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New Feature On Addicts

Hello Tappers,

Just wanted to post a quick housekeeping note about our Addicts site…we’ve now added a new page to TSTO Addicts called Tapaholic Requesterinos!
This new section of Addicts is where the Addicts writers will post their future update requests, but it’s also a place for you to let EA know any ideas you may have for the future of The Simpsons Tapped Out! (you know just in case they’re listening, and as Addicts we like to think they are)
You can check it out and post your ideas at Tapaholic Requesterinos

We look forward to seeing what our fellow Addicts want!

Happy Tapping Friends!


Friday Evening Simpsons Fun: Springfield in Florida!

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts!

A little lighthearted post for a Friday night: Springfield is now in Orlando Florida! Check out this video tour of the new Springfield in Universal Orlando:

Another great overview video can be found here, via USA Today

So fellow Addicts, what do you think?  Would you like to check out Springfield in Florida?

Happy Friday Addicts!  Enjoy your weekend and don’t tap too hard!

Are Laffy Meal’s Worth the Donuts?

laffymealThe Krustyland expansion has brought us another game of chance premium purchase, like Springfield’s Homer Buddha and the Mystery Box, the Laffy Meal.  Instead of bottomless fast food calories, the Laffy Meal gives tappers the opportunity to win tickets or premium items for Krustyland.  The Laffy Meal is available only in Krustyland and will set you back 25 donuts.

Here are the Laffy Meal prizes and odds:

ticket1000 44%
ticket1250 34%
ticket1500 12%
Whack-A-Mole 3%
Itchy Mascot/ticket2000 2%
Scratchy Mascot/ticket2000 2%
Krusty Fountain 1.75%
Eyeballs of Death/ticket4000 0.75%
Mount Krustmore/ticket7000 0.5%

*Note: The Itchy & Scratchy Mascots, Eyeballs of Death & Mount Krustmore are all unique items, so if you’ve already purchased/won them you’ll be awarded with the ticket value noted.

While 25 donuts may sound a little steep, it’s worth it if you can win Mount Krustmore or 7,000 tickets!  Personally I’ve purchased a few Laffy Meals and the best I’ve done was 4,000 tickets (I already had the Eyeballs of Death).  They were useful in the early stages of the game when tickets were hard to accumulate.

Will you be looking for the Laffy Meal prize?

Homer Buddha Says


Update: With the April 1st, 2015 Mystery Box update, it appears that Homer Buddha has been removed from the store.  We’re hoping this is just temporary and we’ll update this post if and when it returns to the store.  

As the Buddha says: Spend 15 donuts win a premium item every time. For that reason alone the Homer Buddha is a much better donut investment than the Mystery Box.

Wondering if you can really win something good, like the Volcano Lair or the Duff Brewery (both premium buildings with characters) from the Buddha? Well wonder no more, because you absolutely can!

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What a Wookie wants… MORE HOUSES

So I’m sure we all agree that we would like some new houses instead of perpetually creating doubles of the ones we have to flush out our Evergreen Terrace.  I decided to feature homes for people we already have plus a couple extras.  These additions actually shouldn’t be too hard to add as most Simpsons homes basically look similar.  NOTE:  I am not computer programmer so I completely wrong about this.  Without further ado here we go…

First off we have the Hibbert house…

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What’s in the Mystery Box?

Mysterybox TSTOUpdated Below the fold with details from the April 1st, 2015 Mystery Box update. 

The Mystery Box is a premium item that you can purchase for 6 donuts or you can get it for free every 5 days, as a bonus for playing the game every day. The Mystery Box could contain a premium item or it could contain a non-premium item, which one it reveals to you truly is a Mystery.

The Mystery Box is typically one of those premium items I would tell you not to purchase and save your donuts, unless of course you’re desperate for a Lemon Tree (the Mystery Box is the only way to get one), because you can earn one every 5 days and there’s no guarantee of a premium item. However, for those of you purchasing the Mystery Box, or just curious about what might be inside of yours every 5 days there are a few things you should know.
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