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“Oh Good Glayven!”

Hello Addicts!!! 🙂

My Name is Bunny, you may remember me from such 2D pics as Troy McClure, Itchy & Scratchy, and many more to come. I was given the opportunity to share some of my geek habits with you. I have been a tomboy most of my life. My first geek obsession was Star Wars (I have too many collectibles to name). As a young kid, I stumbled across the Simpsons in their rarest form and fell in love. It still makes me giggle to think they are still up and running all these years. 🙂

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Minor Android Update

Hey Tappers,

Just wanted you all to be aware of a minor Android update that’s out today in the Play Store. No real changes to the game, my guess is just minor bugs were fixed.  I know my game (Krustyland in particular) has been particularly glitchy since Level 33 was released.

TSTO Android Update

So if you’re on Android, make sure you update your Tapped Out by going to the Play Store and downloading the update.  Currently the update is on Android only, no iOS update (that I know of).

Happy Tapping Friends!

What Is the Krust-o-Meter?

Consider the Krust-o-Meter the Conform-o-Meter of Krustyland.  Just like the Conform-O-Meter you’ll see it in the lower left corner, just to the right of the level indicator.  And if you tap the meter, it’ll break everything down for you like this:
TSTO Krustyland Conformometer
Just like in Springfield, buildings, rides and decorations that you build or place in Krustyland contribute to a conformity bonus. Each bouncy ball you get in the total rating will earn you up to a 5% bonus when it comes to Krustyland tickets and XP collections.  Note: Krustyland, unlike Springfield, does not award half a bouncy ball.  You’ve got to completely fill the bouncy balls in order for it to count towards the Krust-o-Meter bonus.

The Krust-o-Meter is broken out into 4 parts:

  • Nausea: changes with the number of nausea-inducing rides in your Krustyland.
  • Grub: changes with the number of food stalls and restaurants in your Krustyland.
  • Kitsch: changes with the number of decorations and special objects in your Krustyland.
  • Merch: changes with the number of games of skill and stores selling stuff in your Krustyland.

As an added bonus, the Krust-o-Meter rating also helps you generate visitors to your Krustyland who will help you earn tickets faster. They’re completely random visitors who will wander around  Krustyland. You won’t be able to assign them tasks, but they will still earn you tickets.  Check out this post for more details on the random visitors in your Krustyland. Continue reading

The Task Master: Krustyland

Wondering which Krustyland characters can ride the Tooth Chipper or stay at the Krustyland Hotel?  Curious to know which characters can do 4, 8 or 12 hour tasks?
TSTO Krustyland the-tooth-chipper
Here’s a complete list of the tasks currently available for the characters that appear in Krustyland (as of Level 33):

Listed in order they appear in Krustyland:


Task Task Length Payout Building
Promote at Krusty Burger 1hr 21 tickets, 17xp Krustyland Burger
Sign Autographs 4hrs 52 tickets, 45xp Itchy & Scratchy Gift Shop
Count Money 8hrs 82 tickets, 70xp Krustyland Entrance
Promote the Tooth Chipper 12hrs 126 tickets, 100xp Tooth Chipper
Sleep in the Penthouse 24hrs 180 tickets, 150 xp Krustyland Hotel

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Springfield vs. Krustyland: Character Management

TSTO homer-simpson-nuclear-control-panel_0
The introduction of the Krustyland expansion in TSTO has required tappers to multitask a bit more than normal. Unlike Squidport, where the quests were all in Springfield, Krustyland requires movement back and forth between Springfield and Krustyland to ensure quests and tasks are moving along. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re working on a new level quest in Springfield. The good news? Not all of your characters appear in Krustyland, and the ones that do are not all required at once. In fact only Homer and Krusty are required to get things started.

So what other characters make an appearance in Krustyland? Here’s a complete list of the characters that make an appearance in Krustyland and when:

Cletus and Sideshow Mel– Part 5
Bart, Lisa and Kearney- Part 6
Milhouse- Part 7
Martin, Skinner and Otto- Part 11
Comic Book Guy- Part 15
Wiggum, Hans Moleman, and Squeaky-Voice Teen- Part 18
Nelson- Part 25
Lenny and Carl- Part: 32

Remember: Sideshow Mel, Kearney, Otto, Hans Moleman & SVT are all premium characters  and will only appear in your Krustyland if you’ve purchased them.

Looking for more time management details? Check out our complete Krustyland Walkthrough.