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Where Did That (they) Come From – The Cracker Factory and Luann


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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 37 Candy Day & Weekend Dad

Let’s get into the Level 37 goodies…

Candy Day

Bart starts off the quest

level 37Bart: Millhouse, you look different. New inhaler? New medicated scalp shampoo? New spine shaper?
Millhouse: This is what I look like when I’m happy
Bart: What do you have to be happy about? You’re Millhouse.
Millhouse: Exactly! And today is Millhouse Day!
Millhouse: It’s a holiday I just invented, and it occurs every day!
Millhouse: No parents, no homework, and no ear medicine- just all the candy we can eat! This will go down in history!
Bart: That’s a tall order considering our video-game-shortened attention spans…Oh hey Millhouse, you look different.

level 37

level 37

level 37

As soon as you finish the quest, Marge will start into next one. 

Bachelor Arms

level 37

Marge: I’d hate to seem “uncool” or “unhip” or “without wiggy” but…
Marge: I’ve noticed a lot of children happily wandering around without the judgemental eye of a parent questioning all their choices.
Reverend Lovejoy: Look Marge, when you asked to help with the Church’s bake sale, I expressly forbade meddling.
Marge: Mmmmm…
Reverend Lovejoy: And grumbling.
Reverend Lovejoy: Alright fine, as a favor to God, what is your concern?
Marge: It’s Millhouse. I’m starting to think that he’s a bad influence on Bart.
Reverend Lovejoy: Right, and Jesus was a bad influence on Judas
Reverend Lovejoy: Instead of talking to THE father, why not talk to HIS father? My wife’s tells me he’s in the doghouse again at the Bachelor Arms.

level 37

The building will cost you $253,500 in game cash and take 24 hours to build.

level 37

The footprint is a decent size at 10×13.

bachelor arms

Once built, you will unlock Kirk.

level 37

Kirk level 37

Now that you have built the Bachelor Arms in Part 1, you will be put into the main questline for Level 36…

Weekend Dad Pt. 1
After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 1

Milhouse: Dad! You’re back! Just when I thought I would have to go through puberty without male guidance.
Milhouse: Luckily, I’m a late bloomer.
Kirk: All the Van Houten’s are late bloomers. It’s actually our family crest.
Kirk: My head hurts. The last thing I remember was arguing with your mother.

Weekend Dad 2
Kirk: then I woke up in my old bachelor pad, locked in the trunk of my racecar bed.
Kirk: Is this Springfield? What happened here?
Milhouse: That’s a long story, but I can tell you all about it!
Kirk: How about over dinner? Good ol’ dad’s gonna treat you to the finest restaurant in town! Let me check the change purse…
Kirk: On second thought, how about the finest restaurant most recently shut down by the health department?
Send Kirk and Milhouse to Eat at Krusty Burger- 30 mins

Milhouse: Thanks, Dad- that was fun! Maybe we should make it a weekly thing?

Weekend Dad 4
Kirk: Let’s not get our hopes up son. I am Kirk Van Houten after all- I may not always be rolling in so much spare change.
Kirk: But it’s a new Springfield and a new me! From now on, when I cry in the shower, it will be standing up!

Weekend Dad Pt.2
After tapping Marge

Weekend Dad 6

Marge: Kirk, I’m glad you’re back. Milhouse has been a real bad influence on Bart lately.
Kirk: Milhouse is now the bad kid! My kid is really moving up in the world. Usually it’s Bart who needs to be reined in.
Marge: You’ve been gone for 36 levels and you have the gall to give me parenting advice?
Kirk: 36 levels? How many characters did they have to go through to get to me? Did they even have names?
Marge: I thought you knew. I’m really sorry to be breaking the fourth wall like this. Frankly, it’s cheap storytelling.
Kirk: Cheap storytelling is all I deserve.
Kirk: No, I’m the new Kirk and I’m not going to let this get to me.

Weekend Dad 7
Kirk: I’m fine with level 36. 36 was a good year-I had most of my hair at 36.
Marge: You’re actually level 37…
Kirk: I lost all my hair at 37! They built an amusement park before bringing me back! Can you believe that, kid?

