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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough- Hardly Kirk-Ing

This is the final part to the walkthrough series for Luann. Money Vs Milhouse can be found here. Investorettes here.

Let’s jump right in…

Hardly Kirk-Ing Pt.1

After tapping on Kirk 

Hardly Kirk 1

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3D Bumper Cars (Kinda)

So I decided to do something just a tad bit different for this weeks 3D. The image I am creating does not have multiple levels, but it still gives an appearance of coming out of the screen in a very subtle way.



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Turbo Tappin’- Level 37 Kirk Van Houten Questline

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of weeks ago we asked How Do You Like Your Walkthroughs?  Where we wanted to know if you preferred quick, “non-spoiler” walkthroughs, the full detailed walkthroughs with dialogue, or a combination of both.
While the full detailed walkthroughs was the overall winner of the poll, a combination of “non-spoiler” and full detailed was a close second.  So, armed with that information, we’ve decided to introduce our Turbo Tappin’ walkthroughs!  We will still bring you the full walkthroughs, with dialogue, but these Turbo Tappin’ guides are meant to be a quick review of the level and who to keep free and when.  (Note: In the future the complete Turbo Tappin’ walkthrough will be posted before the full dialogue walkthrough is up)

So let’s Turbo Tap Level 37 and Kirk Van Houten’s Questline:

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Where did THAT come from – Bachelor Arms

Hey hey hey Addicterinos!

No more mist, no more ghoulies, goo, gremlins or haunted buildings!  Who knew there was so much money to collect in your town, right?  The vandals are back to spray paint your useless, errr, I mean non-money earning buildings (well… some of them) and Level 37 is here.  It’s officially Milhouse Day!

Milhouse Day

Level 37 already seems like a pretty swell update to the game and as further proof that EA loves us, we got another female character (150 for a character/building ain’t too shabby, eh?) who just happens to be the better half of Milhouse’s parents.  For free (my favorite number by the way), we also got Mr. Van Houton with his apartment building but where the heck does THAT come from?


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