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Hi… I’m Wookieecorp and I’m a Tapaholic…

With a URL of TSTO Addicts… we take addiction to this game very seriously.  We know the game is “life-ruiningly fun” and hope to help other tapperinos before their lives are seriously affected by this most righteous of games.  We submit this 12 step program that we believe will help all tappers with this addiction:

Step One: (HONESTY) We admitted we were powerless over The Simpsons Tapped Out—that our game had become unmanageable.

Step Two: (FAITH) Came to believe that the programmers at EA, a power greater than ourselves, could restore us to sanity.

Step Three: (SURRENDER) Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of the EA programmers as we understood Them.

Step Four: (SOUL SEARCHING) Made a searching and fearless inventory of our decorations.

Step Five: (INTEGRITY) Admitted to EA, to ourselves, and to other tapperinos the exact nature of our addiction.

Step Six: (ACCEPTANCE) We’re entirely ready to have EA remove all the glitches from the game.

Step Seven: (HUMILITY) Humbly asked EA to remove the glitches.

Step Eight: (WILLINGNESS) Made a list of all characters we had used, and became willing to make amends to them.

Step Nine: (FORGIVENESS) Made direct amends to such characters wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or just not make any sense.

Step Ten: (MAINTENANCE) Continued to take a game inventory, and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.

Step Eleven: (MAKING CONTACT) Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with EA as we understood them, praying only for knowledge of future updates and when to expect them.

Step Twelve: (SERVICE) Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other  tapaholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

The authors of TSTO Addicts sincerely hope this program is helpful to us all.  We close this meeting of Tapped Out Anonymous with the Serenity Prayer:  “EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Do More Kwik-E-Marts=More Scratch-Rs?

While I’m sure you’d love it if I said ‘Absolutely’, unfortunately you’re going to be a bit disappointed. No matter how much you want the answer to be ‘Yes’, the answer is ‘No’. You only get one Scratch-R card every 6 hours, no matter how many Kwik-E-Mart’s your Springfield is currently While initially Itchy and Scratchy will appear over all of the Kwik-E-Marts in you town, as soon as you’ve played one the Scratch-R icon disappears from all of them.

However, having more than one Kwik-E-Mart is still a good idea. It helps your consumerism (on your Conform-O-Meter) reach 5 Stars, which is extremely important if you’re looking to get the maximum Conform-O-Meter bonus. And in the end the Conform-o-meter bonus-multiplier could be worth much more than the Scratch-R pay out.


TSTO Comicbook guy

Itchy and Scratch-Rs: Breaking Down The Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-Rs

The Kwik-E-Mart Scratch-Rs are a fun addition to the game and come in two types.  You can purchase the free Scratch-R, that will cost you $250 game dollars, or you can purchase the Golden Scratch-R for $0.99 (real life dollars).  The difference being the Scratch-R  awards you with game dollars and the Golden Scratch-R awards you with donuts.  The best news?  No matter which one you choose, every Scratch-R is a winner!

Here are the Basics:
TSTO scratcher regular
The Scratch-R game is available to play free (well $250 game dollars) at the Kwik-E-Mary every 6 hours and it offers a range of game dollar prizes from $350- $10,000.  While every ticket is a winner, not every ticket is a big winner.

Here are the odds:
$10,000- 1/100 (or 1%)
$2,500- 1/24 (or 4%)
$1,250- 1/10 (or 10%)
$750- 1/5 (or 20%)
$500- 1/3 (or 32%)
$350- 1/3 (or 33%)

TSTO golden scratcher
The Golden Ticket…er Scratch-R:

The Golden Scratch-R is currently the cheapest, real money, option to purchase donuts.  For $0.99/ea ($0.99 buys you 1 Scratch-R and 1 Scratch-R only) these are also purchased from the Kwik-E-Mart and offers a range of donut prizes from 6-100 donuts!  While every ticket is a winner, not every ticket is a big winner.

Here are the odds:
100 donuts- 1/50 (at 2% these are better odds than winning $10,000 on the other Scratch-R)
50 donuts- 1/25 (or 4%)
20 donuts- 1/10 (or 10%)
12 donuts- 1/5 (or 20%)
9 donuts- 1/3 (or 32%)
6 donuts- 1/3 (or 32%)

Obviously it’s cheaper than buying from the donut store, but is it better?
Yes, slightly.  It breaks down like this.  The cheapest option in the donut store is a dozen donuts (12) for $1.99 and the Golden Scratch-R is $0.99.  Even if you only win 6 donuts the first try and buy another one for $0.99 and still win 6 donuts, that’s $1.98 spent for 12 donuts.  So it’s $0.01 less than buying a dozen donuts from the store.  So if you’re feeling lucky you might want to look into buying a  Golden Scratch-R.  After all you can’t do any worse than if you were to buy the donuts from the store and you might get lucky and win a lot more than 6 donuts!

What do you say?  Are you feeling lucky enough to try your luck at the Itchy and Scratch-Rs?  You never know you just might win enough donuts to buy Arnie Pye and his Pye in the Sky helicopter!
TSTO Scratchers

New Feature in Level 33!

Some of you may be aware of this already, but for those that aren’t i wanted to share a minor update with you that may have gotten lost in the Level 33 commotion.  With the release of level 33 you can now put parking meters directly on the curbs in your Springfield.

Yes, EA has finally decided to allow you to make your Springfield look more realistic and move the parking meters that much closer to the road.

Here’s a couple of shots I grabbed from my own Springfield’s “Downtown” area earlier:
TSTO Parking meter level 33 update
TSTO Parking Meter Level 33 Update
TSTO parkingmeterlevel33update
As you can see, they can be placed either way on the curb, so you can accommodate street parking or lot parking.

Now your Springfield can look a little more legit and Eddie and Lou will have an easier time getting to the meters to write those tickets!

Will you be moving your meters to the curb?
tsto level 33 homer simpsons parking meter