Weekend Dad 8
Ralphie: I think I followed the wrong blue haired fat man home from the grocery store…
Send Kirk to Cry Sitting Down in the Shower- 4hrs

Weekend Dad Pt.3
After tapping Kirk

Kirk: There are just no job opportunities for a salt of the earth unsalted cracker man like myself.
Milhouse: Maybe you should try something new?
Kirk: Wafers? Biscuits? Tortillas? Biscotti?
Milhouse: Maybe you need to think a little bit more outside the box.
Kirk: But I already lost the company millions with Crackers in a Bag.
Milhouse: Why don’t you go out and look for something new? I’m sure you’ll be bringing home the bacon in no time.
Kirk: Bacon? Not on my budget.
Send Kirk to Thaw Frozen Hotdogs In The Sink- 12hrs

Kirk: What am I doing? I was given a fresh start and already I’m eating expired partially thawed hot dogs.
Kirk: Luann will never take me back if I don’t turn myself around and get a job.
Marge: Maybe you should talk to Reverend Lovejoy.
Kirk: Because he always offers sage advice to those in need?
Marge: No, he’s just a bit friendlier to people showing up at his doorstep uninvited.

Weekend Dad Pt. 4
After tapping Kirk

Kirk: Reverend, I’m here because I have nowhere else to go.
Reverend Lovejoy: I understand. Desperation is the number one reason why people turn to religion.
Kirk: Great, I’d like some money please.
Reverend Lovejoy: You can’t just ask for money.
Kirk: Isn’t that the point of the collection plate?
Reverend Lovejoy: *sigh* If I get you a job interview, will you promise to leave and never come back?
Kirk: At least the first part!
Send Kirk to Work at the School- 24hours

Willie: You want to learn the ancient art of groundskeeping do ye? Well, it’s going to be a long road filled with arduous trials.
Willie: Why I bet you don’t even know the first thing about being a groundskeeper?
Kirk: If someone vomits, clean it up.
Willie: You’re a natural. Like a young me, only sadder. And fatter. And older.  Now hold open this trash bag while a student volunteer shovels in pig guts.  Add some chopped onion and you’ll have a mean haggis.
Nelson: Haha! Milhouse’s dad has a job!

Weekend Dad Pt.5
After tapping Milhouse

Milhouse: You’re the school janitor?
Milhouse: Couldn’t you find an embarrassing soul-crushing job somewhere everyone I know WOULDN’T see you?
Kirk: Actually, it’s an unpaid internship. But I get to take home the uneaten taco shells ever Taco Tuesday?
Milhouse: But if you’re not getting paid, why even take the job?
Kirk: Because life is like a marriage…you just have to keep plugging away at it no matter how awful it is.  Besides, do you think a success story like Kent Brockman gets paid to just lie around all day?
Send Kent Brockman to Relax- 1hr

Kirk: Well that certainly showed me. I really wish I could have it that easy.
Milhouse: Why can’t you?
Kirk: There’s just nothing like that on my list of jobs.

Weekend Dad Pt. 6

After tapping Kirk

Weekend Dad 25

Kirk: Uh Hey Principal Skinner. All these cleaning supplies are giving me a rash, and my health insurance turned out to be just a bandaid and a tic-tac.
Skinner: How much are we paying you?
Kirk: Nothing.

Weekend Dad 26
Skinner: Oh no, we can’t afford that. You’re fired, immediately.
Kirk: Oh no, another failure. What am I going to do?
Lisa: Mr. Van Houten, perhaps I can be of some help.

Weekend Dad 27
Kirk: Marry Millhouse and give me one less mouth to feed?

Weekend Dad 28
Lisa: Not in a thousand years. But there’s a job opening at the Springfield Library.
Kirk: What is it? CEO? CFO? Head Librarian?

Weekend Dad 29

Make Kirk Work as a Library Door Monitor- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 30

Weekend Dad Pt. 7

After tapping in Wiggum

Weekend Dad 31

Wiggum: Alright, vagrant. I’m placing you under arrest for loitering without a laptop or half-finished screenplay.
Kirk: But I’m not a vagrant or a hack writer! I work here!
Wiggum: A likely story! And a pretty good one. Goo enough that it belongs in MY half-finished screenplay “ All Hail the Chief: A Wiggum Adventure.”
Wiggum: Lou, bring him in for questioning about his backstory.

Weekend Dad 32

Make Kirk Serve Time-24hrs

Weekend Dad 33

Weekend Dad Pt. 8

After tapping on Fat Tony

Weekend Dad 34

Tony: Mr. Van Houten! Before you return to your life of drudgery, perhaps you and I could come to some sort of favorable agreement.
Tony: I happen to hav a legitimate job that needs doing, but all my employees are only trained in illegitimate jobs.
Tony: You see, an associate of mine has built some new condos, and it would please him greatly if someone were to help him in the sales department.
Kirk: Like a real-estate agent?
Tony: I suppose you could look at it that way; but no, in reality not so much.
Tony: Perhaps I could say you have no choice in the matter. That it’s either this or you sleep with the fishes.
Kirk: That’s a choice.
Tony: I can see why your wife divorced you.

