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And Now A Word From EA: Origin IDs for All!

Attention all Tappers!!

This yelling Homer brings you an important announcement direct from EA!

“Starting September 9th, 2013 we will be limited in our ability to recover the accounts of anonymous users in the case of App deletion and device reset. To ensure that your game is saved and recoverable we encourage all of our anonymous users to register/login their game to Origin.
If you want to continue to play anonymously you can minimize your risk by doing the following*:
• Back up your device
o For instructions on how to do so, please consult your devices user manual
• Record your Mayhem ID
o Instructions on how to do so can be found at the following link:
*Please note: If you choose to keep playing anonymously these steps do not guarantee the recoverability of your account. 
For instructions on registering your account with Origin please follow the link below:
Via EA on Facebook

While I’d be shocked if anyone is still playing TSTO anonymously, after all you get FREE DONUTS when you register(!), I’d listen to EA here and sign up.  It would be tragic if you worked so hard on your town, only to lose it to some freak EA glitch!

So Tappers and take this weekend and register your game!  I promise you’ll be glad you did! 

Happy Tapping Friends!

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Hello Fellow Addicts!

Tonight kicks off the NFL Football season with the Thursday Night Game between the Superbowl Champion Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos!  But this Sunday is when Football season really gets crazy and into full swing with 13 games!  I thought in honor of the NFL kickoff it’d be fun to take a look back at the history of the Simpsons and Football…

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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Ay! Nada es Bueno! Bumblebee Man

Hi Tappers!

Back with another premium walkthrough.  The continuation of the level 23 quest if you will, on the premium side.  Let’s take a look at what happens when you purchase Bumblebee Man….

New Character Unlock!
bumblebee man character unlock message

A Del Dos Sano Terrible
After Tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Ah! Un bueno dia to playa beisbol in the parko!
Make Bumblebee Man Ay, Dios no me ama!- 30 min

After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Ay! Nada es bueno in el world-o!
Make Bumblebee Man Nada Es Bueno!– 1hr

Bumblebeen Man’s Secret Shame-O
After tapping on Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: I have a terrible confession to make- I don’t understand Spanish. I’m from Norway!
Lisa: Really? How is that even possible?
Bumblebee Man: I only know a few Spanish words and phrases. Ay, ay, ay, es muy mal!…is one of them.
Reach Level 12
Build the Library
Make Bumblebee Man Attend Lessones Espanolas
– 4hrs

Me Averiado el Cuerpo!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebee Man: Me wonder-o-que is la Senorita doing-a?
Reach Level 20
Build the Town Hall
Make Bumblebee Man Commenco El Divorcio!- 

Dateline: Unemployment
After tapping Bumblebeen Man

Brockman: …I am sorry, but I dont go on without my danish! It’s my journalistic credo! I don’t care, I want my Danish! PRUNE! What? What do you mean you don’t need me? That’s not on the cue cards.
Bumblebeen Man: My moment is finally here! My stinger can barely contain itself!
Make Bumblebee Man Fill In as News Anchor– 8hrs

Channel Ocho!
After tapping Bumblebee Man

Bumblebeen Man: Time for work-o! Ay-chee-wawa!
Make Bumblebee Man Acto en Show el Channel Ocho- 24hrs

And with that, your Bumblebee Man, and level 23, quest has come to an end!