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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Hi, Everybody! Hi, Dr. Nick!

Hi Tappers!

Dr. Nick is a premium character you can purchase for 90 donuts.  Once purchased it unlocks the Dr. Nick questline.  Here’s the walkthrough for the Dr. Nick Questline…

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Hmmmm… Ignore the drama you should. Begun another 2D post is.


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3D 101/Basics Part 2

Time for another teaching adventure. Oh come on now class. Settle down. Everyone in your seats. HEY NOW! I MEANT EVERYONE…that means you too Mister “I THINK I AM TOO GOOD FOR THIS!” I am looking at YOU, Joe. 😛

Much better. Huh? Oh, yes. Thank you for the carrots, Alissa. Now sit down and get comfy. It is time for part 2 of your learning experience. So everybody pull out your cell phones so we can get started.

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Home SWEET Homer: Breaking down the Conform-o-meter Indolence Rating

Ah Home, where your kids despise you, your furniture is never the same, and your wife always tries to run you over with the car. Yes a home can be so many things to different people and in Tapped Out Homes (Houses) are what contribute to your Conform-o-Meter Indolence rating…see I was going somewhere with this!

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

Let’s break into some houses shall we?  Don’t worry Homer left his keys in the door again…

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