Weekend Dad 35
Kirk:That was a low blow. Lucky for you, I respond well to being belittled. You’ve got yourself an employee.

Weekend Dad 37

Make Kirk Advertise Condos- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 36

Weekend Dad Pt. 9
After tapping Cletus

Cletus: Hot dog! That’s some top notch standin’. You interested in graduatin’ up to the big leagues?
Kirk: I’ll do anything to get out of being a human sign! What do you need?Cletus: A human scarecrow. Them crows can smell failure a mile away.
Kirk: A job where failure’s a requirement? Everything’s coming up Kirk!
Cletus: You’ll have to provide your own tattered clothes…but I sees you got those already.
Make Kirk Protect Crops-16hrs

Weekend Dad 43

Weekend Dad Pt. 10
After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 45

Milhouse: Dad, I haven’t seen you in ages. Is it because you found a job?

Weekend Dad 46
Kirk: I didn’t just find one, I found several. Why work on job with benefits when you can work lots of jobs without any at all?
Kirk: It’s the new American dream!
Milhouse: Great, want to go eat out at a restaurant to celebrate?
Kirk: Even better idea. How about I go work at a restaurant to celebrate?
Make Kirk Work as an Assistant Dishwahser- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 48

Kirk: You’re firing me?
SVT: I’m sorry Mr. Van Houten. Things just aren’t working out.
Kirk: The company rulebook says nothing prohibiting bathing in the sink. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer! Also do you know any cheap lawyers?

Weekend Dad Pt.11

After tapping on Kirk

Weekend Dad 50

Kirk: Milhouse, would it be too scarring for you if you rocked your old man to sleep in your arms, stroking his hair, telling him it’s all going to work out?
Milhouse: You lost your job again, didn’t you?
Kirk: Kids are just too perceptive these days.
Milhouse: Don’t worry-I’ve got it covered! You know how all these years,  you’ve told me that being friends with Bart was a waste of time?
Milhouse: Well, not any more! His dad is desperate to hire someone!
Kirk: What kind of job could Homer possibly be hiring for?
Milhouse: I don’t know- but he said it’s in the game industry.

Weekend Dad 51

Weekend Dad 52

Make Kirk Gold-Farmin Homer’s Happy Little Elves Game- 24hrs

Happy lil elves

Weekend Dad 53

Homer: Just keep don’t the shortest jobs possible over and over again.
Homer: That’s the best way for me to get gold in this Happy Little Elves game.

Weekend Dad 54

happy lil elves
Kirk: Can’t you just buy some Elf Berries?
Homer: I don’t pay you to think. I pay you to tap!

Weekend Dad 55

Weekend Dad Pt. 12

After tapping on Homer

Weekend Dad 56

Homer: That was a great first day, Kirk.
Homer: Now it’s time for you to work your first night. And then the next day, and then the next night, and…

Weekend Dad 57
Kirk: But Homer, I need to sleep.
Homer: Fine, you can sleep after that. But I’m docking all this sleeping time you’re taking from you salary.

Weekend Dad 58

Make Kirk Gold-Farmin Homer’s Happy Little Elves Game- 24hrs (x3)

Weekend Dad 59

Weekend Dad Pt. 13

After tapping on Homer

Weekend Dad 60

Homer: Great work, Milhouse’s Dad! Now I believe you cut was ten percent of the gold you farmed for me…
Kirk: What?! You’re going to pay me in-game currency? What good is that going to do me?!
Homer: maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s all in-game currency around here. No one says “dollars” anymore.
Kirk: Well, at least give me some premium currency then!
Homer: Donuts? Fat chance, fatso!
Kirk: I’m not the fatso – you’re the fatso!
Homer: I believe you mean, “you’re the fatso, boss.”

Weekend Dad 61
Homer: Here, I’ll pay you with this thing I found in the basement. It’s been around for years and no one wants it. Just like you.
Kirk: Wow, that was really mean.
Homer: I know. I felt bad as soon as I said it, sorry. I thin I’m just depressed because you’re life is so sucky.

Weekend Dad 62

A Golden Calf Idol has been placed in your inventory.

Weekend Dad 63

Place the Golden Calf Idol

Weekend Dad 64

Weekend Dad 65

Weekend Dad 66

Weekend Dad Pt. 14

After tapping on Kirk

Weekend Dad 67

Kirk: I bet I can pawn this cow off at the comic book shop. He collects all sorts of weird stuff.

Weekend Dad 68
CBG: Ah, the golden statue from the discontinued dance show Twerkcules and the Golden Calf.
CBG: Unfortunately, this is a fake. Therefore, I will give you nothing for it.
Kirk: Nothing? I was hoping for a little more than that!
CBG: Fine, I will pay you something, but only if you stand around in the shop.
CBG: Your presence make my customers feel better about their own lives by comparison.

