Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 23

Hello Tappers!

Back with another TSTO walkthrough.  Check out the quest to complete the build for Springfield’s News Station and Anchorman, Channel 6 and Kent Brockman

Mayor Quimby gets things rolling in Level 2

Western Civilization
After tapping Quimby

Quimby: Springfield is calm and happy. I can’t have that! No one will vote for me if they don’t have made-up fears that I can pretend to save them from. This reasonableness will not stand! We need to rebuild Channel 6 news to bring cofusion and misinformation back to the media!
Build Channel 6– $64,500, 24hrs
New Character Unlock!

The News That’s Fit to Slant
After tapping Kent Brockman

Brockman: This just in: me! I’m Channel 6’s sole survivor…and also the sports anchor and weather girl.
Quimby: Kent Brockman. You were brought back for one reason and one reason only—to bring fear mongering back to the everyday airwaves.
Brockman: And I am the perfect man for that job! Just give me four hours in the makeup chair and I’ll be good to go!
Make Brockman Do an Undercover Report-24hrs
Brockman will start the next task

Good Night and Good Grief
After tapping Brockman

Brockman: Tonight: meet America’s fattest kitten! But first—Springfield Nuclear Power Plant’s explosion causes horror and destruction of epic proportions! Luckily, I’ve survived to tell the tale, and you’ve survived to watch it and buy the stuff in the commercials.
Broadcast Channel 6 News– 16hrs, costs $1,200
Keep Brockman free when complete

Start the Revelation Without Me
After tapping Brockman

Brockman: The story of disaster and death needs a little more juice!
Rev. Lovejoy: Mr. Brockman, there is a book which I urge you to read.
Brockman: The one I wrote? I haven’t read it yet, but I hear it’s good.
Rev. Lovejoy: No, the Bible! Perhaps it can give you some context on the destruction of Springfield and rebirth of this new Springfield by the touch of a greater power. I beg you: do your job!
Brockman: Fascinating…Now here’s an angle I an exploit! This’ll look great on my audition tape for Good Morning, Winnipeg
Rev. Lovejoy: *sigh*
Make Brockman Record Eye on Springfield-12hrs

Kent Buy Me Love…Or…Ratings
After tapping on Brockman

Comic Book Guy: The ratings on your Biblical segment were bad. Krusty re-run bad.
Brockman: This is Pulitzer-level infotainment! Why isn’t anyone watching? Did you see it?
Comic Book Guy: Sorry, but like everyone else under the age of 75, I get all my news from the Internet. And this story is old! Its been T’d, RT’d, and MT’d a hindered times by now.
Brockman: So the internet is good for something besides mass-ordering my book to make it look like it’s a best-seller?
Build the Brown House (unless you already own 1)
Make Brockman Create a Viewtube Video-4hrs

Kent-Nichal Difficulties
After tapping on Brockman

Grampa: It rained on my walk again! Damn you Brockman, I’m wrinkled enough already! We need our weather report! Not all of us are young enough to get our news off the Radio Typewriter Box you know.
Brockman: Fine! We’ll bring back the Weather Report—but I won’t smile!
Build a Weather Station
Broadcast the Weather Report-

This concludes the Level 23 quest line, unless you’ve purchased the premium character Bumblebee Man. I’ll be back with the Bumblebee Man quest soon!

In the meantime happy Tapping friends!

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  1. I guess its gone down even more, it cost an even $40k for me today.

  2. has there been an adjustment for inflation on TSTO since this was posted?!? It says build Channel 6 for $138,500!!! I don’t think I paid that much for it…maybe about $46K, but definitely NOT close to 140K!! what’s going on??? 🙂

    • D’Oh! Looks like that’s a incorrect price (should be around 65k, until you unlock like next level) on Mark’s part. We’ll get it fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

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