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What a couple Tapperinos want…

You know, I’m always using my Addicts soap box to tell you what I want. Seemed a little unfair so I decided to change up the pace a little. Here at Addicts, we value each and every comment we get. When you’re just a tiny little blog like us, any time someone decides to take the time to write a quick blurb, it’s a real pleasure. This post is dedicated to two Addicts that stated what they wanted in comments.

On 12 Sep, I posted about Jub Jub. Jman27 commented on the post and had some rad ideas about EA making Santa’s Little Helper a better puppy in our game.

On 15 Sep, after posting about how The Simpsons is good even without sound, jamminfrog requested an article on Homer’s Ice Cream Truck.

These requests inspired this post and I’d just like to say thanks to these fans for the inspiration.

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Who’s excited for Season 25 of The Simpsons?! This guy that’s who!

Hi everyone!  I know our friends at Topix posted about this same topic (although slightly different) last week and I guess great minds do think alike!  Nick had sent us this post early last week and we decided to hold off on posting it until today (since the season premiere, in the US, is a week away).  Hope you all enjoy his take on the Season 25 premiere and possible tie-in items!

Hello Fellow Addicts!

As an avid Simpsons Fanatic since I was, well, Bart’s age I look forward to September every year & no not because I enjoy school!  September means 2 things to me 1) Football is back & 2) The Simpsons return!  How can you not love a Sunday where your day starts with Football games & ends with The Simpsons?!

So, it looks as though the first episode (airs September 29th) of The Simpsons quarter-century season will be a parody of ‘Homeland’, and Kristen Wigg will be guest starring, as an FBI Agent (Annie)!  From the previews I’ve seen it looks like it’s going to be a great episode.  Take a look:

You can also find a video preview of Kristen Wigg’s guest star spot here: http://screencrush.com/the-simpsons-kristen-wiig-homeland-homerland/

But this is a blog about Tapped-Out & not just The Simpsons, so I’ve been thinking of some possible episode tie-in items that could be added to TSTO and here’s what I’ve come up with: Continue reading

Simpson, Homer Simpson…. he’s the greatest guy in history….


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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 26, This Little Wiggy Ralph!

Hi Tappers!
Back with another Tapped Out Walkthrough.  This time we’re breaking down Level 26, for some of our readers who may not have reached the highest level yet, and the This Little Wiggy Quest!  For those that are sitting at the top level waiting for the next update, sometimes it’s fun to go back and check out the funny dialogue in earlier levels that we may have forgotten.  With out further ado here are all of the details on unlocking Ralph, the Wiggum house and El Chemistri!
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