Forget the Wookiee… Here’s What the Addicts Want

Well hello there Addicts!  It’s Friday here on the site (TGIF, right?) and that usually means it’s time for another What a Wookiee Wants.  For today, what I want is to share what other Addicts on the site want.  This site really is about the readers and there’s no better way to show this then to share some Tapaholic Requesterinos to EA.  We have a whole page dedicated to this actually and there’s even a section of the TSTOAddicts Forum for it too.

I broke up all the awesome things folks came up with into buildings, characters, decorations, tasks and gameplay.  If multiple tapperinos requested the item, both were given credit.  If I forgot someone, I apologize.  Well, enough words from me…

PAY ATTENTION EA… this is what your tappers want:


– KBBL (alunited1961)
– Rundown shops (alunited 1961)
– The Leftorium (alunited1961)
– Springfield Country Club (alunited1961)
– Le Maisson Derriere (Gumby)
– Springfield University (chris_diller, DizzyB63 and Joe)
– Republican Party Headquarters (Minicha and Mh43338)
– More Houses (dananotdayna and jamminfrog)
– The Jazz Hole (DizzyB63)
– Li’l Lisa Slurry factory for Squidport (poisonshift)
– Troy McClure’s Mansion (Zach)
– Springfield Gorge (Shaw Dunn)
– Itchy Scratchy Studios (Shaw Dunn)
– Crackton (Shaw Dunn)
– Apu’s Apartment Building (Shaw Dunn)

– Spiderpig (alunited1961 and DizzyB63)
– Hellboy Willie skin (George)
– Crazy Cat Lady (platypusguitar and George)
– Lunch Lady Doris (platypusguitar)
– Mrs. Hoover (platypusguitar and DizzyB63)
– Marge’s mother, Jacqueline Bouvier (platypusguitar)
– Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon (platypusguitar)
– Mrs. Helen Lovejoy (platypusguitar)
– Snowball the Cat (platypusguitar)
– Lurleen Lumpkin (Sue)
– Troy McClure (chris_diller, Zach and Allan McPhail)
– Lionel Hutz (chris_diller)
– Lyle Lanley (chris_diller)
– Corporal Punishment (chris_diller)
– Sideshow Raheem (chris_diller)
– Sideshow Luke Perry (chris_diller)
– Radioactive Man (ERICinHB and Mh43338)
– Fallout Boy (ERICinHB)
– Bartman skin (Mh43338)
– Clobbergirl skin for Lisa (Mh43338)
– The Collector skin for CBG (Mh43338)
– KBBL DJs Bill and Marty (Minicha and DizzyB63)
– Jessica Lovejoy (Minicha)
– Julio (Minicha)
– Bleeding Gums Murphy (DizzyB63)
– Benjamin, Doug and Gary (Joe)
– Herb Powell (Silverdog77)
– Space Coyote (Beau)
– Godzilla (Iohannes)

chris_diller went even further into detail with his suggestions for characters. I love this idea: Real-life celebrity characters (Johnny Carson, Tom Hanks, Stephen Hawking, Zooey Deschanel, Alec Baldwin, etc.)… and I loved Wookie’s suggestion of adding amphitheater shows for them. Perhaps Steve Guttenberg and Patrick Stewart could show up in their Stonecutter regalia? Or Leonard Nimoy could loiter on the monorail platform?

– Canyonero (alunited 1961 and C0mpu73rguy)
– Fat Tony’s Cadillac (alunited1961)
– Cars in parking spaces in Springfield (alunited 1961)
– The pretzel wagon (alunited 1961)
– New trees, flowers and shrubs (OSebhlen)
– Picnic tables, traffic lights, BBQs, dirt (OSebhlen)
– Basketball Court, Little League Field (OSebhlen)
– Cobblestone pavement (OSebhlen)
– Train tracks (OSebhlen)
– New fences (OSebhlen)
– The Homer (somedoug, Silverdog77 and C0mpu73rguy)
– Monorail (chris_diller and Puppy Vest)
– The Big Potty (minicha)
– A whole stable of ponys (dananotdayna)
– Burns’ yacht (Puppy Vest)
– Burns-Omni-Net (poisonshift)
– Li’l Lisa Slurry barrels (poisonshift)
– A bus stop (Betty)
– Football field (Freaknstein8)
– More décor that helps righteousness rating (Evilkitten812)
– Shopping carts, vending machines, more cars (yornocnaes83)
– The best bonbon ever made (C0mpu73rguy)
– The uranium bar (C0mpu73rguy)
– Ultimate Behemoth RV (C0mpu73rguy)
– Truckasaurus (C0mpu73rguy)

