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Another 2D Journey from Wookieecorp (Emperor Moe)

My latest 2D happened quite by accident.  My friend and 2D admirer, Em Cha from www.tapped-out.co.uk. and TopiX posted some requests for 2Ds on the site to the resident artists (Shelfcleaner, Bunny and myself).  We all agreed on the images we wanted to do and I chose Moe.

I am a big fan of The Simpsons Movie and really loved the scenes under the dome with Emperor Moe!  I also found some humor in thinking of this next piece of art as being the “Em”peror.  I chose two images to make this piece mainly because of detail in Moe’s traffic cone crown that were blocked out in the first image.

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Is It Better To Vandalize or Leave My Neighbor’s Buildings Alone?

Every time you visit a friend’s town you’re presented with a decision… ”Should I ‘tag’ their towns or tap their other buildings?” Your Angel or Devil on the shoulder moment if you will.
There are currently 4 buildings in everyone’s town that can be ‘tagged’, or spray painted. These buildings are:

-Springfield Elementary
-Springfield Police Station
-Town Hall
-Moe’s Tavern

While most buildings accumulate income and allow you to reset the income timer by tapping on them when visiting a neighbor, however the four buildings above do not generate any income of their own. In order to have a payout from these buildings you must clean up the spray painted mess a neighbor has created. In return your neighbor gains cash and XP for both vandalizing and cleaning up your town for you.

Before you get your tapping finger locked and loaded to hit those spray cans, let’s review some Pros and Cons on Vandalizing a neighbor’s town… Continue reading

Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: I Am Lugash!

TSTO Lugash
Lugash was originally released as part of the Whacking Day Event.  While Lugash and his gym have always been for donut purchase, Gymnastics Lisa was a costume for Lisa that was awarded with the balance beam when you whacked 1000 snakes.  (Gymnastics Lisa utilizes Lugash’s gym to help boost her gym grade)  The Lugash quest line is below, and it starts once you’ve purchased Lugah’s Gym for 175 Donuts.
New Character Unlock!
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Crash Test Dummies

TSTO Game Crashing
Yesterday Alissa looked at what happens when Bart unplugs your game, and you can’t connect to the servers.  But what happens when you’re in the middle of collecting money from your Springfield and your game suddenly freezes and completely crashes?  Or worse yet, what do you do when it happens constantly after only a few minutes of playing? 

If this happens to you (often) the good news is there are some simple things you can take to try and see if it helps solve the crashing problem.   So if you’re one of the Tappers who constantly have their Springfield crashing try these solutions first to see if the crashing is solved: Continue reading