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Hi, my name is Bunny and I am…what…wait…will you people stop saying “hi” back…hey…excuse me…trying to talk here…SHEESH. Some people’s children. Now, where was I? Oh yah…I’M BROKE!! FOR REALS!! I had almost $400,000 saved up this week and its gone. ALL GONE! EVERY LAST DROP! What? NO! Not in my ACTUAL bank account. My GAME silly. What did you think I meant? This IS a blog about the game you know. 😛

The following information is about how my addiction with TSTO and especially 2Ds is causing me to not be able to progress in the game to the point I can’t even play the basic scratch-R. Yah, it is that serious. Will I get help? Will I stop? NEVER!!!


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Springfield of Tomorrow; Build a Better Springfield

Envious of your friend’s Springfield’s? Wish your Springfield looked as cool as theirs? Well, 
we’re in-between updates right now, so while there is a little lull in the game why not consider reworking your town to build a better Springfield?!

Why build a better Springfield? Well I’m  sure there are a lot of reasons, but the best reason is to impress your neighbor-eenos!  Not sure where to start or how you can make it better? The Addicts have you covered! Here are some handy little tips to help guide you in building your Springfield of tomorrow!

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