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mr teeny

So a couple weeks ago, Addicts talked about beautiful baby Maggie several times. I found myself reminiscing about this and fixating on how much I dislike how Baby Girl only appears in Marge’s 8 hour task. For justice, I of course imagined Maggie whooping up on Mr. Teeny.

This got me to lamenting that both Maggie and Teeny aren’t in the game yet besides their inclusion in minor tasks with other characters. For any one that wants to see Mr. Teeny RIGHT NOW, he is only a 12 hour Krusty task away (Although with Krustyland in full bloom, a lot of folks may have forgotten this, myself included).


Here is some background info about Mr. Teeny from The Simpsons Wiki:

“Louis ‘Mr. Teeny’ Toot, also known as Joseph Teeny, and know to his mother as Louis, is Krusty the Clown’s chain-smoking trained monkey.

Like Krusty, he is a heavy smoker, and often seems depressed off-stage. He was once seen playing Wii Sports with Krusty. He is sometimes seen as Krusty’s driver, accountant, and butler. He’s a classic act in Krusty´s show when he does “monkey business”. Mr. Teeny also rescues Krusty, when a brainwashed Bart, with a bomb attached to him, tries to kill himself and Krusty, Mr. Teeny snatches the bomb off Bart.

Mr. Teeny is originally from Brazil. His uncle was once the head monkey at the Bureau of Tourism in Brazil and his mother’s name is Toot-Toot, and she calls him Louis when they’re reunited.

Also, it’s revealed there have been other monkeys that went by the name ‘Mr. Teeny,’ and that the current one and the very first Mr. Teeny couldn’t hold a candle to the third Mr. Teeny (Krusty admitted the second Mr. Teeny was okay since he helped Krusty pick up women). Krusty once called him Mr. Teeny Number Seven.”

Besides any amazing animations Teeny could have with Maggie, he could do much more with Krusty as his right hand ape! (NOTE: As both he and his mother do not have tails, they are not monkeys and more likely chimpanzees making Mr. Teeny a member of the great Ape family.) Just seeing him and Krusty chain smoke would make his addition worth it to me! Even Bart agrees…

Mr. Teeny may play a bit part in the Best. Show. Ever., but he would make me very happy. Just look at this face and tell me you disagree.


In Season Nineteen, Episode Eight (Funeral For a Fiend), I love the scene with Mr. Teeny saluting Sideshow Bob. Since I believe we’ll see my little chain-smoking buddy before Mr. Terwilleger, this could be a cool task (at least something along the lines of “lamenting his loss”).

Anywho… I hope you all agree with me on this one. Mr. Teeny Could be a very cool addition to the game. I’d love to hear what y’all would think would make some cool tasks for Teeny. Previously I mentioned a task I would like in a Krustyland post, but how about Teeny and Sideshow Mel appearing on the open air stage?

KL musical revue

Well, TTFN Addicts. I close with these facts I found in a Oogle image search. Wookiee out!

teeny facts

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  1. Before mr teeny being adding how about a atleast incorporate a task w a character for Santa lil helper! I mean a iguana has a task w Selma n it’s own! N the simpsons dog who some ppl paid 120 donuts for (30 more then jub jub n a building) has nothing! Have someone walk him or chase his tail. Lol dig s hole for fat tony or run at Springfield downs b great! Should atleast have one or a doghouse that makes money if a lizard u bearly seen on the show has one n a biulding

  2. Great post wookie. I agree about the open stage as it could with more acts

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