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WAWW: Thanksgiving Edition

Well hello Addicts!  Happy Halloween is finally over?  Well, the crazy thing about America and The Simpsons is we like to jam pack all our big holidays into the last 2 months of the year.  Just when you catch your breath… it’s time for Thanksgiving!

“Oh Lord… on this blessed day… we thank thee for giving our family one more crack at togetherness.”

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Tapped Out Walkthrough: Level 37 Part 2 (Weekend Dad 1-5)

Now that you have built the Bachelor Arms in Part 1, you will be put into the main questline for Level 36…

Weekend Dad Pt. 1

After tapping Milhouse

Weekend Dad 1

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Level 37 Quick Tips- READ NOW! :)

Hey there you crazy people. Finding yourselves having to adjust your screen brightness now? Wearing shades to play? Lol

I figured I needed to drop on by with a few Quick Tips and a lil info that will effect you with the Level 37 update.


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Where did THAT come from – Golden Calf

I can see clearly now the mist has gone… I can see all decorations in my way… happy to not have ghosts to pop away…. gonna be a bright, bright, bright and Springfieldy day!

Everyone happy for the end of Halloween and a new update?  I know I am.  The future in my town is so bright I gotta wear shades lol.  Ok… I promise I’m done with pop culture references (for now).  Time to wade back in for another round of where things come from.  For this post, we have to go biblical or at least in a Simpsons kind of way for the Golden Calf Idol.

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Tappers 101- Back to Basics: Knocking A Character Out of A Task, With Out Using Donuts

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Back with another Tappers 101 Class, this time we’re talking about how to cancel tasks and free up a character without having to spend donuts.  Way back when Addicts first started I covered this topic using Apu and his 7 Day Kwik-E-Mart shift as an example.  You can find the full walkthrough/how-to of this (with photos) here (you can also find the Halloween edition here).  Here’s the Tappers 101 verison:
You can knock characters out of tasks without using donuts quickly and easily by storing the character and/or building they arrived in Springfield in.  To do this simply tap the 4-way arrow, move stuff, button on your main Springfield.  Then find the building/character you wish to store, tap on it and tap the cardboard box icon.  If a character didn’t come with a building, like the Rich Texan, simply store the building they’re currently located in to knock them out of it.  Or store the character itself by tapping on them.   Again for full details check out the how to post here.

This should help you avoid spending donuts to rush up a character you sent on a task by mistake, this can also come in handy when a new level starts and the character you need to start the update is off on a 24hr task.

For quick reference here’s a guide to which character came with which building hit read more…
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