Daily Archives: November 21, 2013

Where did THAT come from – Southern Cracker Fountain

Furry bottom seated in Addicts radar… searching for new decoration… blip blip blip…  must find fountain… beep boop bop… blip blip blip…


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Build Bunny’s Town- The Beginning

Addicts Asylum Patient Zero here…back with another one of my “hare”-brained schemes. I have decided to blow up my town and start from scratch. Again. Lol. Crazy, right? Well…it gets worse (or better depending how you look at it). I am putting my town in YOUR hands. Yes…YOU…the Readers. Scared now? I know I am. 😛

Bunny town 5

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I believe it says in the good book, The Geek shall inherit the Earth or something like that.  Well, if that’s true… this post is all about a character waiting for one heck of an inheritance.  Hello there Addicts, Wookiee back with another character post.  For this one, I decided it was only right to embrace my nerd roots and write about the Uber nerd himself, BEHOLD… EXELSIOR… Martin Prince, Jr.


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Where did THAT task come from – Ride in the MegaGlobe

Hey hey hey!

Wookiee back with a quick little post about one of the new from Level 37 animations I am in love with!

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