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What a Wookiee wants… MORE CARS!

So it’s been a slow weekend but I figured I’d post one more thing before heading off to my work week.  Ever since EA’s dialogue tease about cars on the road… I can’t stop thinking about this whenever I go to my Springfield.  To help quiet the mind of this ADHD Resident of Kashyyyk, I went episode perusing to compile a list of cars…  Please buckle up for this installment of WAWW…


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Gamezino Busted?

While we here at Addicts feel it’s important to discuss the game above all else and have tried to avoid the topic of Gamzino, etc., a good TSTO friend of mine, the one and only Em (who has been so supportive of addicts from the start of the site), asked us to share this news.  Originally posted on Topix by Nathan Rushton.
Note: This is not something we will be discussing in the future, but something we all agree is important to bring to light so others can see the closure of the Gamezino drama.

Gamezino Busted?.

via Gamezino Busted?.

What a Wookiee wants… MORE SQUIDPORT PLEASE!!! (Part One)

Hello Addicts!  I am Wookiee and I’m a tapaholic.  So, while we all wait for Level 34, my friends over at www.tapped-out.co.uk. started talking about when we might see the new level.  This made me wonder and I suddenly thought, how cool would it be for EA to give us more Squidport in honor of America’s Labor Day holiday?  As this is the last weekend we Americanos go to the beach in droves, this would be perfect.

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Wookieecorp brings you… DUFFMAN

So, a couple people have asked me why I am so in to 2D.  Other than the fact that the art gives me enjoyment, I really do feel it adds a certain something to a town.  I love art period and this is just one more type.  It is a real pleasure to see what people can create using such strange items.  My latest go at this was Duffman.  As always, it all starts with an image.

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Limited Time Event Speculation

Hello Fellow Tapped Out Addicts,

No, at least as I write this, I have heard nothing new about level 34 or a limited time event in the near future.  However, just because there hasn’t been any new information on it, doesn’t mean we can’t speculate now does it?  So, I’ve been thinking, with back to school just around the corner, how great would a Back to School Limited Time Event be?  With so many tappers begging EA for game additions like Sherri and Terri, Miss. Hoover, and countless others this would be the perfect time to make those requests reality!

tsto limited event school 1

So, EA, if you’re reading this, here are just a few characters/items that could be added to the event:

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