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Reminder: New Simpsons Episode “YOLO”

Yah…I said YOLO. That obnoxious phrase that everyone OVERLY uses. You Only Live Once.

In the new episode coming tomorrow night, Marge encourages Homer to invite an old pen pal(voiced by the crazy Jon Lovitz) to stay with them. The two go through a “to-do” list Homer made when he was a 10 year old boy.

From the images they’ve released, it could turn out to be a pretty interesting show. So set your thinga ma whats its to make sure you don’t miss the show. 🙂



Weekend Update November 3rd – November 9th

Wow, what a crazy week huh? We saw the last of the Halloween Event roll on out, all the limited time items removed, and now it is shining bright outside with a new level, 37. Miss anything? Trying to catch up? Well Bunny here again, running crazy and free out of the basement still (Shhhhhh…no one has to know), bringing you another Weekend Update.

bunny foofoo

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Squidport Tile Bores: A New Hope (A MUST READ)

CURRENT UPDATE: This Glitch No Longer Works.  

NOTE: This glitch is supposed to no longer work as it was fixed with the Holiday 2013 Update.  Some folks report the glitch still working so there is no harm in trying it out.  I hope we’re wrong.

Per Bunny: The Glitch is still alive and well working quite nicely in both her towns. Others still report it is gone. So it is a hit and miss. Keep tapping just in case, can’t hurt right? 

Hey there exhausted Halloween Party People.

I know it seems dumb to add “a must read” after a post title but I really had to this time.  I wanted to shoot out a quick post to all my favorite addicterinos who frequent this site with some potential awesome news about those blasted Squidport Tiles.

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Tapped Out Premium Walkthrough: Money Vs Milhouse

If you made the decision (wise one I think) to spend 150 donuts on the Cracker Factory and Luann, then you will be given a main walkthrough and 2 additional ones that will unlock the Fleet-A-Pita’s. ( EA Glitch? What’s Thrillhouse Pt.1? Lol…Maybe “Milhouse”)

Cracker Factory 1

The Cracker Factory sits on a 10 x 10 plot.

Cracker Factory 2

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