Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel

Hi Tappers!

Krustylu Studios is a premium building you can purchase for 140 donuts.  Once purchased and built (6 second build, as all premium buildings) it unlocks Sideshow Mel & a short quest for Sideshow Mel.  Here’s the questline…

New Character Unlock
tapped outsideshow mel character unlock messageKrusty’s Sidekick
After tapping on Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Mel: Woe is me!  I simply can’t take any more of this.  I must hide me hence!
Krusty: Take it easy, uh, Mel – that’s your name, right?  You’ve only just got back!
Sideshow Mel: Release me back to limo: A place of modest actually, absolved from ego stroking and ass kiss-ery.
Krusty: Ah, shut your Shakespeare hole, you drama queen!  Get back to rehearsal!  We’re doing the “Human Urinal Cake” sketch.
Make Sideshow Mel Go for Rehearsals-1hr

Death of a Salesman
After tapping Sideshow Mel

Sideshow Mel: Once I trod the boards with legends of the stage.  John Gielgud!  Laurence Olivier!  Reba McEntire!  I was nominated for an Obie, a Tony & a Stoney.
Krusty: “Nominated” means you lost.
Make Sideshow Mel Juggle-8hrs

Taking the Bone
After tapping on Sideshow Mel

Lisa: Hi Sideshow Mel! I, for one, appreciate you work as a stage artiste.
Sideshow Mel: And I too appreciate your well-intentioned butter-uppery.  But that was a past time.  Back before I…’took the bone.’
Make Sideshow Mel De-Bone the Hair-24hrs

The Human Cannon Ball
Available if you’ve purchased the Cannon for 20 donuts
After tapping on Sideshow Mel

Krusty: Hey hey, Sideshow Mel, I’ve got a brand new act for you.
Sideshow Mel: Hopefully this is something that finally utilizes my full repertoire of performing arts.
Make Sideshow Mel Blast from the Cannon- 30 minutes

And with that the Sideshow Mel questline is complete.

Happy Tapping Friends!

8 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel

  1. I just bought this and my quest mine was longer than this one (no cannon) by one or two tasks, just fyi. I wish I had seen this beforehand so I could give the proper info. I know his last task for the quest is “refine his material” for 12 hours.

  2. What happened to Mark B?

    • See our About Us page. He and Alissa started the site, but his job took him far far away and he couldn’t manage the site any longer like he wanted too. So he stepped aside. He is still around and talks to us when he gets a chance. 😉

  3. PiggyPiggy911

    Hmm. Does it have to do with where she is at in a quest?

  4. PiggyPiggy911

    My friend was able to get Krustylu studios in the shop but she’s only level 17. How did she get early access? She said she just saw it in the store and bought it.

    • Just because they’re low level doesn’t mean they can’t get a premium character. Premium characters unlock for players at various levels. Some as low as level 5

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