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The Tapping Glitch- New Bonuses in TSTO

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Dropping in with quick TSTO Tip for you. Just a few days ago Wookiee gave you all a nice little detailed post about how you can now tap on your neighbor’s Squidport Tiles and help them earn extra tiles, but did you know this also works on Cletus’s Farm, Channel 6 & the Open Air Stage?

Yes, that’s right Tappers you can follow the same tapping method Wookiee discussed for Squidport tiles with Cletus’s Farm, Channel 6 AND the Open Air Stage! This is a great way to earn extra cash and XP, and will help you reach bonus levels faster (more free donuts)!

Here are my suggestions to maximize earnings:
-For Open Air Stage have Hans Moleman do his 24hr task and let it be so neighbors can tap away to earn you bonus Cash and XP

-For Channel 6 (if you have him) setup the Arnie Pye 2 day News Report and let it be so neighbors can tap away. (if you don’t have Arnie Pye, go with the 24hr task)

-For Cletus’s Farm obviously the best one is Corn, but alas Corn takes 90 days (and who has time to wait!) However, if you’ve already got Corn almost ready in your town (or Moonshine, or Triffids if not) let it be so your neighbors can tap away for you. Imagine the earning potential on corn!

-For Squidport make the tile as normal and again let it be so neighbors can tap away for you!

Remember when you go back into your Springfield be careful to tap each handshake carefully.  And don’t clear them away until you’re happy with the number of handshakes over your task.

To help our favorite Addicts maximize the earning potential of the “Tapping Glitch” we’ve setup a board at the Addicts Forums where you can add your origin ID and let neighbors know when you have items ready to tap! You can also use the shout box on the Addicts Forums main page or leave a comment in the comment section below.

You can check our the TSTO Addicts Forums, and chat with other Addicts, anytime at tstoaddicts.boards.net!

Hope this little tapping tip helps!

You Put The Bachelor Arms WHERE?!

The towns now are so shiny n bright. I feel like I have to wear my sunglasses at night while playing it now. Lol. So with the new bright town came Level 37. The main building launched with this release was the Bachelor Arms and Kirk.

Thanks the the HUGE event we just went through…my poor town is suffering…more on this to come at a later post. For now, I decided to go town hopping to see just exactly where a bunch of my neighbors put their Bachelor Arms Apartments. I like to see what others have done. It really does help to spark the creative juices.

To start off…I hopped over to my neighbor pan2ram…I like the use of the two apartment complexes together.


Next up is PlatypusGuitar. I really like the decorations overflowing from the other building. It still adds character to the apartment area.


heliox72 added some extra housing and made it really look like a bachelor area.


Lastly…JablesKills really cracked me up. Putting the Spinsters and the Bachelors right next to one another…BRILLIANT! 😛


Now I want to see where you put YOUR Bachelor Arms. So feel free to add your pics to our Flickr and/or link them below in the comments.


Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough- The Investorettes

Now for the 2nd of 3 Walkthroughs brought to you courtesy of buying the Cracker Factory and Luann (the first one is here). This one unlocks the Fleet-A-Pitas.

Investorettes Pt.1

After tapping on Krabappel

Investorettes 1

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Where Did THAT Come From- Fleet-A-Pita

Enjoying the new level 37? Did you kick in your 150 donuts to buy the Cracker Factory and Luann? Not yet? Well, if you want Fleet-A-Pita’s all over your Springfield and Krustyland, you’ll have to invest.

fleet a pita 3

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