Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 37 Part 3 (Weekend Dad 6-10)

Poor little Kirk. Such a sad sad life. Let’s keep going on in with his walkthrough to see what other crazy tasks he is put up to. (If you missed it, you can see the first part of his walkthrough here. )

Weekend Dad Pt. 6

After tapping Kirk

Weekend Dad 25

Kirk: Uh Hey Principal Skinner. All these cleaning supplies are giving me a rash, and my health insurance turned out to be just a bandaid and a tic-tac.
Skinner: How much are we paying you?
Kirk: Nothing.

Weekend Dad 26
Skinner: Oh no, we can’t afford that. You’re fired, immediately.
Kirk: Oh no, another failure. What am I going to do?
Lisa: Mr. Van Houten, perhaps I can be of some help.

Weekend Dad 27
Kirk: Marry Millhouse and give me one less mouth to feed?

Weekend Dad 28
Lisa: Not in a thousand years. But there’s a job opening at the Springfield Library.
Kirk: What is it? CEO? CFO? Head Librarian?

Weekend Dad 29

Make Kirk Work as a Library Door Monitor- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 30

Weekend Dad Pt. 7

After tapping in Wiggum

Weekend Dad 31

Wiggum: Alright, vagrant. I’m placing you under arrest for loitering without a laptop or half-finished screenplay.
Kirk: But I’m not a vagrant or a hack writer! I work here!
Wiggum: A likely story! And a pretty good one. Goo enough that it belongs in MY half-finished screenplay “ All Hail the Chief: A Wiggum Adventure.”
Wiggum: Lou, bring him in for questioning about his backstory.

Weekend Dad 32

Make Kirk Serve Time-24hrs

Weekend Dad 33

Weekend Dad Pt. 8

After tapping on Fat Tony

Weekend Dad 34

Tony: Mr. Van Houten! Before you return to your life of drudgery, perhaps you and I could come to some sort of favorable agreement.
Tony: I happen to hav a legitimate job that needs doing, but all my employees are only trained in illegitimate jobs.
Tony: You see, an associate of mine has built some new condos, and it would please him greatly if someone were to help him in the sales department.
Kirk: Like a real-estate agent?
Tony: I suppose you could look at it that way; but no, in reality not so much.
Tony: Perhaps I could say you have no choice in the matter. That it’s either this or you sleep with the fishes.
Kirk: That’s a choice.
Tony: I can see why your wife divorced you.

Weekend Dad 35
Kirk:That was a low blow. Lucky for you, I respond well to being belittled. You’ve got yourself an employee.

Weekend Dad 37

Make Kirk Advertise Condos- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 36

Weekend Dad 38

Weekend Dad Pt. 9

After tapping Cletus

Weekend Dad 40

Cletus: Hot dog! That’s some top notch standin’. You interested in graduatin’ up to the big leagues?
Kirk: I’ll do anything to get out of being a human sign! What do you need?
Cletus: A human scarecrow. Them crows can smell failure a mile away.

Weekend Dad 41
Kirk: A job where failure’s a requirement? Everything’s coming up Kirk!
Cletus: You’ll have to provide your own tattered clothes…but I sees you got those already.

Weekend Dad 42

Make Kirk Protect Crops-16hrs

Weekend Dad 43

Weekend Dad 44

Weekend Dad Pt. 10

After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 45

Milhouse: Dad, I haven’t seen you in ages. Is it because you found a job?

Weekend Dad 46
Kirk: I didn’t just find one, I found several. Why work on job with benefits when you can work lots of jobs without any at all?
Kirk: It’s the new American dream!
Milhouse: Great, want to go eat out at a restaurant to celebrate?
Kirk: Even better idea. How about I go work at a restaurant to celebrate?

Weekend Dad 47

Make Kirk Work as an Assistant Dishwahser- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 48

Kirk: You’re firing me?
SVT: I’m sorry Mr. Van Houten. Things just aren’t working out.
Kirk: The company rulebook says nothing prohibiting bathing in the sink. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer! Also do you know any cheap lawyers?

Weekend Dad 49

Keep Kirk open for Weekend Dad Part 11. Until next time. 


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  1. “Kirk: The company rulebook says nothing prohibiting bathing in the sink. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer! Also do you know any cheap lawyers?”

    Oh please tell me they are going to add Lionel Hutz !!!!

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