Level 38 Glitch Report: Level Rollback


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well I can’t say we didn’t expect it…although we were hoping it wouldn’t happen…Level 38, like all the updates before, has caused some Tappers games to go all Glitchy!  This is probably one of our least favorite parts about doing this blog.  We hate when you guys have issues with your games and they don’t cooperate so you can enjoy all the new goodies with the new update.

For Level 38, like Level 37, the most common Glitch occurring (and what we’re seeing most often in the comments) is the “Rollback Glitch”.  This is where you’re at Level 38, you’ve updated and maybe purchased some items.  Then you leave you game and when you return…Level 38 is gone!  Your new items…gone.  Your donuts (if you spent them)….gone.  And it says you’re now on Level 37 (or lower)!  What is a Tapper to do?!Well first thing is first.  DON’T PANIC!  I know that’s often easier said than done (especially if you have real $ in there on donuts)…but over reacting is the worst thing you can do.  Instead try a few of the methods outlined in this post, from when it happened during the last update.  If those methods don’t work….Contact EA.

I can however tell you, EA IS aware of the issue and they are suggesting that Tappers experiencing the problem (still after the troubleshoot methods outlined here) to comment on an open thread already started to address the problem.

Here’s the word direct from EA:
‎01-16-2014 08:19 PM
We are aware that some users are experiencing an issue of accessing the wrong Springfield after downloading the 4.6.2 update. Please be assured that our team is working hard to resolve this issue and restore all affected users.
If you are affected by this issue:
Please post a message to our forum thread below so we can identify you for a fix:
When posting please include the information below:
•             Origin ID
•             Brief description of your issue
Thank you for your patience. We will continue to provide updates as our team works to resolve this issue”

So if you’re still experiencing the Rollback be sure to leave your info with EA on the thread so they can work to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.  The more Tappers who report the problem the faster they’ll get on finding the solution.

Happy Tapping Friends!

48 responses to “Level 38 Glitch Report: Level Rollback

  1. I haven’t been able to play for a couple of days. The game will freeze in my town no matter which device I log into. It will even freeze my friends game when visitin my town. What can I do ??

    • Sounds like what I went through about a month ago. I got mine fixed by contacting EA. They fixed it by rolling my town back and gave me some sweet round treats in compensation.

  2. Speaking of glitches, I’ve got one that looks like a debug script. Homer is talking but saying things like “QST_TheSaddestTownInAmerica03_3_dlg_Start_6_Homer” and Homer does not actually have a quest. Anyone else had this issue? I’ve screen cap’d it for reference…

  3. Origin ID: mel19938
    Was level 37, had many premium items, after the update I was downgraded to a level 17. I hope this can be resolved soon. Does anyone have any tips? I tried deleting the app and downloading it again. It’s weird as my account is still a level 37 on my friends game. I’ve contacted EA too but have had no reply yet. Cheers

    • If you’ve reported it to EA via their thread linked on this page it should be resolved soon. They’re working quickly to restore games and we’ve heard reports of others getting their games restored back. Hopefully yours is soon! 🙂

  4. I will try the recommendations mentioned above, but I bought Pimento Grove months ago and today it just disappeared and is now ready to purchase again. It’s only $56.000 to buy again but still kinda worried that this might happen more in the future with more buildings and maybe characters?

  5. I just finished building a boardwalk section p, and when I went to buy another it had reset to beginning prices and time to build. One glitch I’m happy to keep though!

    • The build times and costs have all changed for the tiles. I have a post in wait on this, but needed to confirm a few more things. It is coming soon. 😉

  6. My Homer disappeared in the update. Heard of this? Wiggum started tasks though…

    • Are you sure Homer’s not at the Kwik-E-Mart? There’s a minor task where he has to Get Brain Freeze for 30 minutes when the level launches. So double check to ensure he’s not at the Kwik-E-Mart. If you still can’t find him your next best bet is to Contact EA about it. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • Days with no homer!! Can’t find him anywhere. Been playin 9 months I know how to find someone. Help aaronsprin419

  7. Wookie, are you having problems with your town? When I try to visit it throws me out of my game. I can visit your Krustyland without any trouble though. I just thought I’d mention it, in case it helps EA troubleshoot for you.

    • Thanks for your heads up. Yah. Our poor Fuzzball is locked out of his game right now. He is currently in contact with EA to hopefully resolve the issue for him. Even us Addicts are prone to the glitches 🙁

  8. I wish they would guce mevthe level, i upated and still don’t have it.

  9. I feel sick y’all.. I was moving stuff around in my town and the app crashed my phone at 20%.. when I booted it back up it took me to the opening cut-scene while it never logged me out.. idk if it has anything to do with the rollback thing but I will be crestfallen if that’s the erasing of my town for good.. =(

    Bunny, you have me as a neighbor, do you see my town when you visit me?