Weekend Dad 69

Make Kirk Get Belittled by Nerds- 12hrs

Weekend Dad 70

Kirk: You know Milhouse, things are really looking up. Today I got a job base solely off my looks. Now I know how models feel.
Milhouse: Sounds like people are finally appreciating you. Maybe now we can throw out all your vision boards?

Weekend Dad 71

Weekend Dad Pt. 15

After tapping on Milhouse

Weekend Dad 72

Milhouse: I guess you’re just about ready to nail a job as a big time manager, huh dad?
Kirk: Yeah, about that…it doesn’t seem like getting work experience is all that helpful in actually getting work.
Kirk: These jobs are all dead ends.

Weekend Dad 73
Kirk: What I need is time to network in all those cracker factory social circles, maybe graduate up to the glitzy world of graham crackers.
Milhouse: But who’s going to pay you to take time off and noodle around, looking for your dream job?
Kirk: The government!

Weekend Dad 74

Build the Unemployment Office ($310,500/ 36hrs)

Weekend Dad 75

It sits on an 11×15 plot

Weekend Dad 76

Make Kirk collect Unemployment Check- 24hrs

Weekend Dad 77

Kirk: Wow, a check for doing nothing! Finally the government is good for something other than just building roads and hospitals.

Weekend Dad 78

Weekend Dad Pt .16

After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 79

Milhouse: Dad, when I grow up I’m going to be unemployed. Just like you!
Kirk: My son wants to follow in my footsteps. I am so proud.

Weekend Dad 80
Kirk: This is cause for a celebration! The Van Houtens are going to dine on the best food an unemployment check will allow.

Weekend Dad 81

Make Kirk Eat at Krusty Burger-30 minutes
Make Milhouse Eat at Krusty Burger-30 minutes

Milhouse: You know, with you not working all the time, It’s been nice to actually spend some time together.
Kirk: Without a job to get in the way, I see now that the most important thing in life is family.

Weekend Dad 82
Kirk: And government- provided unemployment benefits. Yeah, mostly that.

And that completes the main questline of Level 37!

Level 37 Is Here!

The mist has cleared. The ghosts are gone. No more GOO!! HURRAY!! Now…what’s next? A new level of course. Bring on Level 37!  🙂 


Get to refreshing your markets now and get the in market update loaded. IT’S SO BRIGHT AND PRETTY!!!


Poor lil Millhouse has been living home alone for quite some time now. Don’t you think it was time for EA to give him some parents? Well, here they are. Complete with new buildings.

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What’s The Delay??!!

Many of you are sitting patiently waiting for the change to hit. Trust me, I am too. Level 37 is just sitting there waiting to jump on in, alas…technical issues with its release created a delay. Just how long I do not know yet.

weekend update

As the usual cruel Bunny that I am (I got horns under this halo), I will not post any spoilers just yet as to the new content. But if you REALLY want some…and ask nicely…I just may. 🙂 I can tell you that we will be getting a new male and female character. Both will come with new buildings. One for in game cash, the other for donuts (you know EA is gonna do that from now on). We will get a new decoration, a new vehicle (kinda), and another random donut item.

The quest lines look pretty cool so far. Something to keep yah busy anyway and take your mind off the Halloween mist and ghosts. We will start posting the first of the Walkthrough’s once the new level is released. Also, as usual, we will go into detail as to where those new items came from and give you a little background.

So sit tight, keep on tapping, or crying, or yelling…just don’t throw your phone…you’re gonna need it.


The Softer Side of Tough: Dolph

No change as of yet to the Halloween Event…but let’s switch gears.

Hi there again. You ready for me to Kram more gibberish down your ear holes? No? Too bad, I’m gonna do it anyway. 😛

Let’s see…we covered Jimbo and Shauna…so on to the next bully aka “toughie”. Ready? No? What do you mean you gotta pretend to work? I know you’re surfing the net while “working”. Boss is there? Sigh. Fine. Just make EVERYONE wait while you look busy.


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Tick tock, tick tock. There is now less than 1 hour left on the countdown clock.

Final Halloween Hour

Better hurry up and buy up all those items you waited on. Hit those last Goo Goals. Collect the last of the ghosts that you can and see if you can acquire more free donuts.

Just get it done NOW! Halloween is finally coming to a close.

…and just what comes next? Stay tuned to find out. 🙂


UPDATE: Countdown is over. Nothing there now but a blank screen. Oh EA, why must you torment us so? So…sometime…maybe…in the next 22 1/2 hrs…it will stop.