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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Krustyland…The Krusty-est Place on Earth Part 3

TSTO Krustyland attractions
We last left our walkthrough with Nelson and Lisa on a date in Krustyland.  They were last spotted at the Haunted Condo Ride.  We pick things up with the end of the ride and Lisa trying to comfort a scared Nelson…

The Krusty-est Place on Earth Pt. 31
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What a Wookiee wants… MORE KRUSTYLAND!!!

So I am super stoked about Krustyland!  I am from Southern California and theme parks are near and dear to me.  As I realized this new expansion is based on one of my favorite theme park rides, I did some digging in to what other possible rides could be added to the game in the future.  This info partially comes from the Simpsons Wiki so please show that site some love if you’ve never been there.  As you’ll see from the list below, there are tons of things EA could hook us up with in the future.  Here is the map that guests at Universal get to see when they go on the ride.  You’ll see tiny blurry numbers on the left which is the list I have provided below.

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Hey! Who are all these people?

Notice a bunch of random people walking around your Krustyland?  Wondering who the heck they are?  Well if you ask Krusty they’re “The dregs of humanity….(aka) Customers”.  As you move further along in the Krustyland Quest you’ll notice more and more visitors appear in your park, some carrying knives and axes, but don’t worry they’re not there to hurt you!
tsto krustyland visitors
The visitors that appear in your Krustyland are directly related to your Krust-o-Meter rating.  Unlike in Springfield, where your Conform-o-Meter generates a bonus multiplier, the Krust-o-Meter generates visitors who earn tickets.  The higher your Krust-o-Meter, the more visitors will appear. Continue reading

Ticket to Ride: Breaking Down the Krustyland Attractions

So by now most Tapped Out players should be well into the Krustyland expansion, but you may be noticing that the higher you go the more expensive the attractions cost.  So for those who like to prepare and budget their tickets here’s a complete break down of the Krustyland Attractions.
TSTO Krustyland attractions
So fasten your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times because away we go!  Continue reading

Hey Hey It’s Sideshow…YOU!

sideshow you TSTO Krustyland
Sideshow You is a free to play mini game inside Krustyland that awards tappers with free tickets.  Think of it as Krusty’s way of giving back to the Krustyland patrons, or as he puts it: “Now any jerk — I mean, “respected patron” — can waltz in and get free Tickets.”

Here are some of the basics to Sideshow You:
-Level 22 or higher is required to build.
-Build is prompted by Part 15 of the Krustyland Quest
-Only 1 Sideshow You allowed in Krustyland
-1,000 tickets to build, but it is an instant build.
-Every 8 hours you have the chance to pop 3 balloons, each balloon contains free ticket prizes!
-Unlike the Bonus Level Up! game tickets do accumulate, so your free ticket award is the total amount behind all 3 popped balloons
-Similar to the Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-R, although it’s completely free to play!
-After 299 tries, you will win 5 FREE donuts.
-The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150 and minimum is 15.
-Behind each balloon is either 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tickets, 50 tickets, or rare 5 donuts (again prices do accumulate, so your total prize amount is the total of all 3 balloons popped).

TSTO sideshow you balloons
Sideshow You Odds (per balloon popped):

  • 5 tickets- 20%
  • 10 tickets- 40%
  • 25 tickets- 30%
  • 50 tickets- 9%
  • 5 Donuts- 1%

The maximum amount of tickets you can win is 150, what was your best Sideshow You ticket haul?

Behind the Game: Why Do Some Characters Have Voices and Other’s Don’t?

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!
When Levels 30, 31, & 33 were introduced into TSTO fellow Tappers saw, less than regular, Simpsons characters unlocked and they they were all voiced (Eddie, Lou, Wolfcastle, and even Herman!) But, Mrs. Krabappel, Martin and Milhouse are all regular characters on the Simpsons, yet their voice is strangely absent from The Simpsons Tapped Out.  Why is that?
TSTO homer thinking
In all honesty? I don’t really know but I’m sure it has a lot to do with royalties and licensing. Here’s what I do know, so far the only characters in the game that are voiced are those that are voiced by the 6 lead Simpsons actors – Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

Wonder what that means for future characters added to Tapped Out? Well here’s a list of characters that are voiced by the main actors. With this list we should be able to figure out which future characters are likely to have a voice and which ones will be permanently on mute!

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