  10. Thanks, Wookie, but that didn’t work.

    • Lets have you try something a little different. See if this helps to trigger the dialog. I want you to store the following buildings…(this will take the 4 characters with it…)

      Dr Hibbert’s Practice
      Town Hall
      Cletus’ Farm

      After you have stored all 4 items, I want you to log completely out of your game.

      Once you are completely logged out, I want you to restart your device.

      Once the device powers back up, go to the Simpsons Tapped Out App and log back in.

      Now place the buildings back…ONE AT A TIME…in the following order below…giving each one a minute to bring the character back with it.

      Dr. Hibbert’s Practice
      Cletus’ Farm
      Town Hall

      Let me know if that helps to trigger the ! and the quest line to start back up. 😉

      • My daughter (Morrigan712) was missing her Grumple for some time. She could not find him anywhere… And without a building to store, she couldn’t get him back no matter what she tried. For shits n’ giggles, we tried this little trick and it worked!! My daughter was really sad and frustrated that she had paid for this premium character and she thought that she had lost him for good. She’s happy again…
        Thank you so much, Bunnydud. Without people like yourself who take the time to post stuff like this, there would be a great deal more that many of us would end up losing because of EA’s constant glitches. Thank you for you time and for your posts. It’s important that you know that you make a difference. ( :

        – Innishannon (Origin ID)

        • Awwww well thank YOU so much for the compliments. I really appreciate it. 😉

          I was once a brand new player myself. Freaking out when nothing worked, when I lost items, when my town crashed…it is how I sought out help in the first place. Short story long…I met a Fuzzball, Alissa, Mark and became a member of an amazing team. I will do anything I can now to share my knowledge and experience with others and hope that they don’t have to go through all I did. If I can make it easier and funner for at least one person, it is well worth it to me. I love doing this. 😉

      • Oh, Bunny….I was so hopeful. As I placed the town hall & waited. But, alas, they continue to wander aimlessly w/o dialogs. I really appreciate your help. Any other ideas?

        • Up to you at this point. If you want to keep playing and just give it a day or two to see if it triggers, you can just keep playing. Sending them on odd tasks. Outside of that, it is honestly contacting EA. If I remember right, this one gave me a headache too. I swear it took it like 5 days to finally trigger the rest of the dialog. I just kept doing other tasks until then.

          You’ve done all the other steps like uninstall, reinstall. Restart. Store. So unless it triggers itself in the next few day, EA is really best.

      • After logging in this morning out of blue the Dr. Hubert dialog started up and the quest is proceeding as it should. Thanks, Bunny & Wookie for your help.

  11. hi all! just a quick question! When i check my friends on Origin, it displays when they last signed on. i am curious to how accurate Origin is bc they show some friends not signing on for a month when in fact they visited me yesterday. Is this a prob that others are seeing too?

    • This is something I actually noticed from a year ago. I don’t really trust it. I do not know what they use to calculate it. Maybe it is only for when someone logs in using the Desktop Manager and not necessarily a game? Either way, I pay no attention to it. I focus more on who’s names I see when I tap the handshakes. 😉

  12. Hmm, what happened to my righteousness on my conform-o-meter? From 5, it dropped to zilch.

    • Hmm did you recently store items? Have you been spray painting your friends towns a lot? Have you been letting Sideshow Bob roam your town (or friends towns when you’re visiting)? Those all would impact that rating.

  13. I’m having a totally different issue since the update it won’t accept the end of my email address, it only goes up to “.co” and won’t let me use any more characters to put “.uk”. Does anyone have any advice of who I should email to sort this? I can’t find anywhere to direct one to.

  14. I’m having a different problem, but it does seem to be update related. Before the update I was in the middle of the quest that ends with the building of the hospital. Luigi was the last character to go for his 10 minute check up. All was well….then the update. No further progress or dialogs! That was 2 days ago. I’ve done the reinstalling, logged in and out, put the “family practice” bldg in storage, still not progressing! Anyone have any suggestions? I’m hoping that once the new level glitch is fixed it may kick my quest back into gear! Really love this site and am a daily visitor to check out what’s up. Thanks to your great and very creative staff for providing Tap junkies with a home

    • Try storing Luigi’s and the Town Hall, go to your neighbor screen and then return and replace those buildings. Hopefully that will spark your questline to start again. Let us know if this works.

  15. Another issue that i don’t think is being addressed is a lot of users also experiencing the harp glitch (myself included), keeping us out of our games completely.

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