– task for Ned and Edna to go on a date (alunited1961)
– Lisa task to save the wild mustangs with a horse as the reward (James Rohl)

– Different color land like sand or brown (alunited1961)
– A way to connect boardwalk to the beach other than the SqP entrance (alunited 1961)
– Curved and angled roads (OSebhlen)
– Standard color palette to change colors of houses or pavement (mummie)
– Easy way to delete non-active players (mummie)
– Ability to write notes or customize banners in town (mummie)
– Button in friends town to tap standard messages (mummie)
– More Land (Lisa Upperman-Barr)
– Shelbyville expansion similar to Krustyland (Nate)
– Ability to pick up animals and characters (dananotdayna)
– Ability to “pen” characters in a particular area (dananotdayna)
– Orient cars like the fences (Silverdog77)
– All the limited-time items (incl. character skins) from the past (Silverdog77)
– Nighttime (Freaknstein8 and Ununoctium)
– Ability to lend friends money (Antwon Wright)
– Tax collector to go around and collect rents in town (Antwon Wright and Dwexthor)
– Character finder for characters on assigned tasks (Kysyth777)
– Ability to make sub-menus or folder in your inventory (Wooben22313)
– Display in game of what your bonus multiplier is (Evilkitten812)
– Longer daily prizes (i.e. 15 days) with better payouts (Evilkitten812)
– Ability to exchange game cash for donuts (Nick)
– Make the 5 day misery box prizes better (Ryan)
– Ability to post comments in neighboreenos’ towns (Seananners99)
– Items from The Simpsons Movie (C0mpu73rguy)

C0mpu73rguy also listed a really cool idea for an update over on the TSTOAddicts Forum:

An update that would add more sea zones and sand blocks to place on the water like the Springfield Squidport last summer.  It could have new objects to decorate the beach like sun umbrellas, towels, beach houses… It could also add missions related to summer like going swimming (everyone from the family), sunbathing (Marge), being lost at sea (Homer, Ned and Bart), build a sand castle (Lisa), destroy Lisa’s sand castle (Bart), chasing the white whale or the giant octopus (the Sea Captain)… It could also add new buildings specially made for the sea like the offshore Krusty Burger, or the cruise boat from “A totally fun thing that Bart will never do again”, etc… Why not a block to link the river to the sea too?  And swimsuits for new costumes (or others we saw in some episodes like Cool Lisa, Tahitian Homer and Marge etc…).  And you could take the opportunity to add some new flowers to decorate the city (maybe more for the Spring update).  The new thing to collect could be shells.  New creatures could be added on the beach or into the sea to swim.

I don’t know about you but I think these suggestions are awesome sauce.  Is there something on the list you MUST have?  Anything not listed you absolutely NEED?  Would you like to see lists like this in the future?  Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, keep on tapa-tapa-tapping Tapped Out.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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75 responses to “Forget the Wookiee… Here’s What the Addicts Want

  1. Need more land..need more land…need more land

  2. Looks like EA must be fans of this site. There’s a lot on Wookie’s list that is now in the game!

  3. I REALLY REALLY want more voiced female characters in my game. I’m on level 50. I’ve been playing for 2 years daily and I’ve spent loads of donuts. How about a voice for Mrs K. For instance. I have 81 male characters and 64 are voiced. (can’t complain about that!)
    BUT out of 24 female characters only 4 are voiced, Marge, Lisa, Patty and Selma. I missed my chance to get Mrs. Bouvier. A real shame she’s not a regular item to pick up when the donuts are available.
    I’ve sent a request to EA but don’t know if it will be noted.
    How about a petition to EA about this? Anyone interested?

    • Sadly it is more on the Legal side when it comes to voice. They gotta jump through a lot of hoops to get the OK. It also doesn’t help that a lot of the females were voice by more than one actress… adding to the legal difficulty to get the OK to use the voice clips.

      You can still request it, but in the end it will be the legal approval that will allow them in the game.

