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No New Tasks Are Coming Up to Help Me Move Forward, What Do I Do?!

There are times when Tapped Out is like a small child, it demands your constant care and attention – and if it doesn’t get it, it acts up! One annoying outburst from your game is when new tasks don’t appear right away, and it can feel like your game is stuck in neutral.

Sometimes those glorious exclamation marks, indicating new tasks, appear right away and sometimes they act up and take a little while to appear. So, if you’re someone quick to collect money from your characters’ jobs and quickly tap them into new jobs, you may not be giving the game enough time to generate the new tasks you need to progress. The new tasks can also be delayed if your characters are on jobs that run different time lengths. As a result, they may not be ready to start a key task as soon as another character finishes the task that comes before it.

How can you prevent these task delays? Well the best way would be to collect money and XP from buildings and jobs first. Once it’s all collected, then you can circle back through your Springfield and first search for the exclamation bubbles. Once you’ve located the characters for the new tasks, you can then send your remaining characters on jobs. You’ll want to try your best to give your other characters jobs that go for about the same amount of time as the exclamation mark characters. By doing this, your new tasks should come up as soon as you need them.

Hopefully this helps you find tasks quicker so you can progress through TSTO at a steady rate! Still having problems? Check out our Walkthroughs to see what character is required and when, this should ensure you have the correct characters free at the right time.
Happy Tapping Friends!


This post is by one of our Friends from TopiX, the one and only Em.  She has been a huge supporter of this site and we love this newest post from her!  Every one can use a little happy is their life… especially Addicts!

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Help! The Servers Are Down, What Do I Do?!

TSTO Server Issues
Ever see our friend Bart pulling the plug on your game?  Doesn’t it drive you crazy?  Almost makes you want to smack Bart around a little bit doesn’t it?

Usually when you first see Bart appear panic sets in, and you start to think ‘Ahhh, What happened?’ ‘What did I do?’  ‘What can I do?’  ‘WHERE DID MY SPRINGFIELD GO?!’ ‘WHY YOU LITTLE…’
Well first of all…R-E-L-A-X.  There’s nothing you can do.  So, don’t panic.  Just wait and be patient.  It’s a problem with the servers, and they’ll come back up again they always do (usually within a couple of hours).  And I promise you…your Springfield will still be there when they come back up.  I know it’s hard for us Addicts, but TRY to find something else to do until the servers come back up.

Starting to get TSTO withdrawals?  Here are some more proactive things you can do while you deal with the servers being down:

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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: The Model Life of Miss. Springfield

Ah, the babe of Springfield.  Who doesn’t love Miss. Springfield walking around your town “Working It”?
Miss. Springfield was originally part of the Whacking Day Event.  The Sleep-Eazy Motel was awarded to Tappers who successfully Whacked 12,500 snakes.  After Whacking Day, EA kept the Sleep-Eazy Motel as available for purchase via Donuts.  If you’ve decided to go Premium and purchase Miss. Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel (you can find the Pros and Con’s behind the purchase here) below is the quest line that starts once added them to your Springfield (for interested tappers, the original Whacking Day quest line for Miss. Springfield is noted at the conclusion of the current quest dialogue):
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Awesome title right? Now don’t I wish this gift was for everyone. For some, happiness all around. For others, they wish their game glitched all over. (Secretly had this been foreseen…I would’ve done EVERYTHING to make it glitch just to get such an amazing prize.)

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