neighbor-eeno screen. Here’s where there’s a difference in the Android and iOS.

If using Android:

On the bottom right you’ll see another Milhouse and Bart icon, but this time it will have a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up a “Add Friends” box on your screen:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

If using iOS:
On the bottom right you’ll see the orange Origin logo with a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up the Origin Task bar:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

When you’ve finished adding friends just click the Simpson House icon on the bottom right of the screen and it will take you right back to your town.

Why Can’t I Click On The ______ Task In My Character’s Task box?

Some characters have separation anxiety and have a hard time doing certain tasks alone. Usually if you’re unable to click on a task in your character’s task box (it’s a locked task) it’s because they need a “buddy” to do the task with and they aren’t free yet. Here’s a list (as of level 32/Krustyland) of the needy characters and the tasks they need a buddy for:

Smithers: Exercise for Mr. Burns- As the task title includes Mr. Burns’ name in it, it’s pretty easy to remember that both Smithers and Mr. Burns need to be free for this 1 hour task

Lisa: Babysit Rod & Todd- Before level 32 was released Lisa used to be able to complete this 8hr task on her now, however now that Rod & Todd have been introduced into the game it makes sense that the task includes them now too. After all if Rod & Todd are on the see-saw who exactly is Lisa watching inside the Flanders house? So if you want to send Lisa on a babysitting adventure make sure Rod & Todd are free to be sat!

Rod & Todd: Play on the see-saw with Todd/Rod- As the title suggests you’ll need both Rod & Todd free to complete this 4hr task, because with only 1 character it would be a see with no saw!

Legs & Louie: Interrogate a Squealer- This 60 minute task requires both Legs and Louie as it takes two mobsters to “drown a rat”!

Agnes Skinner: Go On A Date With Comic Book Guy- As the title suggests this 2 hr “Cougar” task requires both Agnes and Comic Book Guy. So if you want to send Agnes out on a date with Comic Book Guy make sure her “boy toy” is free!

Miss. Springfield: Enjoy an Evening With The Mayor- This premium humorous 3 minute (!) task requires both Ms. Springfield and Mayor Quimby to be free. After all it’s not a scandal unless the Mayor is present!

Mr. Burns: Ride the Ferris Wheel- This premium 10 hr task for Mr. Burns can be a little tricky to figure out why it’s not working. After all it doesn’t include anyone else’s name in the title. Mr. Burns is afraid to ride the, as he calls it, “Pleasure Wheel” by himself because he “lacks sufficient body weight to keep from being gusted away at the top” and he needs Smithers to ride with him and hold him. Naturally Smithers is all too happy to assist. So if you want Mr. Burns to go for a spin around the Ferris Wheel you’ll have to make sure Smithers is free to ride too.

There are some limited-time characters that have tasks on their quest line that require a regular character to complete. The best way to see if another character is required is to check in the task list and see what it says is required to complete the task. Here’s an example of Rex Banner’s task box:

So when all else fails just check the task box and see if another character is required to unlock the task!

Turbo Tappin’ Level 32: Rod and Todd

turbo tappin' rod and todd

Lisa Gets Level 32 Started

Rod and Todd Prelude
After tapping Lisa

Reach Level 32 and Build Sir Putt-A-Lot’s -24 hrs
Keep Homer free when build is complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 1
Homer starts

Make Rod Go Home- 4hrs
Make Todd Go Home- 4hrs
Keep Ned and Lisa free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 2
Ned starts

Make Lisa Babysit Rod and Todd 8hrs (both Rod and Todd are required)
Keep Marge, Rod and Todd free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 3
Marge starts

Place a See Saw
Make Rod and Todd Play on the See Saw– 4hrs

Rod and Todd Pt. 4
Rod starts

Make Rod Go for a Checkup- 10m
Make Todd Go for a Checkup- 10m
Keep Ned Free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 5
Ned starts

Make Rod Go to School- 6hrs
Make Todd Go to School- 6hrs
Keep Ned Free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 6
Ned starts

Make Rod Go to Sunday School-12hrs
Make Todd Go to Sunday School- 12hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete

Rod and Tod Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Place Monkey Bars
Make Rod Swing on the Monkey Bars- 24 hrs
Keep Tood free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 8
Todd starts

Make Rod Play Bible Blaster- 8hrs
Make Todd Eat Sugar- 8hrs
Keep Lisa free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 9
Lisa starts

Make Rod Pray- 1hr
Keep Todd free when complete

Rod and Todd Pt. 10
Todd starts

Make Todd Shop at the Kwik E Mart– 1hr

This ends the Rod and Todd quest for level 32. Bread and Putter is up next! 

Ned starts the Bread and Putter quest off..
Bread and Putter Pt. 1
Ned starts 

Make Ned Set up a Minigolf Tournament– 12hrs
Make Homer Set up a Minigolf Tournament
– 12hrs
Keep Ned free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 2
Ned starts

Make Bart Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Rod Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Nelson Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Keep Ned free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 3
Ned starts

Make Todd Go Minigolfing– 24hrs
Make Lisa Go Minigofling
– 24hrs
Make Martin Go Minigolfing
– 24hrs
Keep Homer free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Milhouse Go Minigolfing- 24hrs
Make Ralph Go Minigolfing-
Keep Homer free when complete

Bread and Putter Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Bart Go Minigolfing– 24hrs
Make Todd Go Minigolfing-
Make Ralph Go Minigolfing-

And with that you’ve officially completed the level 32 Main Quest!  Looking for more Tapped Out Walkthroughs?  Check out our Walkthroughs Page for help with all levels and quests in The Simpsons Tapped Out!

Ah! I Accidentally Sent Apu on a 7 Day Kwik-E-Mart Shift! Can I get out of it without having to spend Donuts?

While I’m sure Apu would love the 7 day break from having to feed the octuplets, don’t worry canceling the task (or any task) can easily be done!

Much like canceling a crop on Cletus’s farm tasks can be canceled by placing the character, the building they arrive in the game in, or the building they’re currently using to complete the task into inventory.

If the character is doing an outdoor task and didn’t come with a building you would simply place that character into storage, here’s how:

-Find the character you’d like to cancel the task for and then click the move button on your screen (arrows in the bottom right corner). Then click on the character you’d like to store (in this example we’re going to cancel the Advertise Burgers 24 hr task for the SVT) and click on the storage button, the cardboard box:

-When it asks if you’d like to store the character click the blue store button:

-Your character is now located in your inventory (which should automatically come up) and you can place them back in the game and start them on a new task.

-If a character is completing an indoor task all you have to do is put the building they’re using into your storage. This will kick the character out of the building and off of the task. Once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task.

-The final option to cancel a task is to put the building that the character came with (for Apu that would be the Kwik-E-Mart, for Bart it’s the Tree House etc) into storage. Again once you’ve added it to storage you can immediately place the building back into your game and assign the character to a different task. Be careful with this though, as some buildings came with more than 1 character (MOE’s for example came with Marge & Moe) and putting the building into storage would result in both characters getting kicked off tasks.

Now that you know how to correct the mistake, you don’t have to worry about running through donuts to fix a silly mistake and you can save them for more important things.