  4. Burns Casino! I’m surprised nobody ever says that one. I also think there should be office buildings etc. for downtown area like how there are houses for suburban area. I also think there should be Springfield dam, monorail and mansion made of gold.

  5. I’d like to nominate “The Critic” as a character. Jon Lovitz could even voice him.

    If Maggie is unlocked, one of her tasks could also be to watch the “Happy little elves” cartoon. Also a new show for Channel 6 to broadcast.

    I honestly think the two most glaring omissions from the game that tappers have suggested are the Leftorium and Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz though.

  6. Maggie’sown adventures nowcthat we have a daycare center.

  7. I would love to get Stephen Hawking with the helicopter wheelchair from the episode where the mensa members took over Springfield

  8. marlboromanmat

    Troy McClure would bring some hilarious deadpan humour with him, but personally I’d like to see Mulder and Scully (from the X-Files satire episode).

  9. It would be great if we had::

    – The ability to buy Krustyland tickets with cash.
    – Buildings and decorations to be able to rotate 270 degrees; it is sooooo annoying that they don’t.
    – More of the characters to partake in Krustyland activities (and to make them outdoors.) I have woefully neglected my Krustyland for a while and am only starting to build an organised area.
    – More Krustyland attractions
    – The ability to use more of the decorations found in Springfield in Krustyland. I have trees and shrubs my Springfield inventory that cannot be used in Krustyland (what’s that all about???)

  10. The Simpsons are going to…Springfield International Airport! Or at least they should. Lot of episode tie-ins there

  11. What I want is the option to disable the Christmas decorations for houses. It’s not needed for months and gets in the way.

  12. I want crazy cat lady!!!!!!!!!! And her house.

    That is all.

    I’m actually saving doughnuts for her long awaited arrival!!

  13. an update set in the future, like all the future episodes. work it out as a time rip with frinky

  14. I am constantly thinking up new stuff lol! I know it sounds weird but I was rearranging Krustyland and realized there are no restrooms or even porta-potties. It has no relevance at all except I pictured all of these characters riding the insane rides known to Krusyland and having nowhere to throw up except the trash bins LOL! I also second the return of Lt items and 4 directional parking spaces. One thing I have been waiting on is the fire station. It could unlock some cool skins/tasks for Homer, Moe, Apu or Skinner?

  15. shnopp.shniederheimer

    A whole level as a tribute to Phil Hartman:
    (His two most popular characters)
    – Lionel Hutz
    – Troy McClure
    I Can’t Beleive It’s Not A Law Firm (Lionel Hutz)
    Troy McClure’s Mansion
    Lionel Hutz: A questline following his failed attempts as a lawyers and closes with him winning a case. (Perfect to follow Level 38 update)
    Troy McClure: A questline loosely paralleling the episode in which he marries Selma.

    Troy McClure could have jobs at Channel 6, promoting various the various films we may remeber him from.

  16. I would really like the ability to search for things to buy – the list of Decorations is getting very long! For example, if you want to buy a certain tree or certain type of wall you have to scroll & scroll, and hope you don’t scroll past it.

  17. Homer’s moo moo skin

  18. Itchy and scratchy as actual charactersin the game

  19. I must have crazy cat lady! And a cat too. 🙂

  20. I think it would would aweshum to see Skull Island for next years Halloween update, a separate area like KrustyLand, and have all the Springfield characters in there animal form, Homer Walrus, Marge Feline, Burns Fox, etc, Cheers! Shumbdeep

  21. I would like a decoration preferably a fence which characters cannot walk through.

    • I think this is a great idea. I’ve thought about this too. I think it should be that way now, where they can’t just walk through fences and buildings. It would be nice to be able to move characters, too. I want to put that turkey in a pen.

  22. bring back the casino, chief, and Shauna

  23. I almost forgot… Sideshow Bob as a regular game character and not a phantom as he is now.

  24. Things I’d like to have: parking lots that orient in four directions, more large trees the size of lemon or valentine, flowering trees, light brick paver surface. Homer’s car, Marge’s big red SUV. For summer: old style cedar picnic tables with benches, white bear chairs, beach cabanas, beach towels. Swimming pools for back yards or hot tubs, tennis courts, big flower baskets on street lights. A classy hotel.

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