My Lisa Sacagawea Skin Is Missing! Help!

With any new level or update, there seems to also be a lot of glitches. Just don’t panic. It happens. We are here to try and help.

missing lisa


So your Lisa Sacagawea skin/costume is missing? First thing to try is to look to see if her skin was placed into your inventory. ( EA also reports this.) Scroll through your entire inventory to see if she is tucked in there.

missing lisa 1

missing lisa 2

missing lisa 3

Next, make sure she wasn’t “minimized” in your task list for her. There is a lil + and – for each character that has extra skins. Sometimes the minus is initiated and the costumes can’t be seen to scroll between. So you will only be able to see the last skin that the character was in. 

missing lisa 4

Then, if still no luck, start troubleshooting…(these kinda are a go to for any issues)

The “Trigger” Method: Sometimes the game just needs a “kick” to get it to go back to normal. To do this first make sure Lisa is free from any tasks so she will travel with you. Then you travel to other areas of the game. (Go to a few neighbors, a few Krustylands if you need to.) Go to YOUR Krustyland, and while there pull up Lisa. Then travel back to your Springfield. See if she is back to the way she should be.

missing lisa 5

missing lisa 6

missing lisa 7

missing lisa 8

The Basic Restart: Log out of your game, restart the device you’re playing on, when it powers back up…log back in. See if your character is back to what it should be. 

The Install: This one takes a little more time, but it is the go to for EA when troubleshooting. Uninstall the Simpsons Tapped Out app from your device. Then after its all cleared out. Restart your device to ensure its complete. Then once powered back up, Reinstall the app again. See if this puts everything back to the way it should be.

Still no help at all? Then I would suggest contacting EA. This is good in that it alerts them to the problem itself, and if they’re tracking it, it lets them know just how far and wide it is spread. It also gives them needed information in finding a “fix” so they can work to send out an update for the players. We all benefit from it. I have two different methods you can use within my post of missing a character from the Halloween Event here. Feel free to try either or both.

I hope this helps you in some way. As always, please ask and we will do our best to assist you with problems such as this. 🙂



8 responses to “My Lisa Sacagawea Skin Is Missing! Help!

  1. my issue is that they are telling me I need to build the simpson house but I already did. Please help

    • Sorry about that. If the basic troubleshooting like restart and reinstall do not work, it is something EA may need to resolve.

      Regardless the issue. Try all the steps listed. The notify EA if nothing else works.

  2. I turned my phone power off then on again then everything is there with costume and new updates items maybe this will help

  3. Capital City Goofball

    I actually had my regular Lisa disappear with no +/- available so she is stuck as Sacagawea Lisa unless I go to Krustyland. I just checked inventory and the costume was there. At least mine let me do the Thanksgiving tasks with the costume stored! I clicked it, got the unlock message, and both Lisa’s are now available. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I too had a similar issue. The thanksgiving story line refused to kick off after the Friday update. I killed the tsto process on my phone, logged back in, and all was well again.

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